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I'm not an active member of dA anymore, but I give permission to everyone to use this for anything they wish.

Download To Be Able To Read It All.

websites to help which may have more information:

Depression & Other Disorders

A self management training programme for young adults with the mental health diagnosis of bipolar disorder (manic depression) or extreme mood swings. The Steady training course is open to residents of the British Isles aged 18-25.

Read the Signs
This website provides other sites to look at to get as much information as you need>
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Add one more text to the wall "For my final trick I shall now ... :D".Thank you.
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help help help help .. i am really depressed now.. i wish i can save myself..
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I can relate wanna be fwiends :3
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:( when my mom gets back I'am printing this out, hanging it in my room...I suffer from depression, and I feel sad when I know others who have it. I hate it when I hear of someone commiting suicide for being in a deep depressed state. :( Thank you for making this! It's such a wonderful thing to be able to read this. That one line: Depression is not a weakness it is a serious health disorder." Is what I need to hear, I used to think it was weak of me to feel the way I do :(
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Can we be fwiends I can relate so much :3
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The red lines are practically what I say, during random days where the rush of life eases and I manage the time to look into myself.
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i get depress sometime. you know one day your feel like an beautiful blossom then the next you feel like an dried up cactus.
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I'd like to use this as a silent impulse for a lecture about youth and depression. no profits are made and credits are given. May I use this please? It perfectly captures the essence of what I am trying to teach.
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bleh =3= i ask for help sometimes, but it seems like whenever i do, i get stuff like "suck it up" or "grow up" >.<
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I do suffer from depression, anxietry and some aspects of ocd. I just want people to know that I agree with your statement! I don't know when "Depression" became "cool" but, it isn't cool when you feel down and can't get out of the hole you feel like you are in. Your work is fantastic by the way!
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Sometimes going to a councilor only makes it worse. Most depressies are very emotional and having someone completely calm and understanding can piss them off esspecially if they don't get what the depressee is trying to say. It could also infuriate them if they say they understand when they really don't. Some don't WANT help and simply grow angry when someone does try to help, or gets annoyed when someone THINKS they can help and the depressee doesn't think they can or KNOWS they can't. How would I know this? Well.... I'm one of those people myself.
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great way od exspressing this i am suffering from it but yeah
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really liked this. gave me a little bit of hope.
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SWeet, I truly like this. If I had the authority to buy a top with the exact appearance, I without doubt would.
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This might sound really selfish, but how do you get people to read your stuff. My poems started out mainly as a way to vent, but now I realize that I somewhat crave human contact. I have really bad social anxiety, so I don't really see many people, and what is nice about being online is I can interact on my terms, but I don't know how to ask people to read my stuff...

I'm sure there are many people that are on here looking for feedback and validation, but do you have any clue how to meet people or get them to read my stuff on here?

And I hope depression isn't a lifelong thing for you... good luck to you.
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Sadly, I am too.
It's a rough thing to go through. And a lot more serious than most people think.
But I don't think I'll suffer from it for much longer.
Or maybe that's just an illusion.
In any case, it doesn't help it very much that I just lost the only one who cares.
Oh well. Maybe I'll find someone else someday.
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i used to suffer from depression :)
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i like :)
i suffer from depression.
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i suffer from depression, its horrible
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i suffer from depression, its horrible
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This is very powerful. I have been coping with depression and anxiety for a long time. It's never easy.
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I suffer from manic depression ^^;

This made me feel better though :)
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