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Does this belong to you by any chance? by JB-Pawstep Does this belong to you by any chance? by JB-Pawstep
Good question...

More gem doodles!!!

Started with a random sketch but now I have to come up with an explanation.
First of all: They are no couple there. It´s a scene from their education times.

:new: The Panties - Scene :new:

 Since Pyrit and Egg became friends Dalmatian felt a little jealous.

They were just friends, for sure but still.

But tonight she and Pyrit would go out for a movie. Finally some time just with her.

When she arrived at the bungalow Pyrit lived in she found Tiger, who just came out of the collective bathroom. „Yo, Dal. What´s up? Looking for Pyrit I assume?“

„Eh.. yes. I´m a little early. We want to watch a movie tonight“, Dal knocked on Pyrit´s door which was the neighboor room of Tiger´s.

„She´s not here, Dal. Still out with Egg. You can wait in my room, if you don´t mind a little chaos“, Tiger grinned.

„Thanks, I think I´m ok with that“, she followed Tiger in her chaotic looking room.

„Wow.. don´t you tidy up each day?“, Dal was wondering. The bed looked like Tiger just got up and clothes and books were lying everywhere.

„I do. When I expect company“, Tiger laughed, „I didn´t thought you would be my guest tonight.“

Dalmatian studied Tiger´s room and found a bra on the armrest of her armchair.

„How do you have a bra? You usually don´t have-“, she started the question.

„One of my dates must have forgotten it“, Tiger shrugged and checked it out, „Ohh I know. I met with an amethyst last night. I bet it´s hers.“

„Do you have dates eat night?“, Dalmatian asked, shocked but also curious.

„I try to. But sometimes I need time for myself. Such as today“, Tiger, started cleaning up a little with removing clothes that lay around. Under a jacket of her dark blue panties showed up with a cube pattern on them, Dalmatian recognized immediately: „Tiger… Those belong to Pyrit, don´t they?“

Tiger froze. She turned around and looked at the panties in Dalmatian´s hand.

„Y-You´re right!“, she said out loud and thought for herself: Damn… I guess she knows now.

„But don´t worry, we didn´t get very serious. Just, you know, some basic“, she shrugged and hoped Dal would take it sporty.

Instead of getting angry, Dalmatian laughed: „Oh sure. As if you would do that. As if SHE would do that. With you. Good joke, Tiger. They must have just gotten onto the wrong laundry pile. I know Pyrit saves energy with not shifting new clothes all the time so those must be a laundry mistake.“

Tiger just looked at her, confused and unsure how to react.

„I will return it to her“, Dalmatian shifted the panties away to summon them later.

„Dal, listen. I know you wanted to be the one that actually claims her so I understand that you might not believe it but, what I said is true. Pyrit got curious so she asked me for some help“, Tiger tried to explain it as serious as possible.

„You just want to tease me“, Dalmatian grinned.

„It happend before I know you liked her“, Tiger kept confessing.

„Sure thing. Maybe that´s a prank you and Snowflake came up with. But I won´t fall for it“, Dalmatian grinned in her face.

„Dal? You´re here already?“, Pyrit came into Tiger´s room.

„Hey Pyrit! I´m a little early so I helped Tiger cleaning up her room. Wanna go?“, she smiled, happy to see Pyrit finally.

„Sure. Tiger, do you want to come?“, Pyrit asked.

„Oh no, I have to clean up this mess I guess“, she grinned, „Have fun you two!“

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Adamiro Featured By Owner Nov 22, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Damn, Dal has fast arms oAo
JB-Pawstep Featured By Owner Nov 22, 2017
I think you mean fat xD

(she looks fat here)
Adamiro Featured By Owner Nov 22, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
GeodeGemOnyx Featured By Owner Nov 22, 2017
Oh lordy, that is quite awkward.
JB-Pawstep Featured By Owner Nov 23, 2017
a little :D
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