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Who are they? -UPDATE

By JB-Pawstep
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All is said in the Bottom of the Picture.

Texture from firesign24-7

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Yes, keep drawing all the animals from my childhood. Rita looks a slight bit off, though. Not as rounded I think.
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Banjo the Woodpile cat, Mrs.Brisby, Chief, Basil, Thunper, Tramp, Scamp, Fivel, Figaro, Oliver, Dodger, two dogs from All dogs go to heaven (whom I've forgotten the name of), and one of the Aristocats? :dummy:
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And Rita :3 (The Fox)
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Ahh, that one was confusing to me.
What's she from?
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Jungledyret Hugo :3 A Danish Cartoon. Pretty good. At least the first Movie XD the second is nice and the third is horrible.
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Chief of the Fox and the Hound, haha. The winged bitch All dogs go to heaven. From the Aristocats, Bamby, of Oliver & Company. Great job!!!!Heart free avatar 
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It's nothing! An pleasure!Hug 
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the majority are known, I love themLa la la la 
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Kenn ich nicht, Dodger, Cheff, Strolch, Strolchie, Rita, Felix, Kenn ich nicht, Diese eine KAtze von Aristocats, Oliver, kenn ich nicht, Baisil, Klopfer, Feiwel (Wie auch immer der geschrieben wird), und kenn ich nicht.
Sagst du mir wer die die ich nicht kenne sind und ob die anderen richtig sind? :D
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Annabelle von Charlie - Alle Hunde kommen in den Himmel (Den muss man kennen oAo)
Figaro (nicht Felix XD .. wer ist Felix?)
Killer auch von Alle Hunde kommen in den Himmel,
OMG du kennst all die guten Don Bluth Filme nicht XD Mrs. Brisby!
Banjo (auch von Don Bluth aber der Film ist .. so la la)
Klopfer und 
Feivel :D oder Fievel.
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Oha! Da werd ich mir die Filme mal so schnell wie möglich zu gemüte führen, damit meine Bildungslücke geschlossen wird :D
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ohh du kannst disney stil soo gut

hast du irgendwann noch mal vor angel von susi/strolch 2 zu malen ? oder hab ichs übersehen? xDD
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hab ich mal aber hier noch nicht :D ich sollte sie hier noch dazu fügen. Irgendwann mal.little Disney-Sketch by JB-Pawstep   OOOOLLLLD
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why are you so amazing? oAo
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Who knows :eyes: 
Everybody can do that. All what is needed, is the Feeling for a Characters Design. To understand, that the Shapes of and Distances between each single Part of their Faces or Bodies are important. And of course a bit of Talent XD but every Artist has Talent. It is more the Feeling that is needed ovo 
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Dodger :la: Hach ich liebe ihn
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Banjo the woodpile cat :3
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yes ovo I always wanted to draw him and having an art block was a good mood to sketch some random stuff.
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Fievel's there!!! 8'D oh god my childhood uvu
You're amazing! I admire your style and your habilities x3
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you're welcome! :3
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*I meant left. X3
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