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Some people are comets;
others just want to share
the infinite prairie
navigating undivulged
mysteries; and on the
rare chance two comets meet
in the rock-strewn vacuum,
the cobalt comas crochet
their whistling tails into Celtic knots.
:iconjazzman1989:Jazzman1989 9 17
Wee Wee Wee, All the Way Home
Oh brother, "he-haw,"
Who makes a house out of straw?
Certainly you're raw
From breaking mother's law;
I saw his paw.
Oh brother, in the hicks,
I will not pick up those sticks.
Didn't mother say to not pick
A house made out of sticks?
You think you're slick,
But see this nick?
He gave it only a flick.
So don't be sick,
Just light the wick -
Say, "bye, bye sticks!"
Oh brothers, do not bother,
For I am not like father.
You built those homes, despite mother,
And would build another
Before I discover
You were smothered
By your very own covers.
So go back home
And leave me alone.
My house, lone,
Was bricked by none
Other than me!
Some may come,
But I'll say "fun...
Come and get me
Big bad wolf!"
You may huff and puff,
But this one will be tough.
So go back home and stuff
Your mouth with something rough,
And see if it is enough
To muffle your muzzle.
:iconjazzman1989:Jazzman1989 3 1
Gardens of the Night
I sat on father's shoulders,
Beneath starless skies;
Punched in stomach sideways,
Prompted eyes up high.
"Father, gardens don't bloom at night,
Do they?"
                    "Yes, my dear, they do."
I watched the corollas cascading
Down on top of you.
Embers coruscate in dolorous skies -
"Cherish, darling;
Cinders dwarf time."
:iconjazzman1989:Jazzman1989 10 13
Fade to White
My eyes are white in metaphor-
All color, faded from the iris.
Like Odin, I traded sight for wisdom,
And left blind in life.
Would you share my wisdom
If I showed you my eyes?
Or would you run away
When you realized
Your favorite feature faded?
:iconjazzman1989:Jazzman1989 7 4
My friend asked me the other day,
"What percentage of your books,
Have you actually read?"
I never noticed,
But, half (maybe…?)
Books no longer reside on shelves.
They line walls in stacks.
In piles.
And discarded
   Notes -
Crumpled balls
Scattered around the trash can.
I have so many books
That I wonder if there is an exit.
I constantly add books
Since you left. I guess,
I just want you to visit
The bookstore with no doors.
:iconjazzman1989:Jazzman1989 5 13
Hansel's Battle
Snack time.
I followed
gold-plated jackets -
Hansel retracing steps
to blue backpack,
while the Witch tarried.
Hansel returned;
stomach growling,
fist clinched shut
for the Witch to pry open;
the treasure with eyes
like crow's feathers
before collecting
the remaining trail to cubbies.
Two woodsmen search backpacks.
One questions,
one observes.
I yank on pantlegs -
"What is this?"
the treasure with eyes like fog
creeping in the morning dawn;
One questions,
one answers.
Friend escorted out.
He could not return,
for Hansel picked up his trail.
Tears dot blue craft paper.
I draw a night scene with rain.
The Witch hangs it in his cubby -
grave marker for the curious.
:iconjazzman1989:Jazzman1989 4 4
Mature content
Barbie :iconjazzman1989:Jazzman1989 7 5
Pound Dog
A dog went to the pound today
And put inside a cage.
With ears erect and lollèd tongue
He stands against the cage.
His tail a metronome with no time,
He sings a melancholy opera
To the one that forgot him
Like city-dwellers forget the stare of a star
On lamp lit streets.
He lays in corners,
Head on paws with forlorn eyes;
His nose twitching-
Constantly, searching for her,
But she'll never come.
His new home is the pound:
A lost and found for animals.
Forgotten, unwanted, unloved,
He waits for the one.
But there is none;
In a day, know that he'll be gone.
:iconjazzman1989:Jazzman1989 8 20
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Who needs a garden
Girls beam over polished bouquets -
yellow, white, and purple -
designed by architects
and attached with a dossier
about proper treatment and care,
but women stain sun dyed cheeks
when I present a single flower
with soil stained roots
on the bottom of a bent stem
where I failed to pluck it
from your neighbor's garden
because it reminded me of your smile.
:iconjazzman1989:Jazzman1989 5 6
In a darkened hall
I reach for an unturned knob,
only to need an unmade key.
I guess the doormat was right:
"Welcome Guest."
Because the only way
I'll ever see the other side
of this varnished door -
is as your guest...
:iconjazzman1989:Jazzman1989 6 8
Fractal Dress Design 2 by Jazzman1989 Fractal Dress Design 2 :iconjazzman1989:Jazzman1989 9 41


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Allaying Alideya (3)
It had been two years and six days since I lost my arm the "accident".
Mayson had told me I'd done an excellent job in getting the robotic arm and that it went just as planned. I would have punched him in the mouth with it if I knew that Cal and my parents were safe. But they weren't. I sacrificed an arm to save my family, but he was pushing his luck. My hand slipped inside my pocket. I kept a memo tucked deep into it whenever I came to our meeting place. Scrawled on the tiny slip of paper was my name and the words "kill her".
It was to remind me how Mayson had deceived me into helping his little resistance movement. How I was to never trust him, not a single word he said. He wanted me dead, his resistance movement wanted me dead and all for the stupid replacement arm. He never said why they wanted me, or the arm, which made the hate bubble in my core whenever I saw his face. Mayson had bumped into me while in the factory. He had two years left when we first met. It was a small consola
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Wes Scheffler
Artist | Student | Literature
United States
Name: Wes
Current Age: 24
Current Residence: Longwood, Florida
How's everyone doing? It's been a very long time since I've been around here, sadly. I just wanted to stop by and say hello, and say thank you for all the likes and favorites and support you all showed me. I truly appreciated it and still do (:giggle: makes me a bit teary eyed just saying that). I hope that some day I will be able to feel creative and be able to share that with you, but I guess that will come with time. Until then, hello again...hello. Just called to say, 'hello.' (Yes, yes I just summoned my inner Neil Diamond for you all.)


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