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First of all, please do not steal my work and turn it into a youtube video. I really want to do that myself one day with unique designs given to each puppy. Please respect that. I put years of research work into this.

Okay guys I know this is hardcore nerd but it was a project I completed in 2014 and I wanted to share it ever since but my personal project was and still is more important than doing some fan service.
Anyway, I took some time to present this to you.
Since I was a kid, a huge fan of the famous works "101 Dalmatians" there was one big question in my head. "WHAT ARE THERE NAMES?!?" I threw all universes that are slightly connected with eachother together to create a list. (I will not count in the new "101 Dalmatian Street".)

All names of the 101 Dalmatians! - All names` origins explained

- my presonal canon list

Some are from official german versions and merch but I count them anyway since USA is not the center of the world. Get over it.

This is not another random list. I will explain where each name origins from. 

Dalmatian 1 and 2

First of all we have Perdi/ta and Pongo of course. You all know them.
I won´t start confusing you with Pongo and Missus being the original parents of the 15 original pups cause most of you focus on the animated works anway so here we go. If you are open to other universes of this story, count either Missus or Perdi/ta as their mom.

Leaves us to find 99 puppies. Here wo go:

Let´s start with the pups from the novels. Yes, you cartoon-only people. The great Disney versions actually are based on Dodie Smith´s master pieces and they can´t credit her enough. 

Puppies 1-5

  • Lucky (aka Lucky Pup in some other books and merch)
  • Patch
  • Cadpig (germ. Goliath)
  • Rolly (aka Roly Poly in the original novel)
  • Gay
All of them except Gay also appear in the animated Disney versions, in a lot of Children´s books and other merch.
Lucky also appears in the live action movie.
Gay appears in Dodie Smith´s "The Starlight Barking". There is no proof that she was one of the stolen puppies from the original story. Up to you if you want to see it as canon. I do.
Gay is Lucky´s mate in "The Starlight Barking".

(Counter: 5)

Puppies  6-9

  • Freckles
  • Penny
  • Pepper
  • Brownie
(Counter: 9)

While we know for sure that there are Freckles, Penny and Pepper (their names show up multiple times on stickers and similar with designs matching to the ones used in the first animated movie), we also have Brownie.
Brownie was only mentioned in the german version of the scene in which Nanny notices the puppies have been stolen. Up to you if you want to count that as canon. 

Puppies 10-16

  • Dipstick (germ. Pinsel)
  • Fidget (germ. Zappelino)
  • Jewel (germ. Juwelchen)
  • Wizzer (often written Whizzer) (germ. Struller)
(Counter: 13)

These four are clear, right? No need to explain a lot. All names got mentioned while the pups got their first collar.

  • Two-Tone (germ. Zweiton)
  • Schwarzohr / Blackear
(Counter: 15)

I separated Two-Tone from the others since there has been a translation issue that created a new name that works for me as new character as well. You might disagree to that. 
Two-Tone appears on german merch and in the animated TV series as Zweiton, which is the correct translation of her name.
But in the live action movie they gave her the name Schwarzohr, which means Blackear.

  • Dottie
(Counter: 16)

Dottie appears in the second live action movie as Dipstick´s mate. She might or might not have been part of the stolen puppies. Up to you how you want to see it.

Dipstick, Wizzer and Two-Tone also appear in the animated series.

All but Schwarzohr / Blackear and Dottie appear as toys and other merch like stickers.

Puppies 17-50

Now it´s getting retro guys.
Those names are all from super old collectable figures. It is super hard to find these little papers that came with those figures. Most online versions are hardly readable. I did my best to read those and find other sources (Websites that offer the figures with name informations).
Here we go. Again up to you if you want to count them as official.

  • Dot (Was also named in the series in the "making off" episode.)
  • Bravo
  • Blob
  • Bulgey (Counter: 20)
  • Bumb
  • Corky
  • Dipper
  • Disco
  • Flapper
  • Harvey
  • Hoofer
  • Hoover (Hoofer or Hoover was also named in the series!)
  • Hungry
  • Inky (Counter: 30)
  • Jolly
  • Ham (Was also named in the series)
  • Nosey
  • Pokey
  • Puddles
  • Scooter
  • Sleepy
  • Smokey
  • Sniff
  • Spanky (Counter: 40)
  • Spark
  • Spatter
  • Sprot
  • Speedy
  • Wags
  • Tiger
  • Yank
  • Yoyo
  • Swifty
  • Tiresome (Counter: 50)
Images by JB-Pawstep Dallist1lrg by JB-Pawstep 101 Stuff by JB-Pawstep Dallist2alrg by JB-Pawstep Dallist2alrg2 by JB-Pawstep Dalmatplantation lrg by JB-Pawstep
(I do not own these photos / scans)

Puppies 51-67

There is an old children´s book called "Lucky Pup" or "Lucky Puppy"
Lucky Pup by JB-Pawstep I do not own this photo)
This book uses several names never used before. Names for the original 15 puppies. This might be very uncanon for you guys. I will put them to the list anyway.

  • Blacky
  • Blot
  • Latch
  • Lenny
  • Lümmel (germ. version of this book only)
  • Patsch (germ. version of this book only. Might actually be a mistake and they meant Patch. Will list it as own name anyway.)
  • Peppel (germ. version only)
  • Plumpi (germ. version only)
  • Racker (germ. version only)
  • Schlappel (germ. version only) (Counter: 60)
  • Schlingel (germ. version only)
  • Salter
  • Stummel (germ. version only)
  • Tabsi (germ. version only)
  • Teckel (germ. version only)
  • Wonni (germ. version only)
  • Whitey (Counter: 67 )
I do not own these scans.
Original 15 part 1 by Babclayman by JB-PawstepOriginal 15 part 2 by Babclayman (1) by JB-Pawstep

(I own the german version of this book and can confirm the german names)

Some names appeared only in official Disney children´s books.

I once had links to all of them maybe some of you want to post a comment to them so I can link them here.

Puppies 68-73

  • Missy
Missy appears in the book "Proud to be a Pup". She also shows up in "Rolly´s special Spots".
  • Bon-Bon
I sadly lost the link to that book.

  • Dash
Dash appears in the book "Little Squirts"

  • Fatty
  • Growly
  • Pandy
(Counter: 73)

All appear in one children´s book. The names might mistakenly be used for Rolly, Patch and Lucky)

Puppy 74

  • Patches (Counter: 74)

Patches appears in the official game called "Escape from DeVil Manor".

Puppies 75-76

  • Pointy
  • Sugar
(Counter: 76)

Both appear in the german official Disney audioplays "Die unfreiwillige Reise"
Sugar also appears in the german official audioplay "Der Schönheitswettbewerb"
Bildergebnis für 101 dalmatiner die unfreiwillige reise
(I own both and can confirm this. This photo is not mine)

Puppies 77-98
THIS is intense guys. Most of them were only mentioned in the "making of" episode in a scene in which Cruella is calling several dogs. She speaks quite quickly and I maybe I misunderstood some of them.

  • Lipdip
  • Lugnut
  • Lumpy
  • Holly (Counter: 80)
  • Polly
  • Pooh
  • Sa-Sa
  • Furrball
  • Dingo
  • Furball
  • Pickle
  • Plato
  • Playdoh
  • Steve (Counter: 90)

Instead of some of these names she says other names in the german version of this episode

  • Fussball (Translates as Football and was said instead of Furball)
  • Fettnapf
  • Pippi (might also have been Dippi!)
  • Schuftie
  • Toby
  • Doctor Lazy Eye (I swear I listend to her multiple times and this is the closest to make sense to a "funny" name that would make kinda sense. Maybe it was Doctor Laser Eye? Both is super confusing and maybe the translators just wanted to have some fun there but Doctor Lazy Eye would make a super interesting pup character if you ask me xD)
(Counter: 96)

From the series we also have 

  • Tripod (germ. Dreibein)
  • Duke
(Counter: 98)

Tripod was one of the main trio´s antagonists while Duke  was only in one episode.

Puppy 99
And the last one, which most likely won´t be Disney- or Dodie Smith-official:
  • Spot (Counter: 99)

I am aware of the chicken character with that name. But years ago when the internet was still fresh and "download desktop wallpapers for money" was a thing, you could download a lazy looking wallpaper that claimed to show one of the 101 dalmatians called "Spot" how he was reaching for a butterfly. I really don´t remember if this was an official disney download. There fore I can not tell if Spot should actually count. All other names were from official Disney or Dodie Smith creations.

Oddball (germ. Nullpunkt), Little Dipper and Domino are NOT part of the original kidnapped puppies. They appear in 102 Dalmatians (Disney) and are the offsprings of Dipstick and Dottie.

Final words :heart:

I´m sure my research and work will mean nothing to you guys and some a**hole will take all the credit of my work and put it to the fan wikia and / or do a youtube video.
Maybe Disney even will come up with other pups that will destroy this work (I wouldn´t mind tho xD)
But at least I feel like I did something and maybe one or two 101 Dalmatian fans of you appreciate this list. I sure would have if I was a kid. 

Special thanks to AMCAImaron who shared their list with me back in 2012 and through whom I found out about Growly, Fatty and Pandy as well as the pups from that old children´s book "Lucky Puppy". Without their list I wouldn´t have been able to find the german version of Lucky Puppy and without this I would be missing several names. That book is a real treasure for fans and collectors xD

I could have drawn tonight but no, I found this still in my stash and wanted to clean it and finally post it. The collected infos were wating in my stash since 2014. I remember how hyped I was when I finally found all 99 names for the pups. Well.. maybe without Spot. Maybe one day I can re-place it. The newest name I came across was Dash and that was in 2016 I think. So who knows maybe somewhere out there another old children´s book holds an unknown name. 
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That poor puppy that landed the name "Tiresome" though XD This was very interesting, I never figured they all had names for some reason, I guess because all the 101 Dalmations stuff I always saw involved Lucky, Patch, or one of the girl pups (I think Oddball?). 

Do you know this video game?…
I remember there were several puppies aside from Lucky and Oddball mentioned, though I don't know if they were unique or just the most often mentioned ones (Like Roly or Jewel). The load screens would display a wallpaper with the puppies picture and their name.

EDIT: the game is 102, I'm tired and didn't read it right xD but I know Roly was mentioned so that's odd.
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I always remembered that game as 101 for some reason and totally missed the title when I posted XD Little me thought all Dalmatians were the same I guess lol. 
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