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I just had the thought in my head, if the Bleach anime, i would imagined it would return, they would add and/or extend scenes from the manga, so I thought I would list all the possibilities, just for fun:
  • If they announced the anime would return, I think they would gives us a OVA special first, one based of the events happened in the novel "Death Saves Strawberry", to show the aftermath of the the Winter War and the Viserods getting the roles back, as well as the restoration of Ichigo's powers. Then at the end after the credits, we would get a glimpse of the Wandenreich palace, with Haschwalth informing Yhwach of the recent events, and we then get a glimpse of Yhwach, then saying "Soon we shall begin".
  • 480, when Ryunosuke is running from the hollow is extended and the girl Shino, notices it she goes out to help but is then ambushed by hollows.
  • 481, when Ryunosuke remembers Ichigo and his friends rescuing him we see the actual fight between them and the hollows.
  • 482, the fight sequence between Ichigo and Ebern is extended, as well as the scene where Yamamoto is informed by the messenger, and a glimpse of the messenger being killed.
  • 483, the fight between Ichigo and Ebern is extended, probably with Ichigo trying to getting closer but is having trouble with the canon fire. Also a talk between the messengers and Yamamoto is added, before Chojiro comes launched in. 
  • 485, when Akon informs Ryunosuke, we go a bit more in depth with the attack as well as seeing Chojiro actually dieing and maybe a brief talk with Ichigo and his friends.
  • 486, I would expect Chojiro funeral to be shown more depth, and we will see all the other captains and their lieutenants, instead of just seeing Byakyua and Renji, and a few more flashback sequences.
  • 488, the fight with the Wandenreich soldiers and the Tres Bestias is extended and the captains meeting is extended a bit too.
  • 489, when Izuru informs Yamamoto about his theory about the disappearances in the villages is added and when the other lieutenants are informed on the identification on the Wandenreich is added as well, and Ichigo confrontation with Quilge as his men is extended.
  • 490, when the Sternritters are giving their orders to go to the Gate of Sun, we get a glimpses of all the Sternritters, glimpses of them marching, preparing themselves and their appearances. Ichigo battle with Quilge is extended.
  • 491, the battle is still extended, and a scene where the Tres Bestias begin to wake up and start to remove their arms to summon Ayon is added.
  • 492, Ayon fight with Quilge is extended, and so is Appachi still taunting Quilge at the end.
  • 495,the confrontations between the Gotei 13 and the Sternritters are extended, especially with Renji against As Nodt and Mask.
  • 496, the confrontation with the Captains and the Sternritters are still extended, with Sajin and Bambietta fighting with their swords, Sui-Feng ambushing BG9, and Toshiro fighting Cang Du.
  • 498, Ichigo's battle with Quilge still extended.
  • 499, a glimpse of Quilge moving his fingers is added, to show he is getting up.
  • 500, more people's reaction to Ichigo's arrival.
  • 501, the fight with Byakuya and As Nodt is extended, with the addition of Byakuya receiving the wound at the start of the chapter.
  • 503, the flashback with Kenpachi and the 3 Sternritters is greatly extended, with the addition of the actual fight sequence with Driscol and Chojiro.
  • 504, the flashback with Yamamoto and Chojiro is extended, with the actual fight with them is added.
  • 505, a few more reactions with the Sternritters and the Gotei 13 are extended when Yamamoto is flying through.
  • 506, the fight with Yama and "Yhwach" is extendend with "Yhwach" just keep dodging.
  • 507, fight is extended, along with more reactions to Yama Bankai activating.
  • 510, maybe after Yhwach steals Yama bankai, we see a bit more action with Yama trying to burn him, but Yhwach either dodges the swings or deflects them.
  • 511, we get more reactions to Yama death, and more look into the rampage of the Soldats.
  • 512, we have more reaction faces to Ichigo arrival, and maybe more screen time of Akon trying to help Ichigo get in.                
  • 514, Yhwach and Ichigo's sword fight is extended.
  • 515, the aftermath of the battle is extended, with the possible addition of Izuru condition, as well as retrieving the remains of Yama sword.
skullcrucher Featured By Owner Aug 24, 2015
Would like to here more with 516 to 550 next on ideas please. 
Jazzlover20 Featured By Owner Aug 24, 2015
As soon as I can, but the moment I'm busy with some things, sorry man...
skullcrucher Featured By Owner Aug 24, 2015
It Ok, I just hope you enjoy it.
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June 5, 2014