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Ambigram: Love/Hate by jb-adder Ambigram: Love/Hate :iconjb-adder:jb-adder 1 0 Ambigram: War/Peace by jb-adder Ambigram: War/Peace :iconjb-adder:jb-adder 0 0
Maddening Absurdity II
Maiden beseech, thy seemly bosom
Will please wanton lady then get lazy.
Him too use my damn winter manner.
Farewell, ne'er shall you speak ere woman.
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Gift Displaced
The wide-eyed student of youth,
Curious, investigative, intelligent;
Now dispossessed and overlooked,
Misplaced and forgotten,
Adapting with reluctance to their stupefying bounds,
Until one, seeing their ability
Amongst the unintelligent litter,
Shows them the way, reunites them with their vision,
And reignites the fire for their goals.
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Love's Labour's Leaving
I still remember
That night in May,
When you decided
To give my heart away
And I remember
That night in June,
When you told me
I'd given up too soon.
That day in August,
You came back again,
Hoping that we
Could start back where we end.
But I learnt my lesson
From the time before,
So I let you see me
Walk right out the door...
It's now September,
And all I can say,
Is that I found someone
Who won't give my heart away.
With my eyes in her eyes
And her hand in mine,
We'll be together
To the end of time...
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Your Own Private Pharmacy by jb-adder
Mature content
Your Own Private Pharmacy :iconjb-adder:jb-adder 0 0
Misconstrued Perceptions by jb-adder Misconstrued Perceptions :iconjb-adder:jb-adder 0 0
Mature content
Die Screwy :iconjb-adder:jb-adder 0 0
My Diamond
As I look into your piercing eyes,
I see the goddess rising up inside;
The diamond in the rough.
I know it's not enough
To be captivated by you;
Pleasure I can't deny you.
Your body precious, beautiful,
Designed by gods from finest tools
From just as fine materials—
Diamond, sapphire and opal.
Perfection by design,
As your lips meet with mine.
:iconjb-adder:jb-adder 1 1
Cubes of Fours by jb-adder Cubes of Fours :iconjb-adder:jb-adder 0 0 Please Don't Send Me There by jb-adder
Mature content
Please Don't Send Me There :iconjb-adder:jb-adder 0 0
She is Made of Diamonds
To describe her:
She is a beauty—
nay, I understate; more than.
Crafted using the finest tools
that God can find.
Created in the image
of Perfection.
Her skin is fine bone china,
delicate and smooth,
yet it glows a soft glow
that highlights her.
Upon the touch, she is silk;
When she touches you, it is like an angel's–
Is an angel's–
And stays with you for life.
Her lips are a full red, like cherries.
Her eyes, so full of life,
Are made of diamonds and sapphires.
Her hair is finely drawn white gold.
As she moves, it is with such grace
That she floats effortlessly.
She has a voice that chimes
With every syllable,
and a kiss so light that it is a whisp,
yet so powerful that it could melt a thousand hearts.
She is an angel–nay, a goddess–
Experienced and mature beyond her years,
and she walks among us mortals.
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Maddening Absurdity
How am I? I'm very much enlightened. I just realised dogs eat Jaffas, and I'm getting seasick.
That's not the half of it: I gained a Bolivian girlfriend, lost my balls, and implied I was bisexual within the space of half a week.
And yes, I know the men in white labs coats are coming. And on time too; they had asked me to help them with their chemistry homework.
What drugs am I on? None, or at least that none that I can feel in the small of my back. My friend was supposed to be bringing some for me to take, however. Owns a vegetable garden, sells his own fruit. He doesn't seem to make much. I don't know why; he feeds all his best produce to his worms.
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Turns by jb-adder Turns :iconjb-adder:jb-adder 0 5
'Give me...'
"Give me knuckles and jacks," the girl requested,
"And a big SpongeBob Squarepants."
The staff had seen her in here before,
Santa didn't stand a chance!
"And all the latest pop songs
In a jukebox coloured pink.
And a dollhouse with all fixtures,
Including a kitchen sink.
"And an Xbox 360
with all the latest games."
Santa felt his knee go numb;
it would never feel the same.
"And that new Barbie; you know,
The one that dances with you.
You better get them, otherwise
I won't feel the same about you!"
"Want me to get a pen and paper,
So Santa can write it down?"
Whispered one elf to another,
"This girl has gone to town!"
"With this list of gifts," he said,
"Santa might forget."
Little did they realise,
she hadn't finished yet.
"Monopoly and Game of Life,
Ludo and Operation.
You're a master craftsman, Santa;
surely you can make them!"
"And Pokemon; I want Pokemon!
Everyone that you can find."
Santa tossed up between alcohol
and this: he preferred to be blind!
"And an ice cream maker, a milk
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Leet pageviews by jb-adder Leet pageviews :iconjb-adder:jb-adder 0 0

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Leap Motion!!

[calms down, straightens self]

Yes, the leap motion is coming out soon, and I want one! You can draw, genuinely, in three dimensions, just by drawing in the air, and it will pick up every gesture. [squee!]

Unbelievably, I've been interested in three-dimensional drawing long before they even thought it was possible. Granted, I looked like a bit of an idiot standing in the middle of a paddock with a piece of grass acting as a (pretty elaborate) pencil "drawing" whatever took my fancy (including, mostly, pinball machines). So, to hear that it was now being made a reality...[squee!]

[loses sense of faculty]


Yes, I need help...


Johannsenn Adder
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Personal Quote: Intelligence is not what you know, but how you use it.


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