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Trainer Sona Sketches by JB-Pawstep Trainer Sona Sketches by JB-Pawstep
I still love my trainer sona a lot but it´s not the same than it used to be back then anymore. I miss that time. And I am thinking of moving on and giving her new comrades. That breaks my heart tho xD
This used to be one big project of mine and my two best friends and a lot of our online friends. God we had so much fun. Mainly in the old days before the admin turned out to be an asshole. Moved to animexx then and from this day on the project slowly faded into the darkness of "meeeeeh"

BUT I tried several times to get to work on it again. This year I came to the point that the story wont get continued. I just have too much to put into Katinka and, as pkmn fans know, the pkmn world might be endless xD more and more to come. So I will just draw some scenes that come to my mind and give her the pkmn I want her to have without a story and stuff.

Maybe after the Kanto league (god I was almost there in the written story.. so much work I put into it aaaaaah so frustrating but yet it was fun so nevermind) the group will split up and focus on other things. Maybe in my pkmn world they already are able to use teleporters not just for pokéballs but also for humans so sometimes my trainer sona is on her own and sometimes her old buddies join her? Makes that sense? I don´t know if I like that. It´s one of those personal emotion things that tells me not to split the group up but I really want to on the other side. Or at least giving her another group of buds to travel with.  I think Colin wouldn´t leave her. I made him something like her fangirl and I had plans to ship him later with human Reel. Why am I writing so much about it anyway I am very sure I will only focus on my trainer sona in future and not on other trainer ocs ;o;
then again I like Colin. His hair ia blue. Wow that is the reason? Yeah his design is awesome and I enjoy drawing him. 

Also I might start shipping Trainer JB with Barkin, my other, new trainer sona but I don´t quite know about it. Barkin is still a mystery to me. I don´t even know if she has pkmn or where she came from.

WHAAAT why is it already 15:00?? What did I do with my morning. I seriously can´t remember where the time went I feel a little drugged. I mean... look how much text I am writing. Wait.. didn´t I write a quite long status update too? Something strange happens to me here but I think it´s something good xD

here have some art I usually do so you won´t feel the urge to run away:
Prompt #9 - Fall Fashion by JB-Pawstep  Silver Needle Wood Scene by JB-Pawstep  Jungle Cave - Underwater World by JB-Pawstep  18th Anniversary - Silent Night by JB-Pawstep  Oro - Just the Beginning by JB-Pawstep  Tea by JB-Pawstep 
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X-raywhisker Featured By Owner Sep 27, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
POPPLIO!!!!!!!!! I just love your drawing style!!!!!
JB-Pawstep Featured By Owner Sep 27, 2017
this is just my doodle-style ;o; ... one of them
Adamiro Featured By Owner Sep 27, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Very nice sketches :3 I guess these two with Charizard and Popplio are my favourite ones :3
JB-Pawstep Featured By Owner Sep 27, 2017
thanks :D
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September 27, 2017
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