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Arizonan Time Lord, Power Ranger, Starfleet officer, caregiver, writer, cosplayer, snarker, and wannabe werewolf.

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Remember how with older TVs, you could point the remote in just about any direction and the TVs would still pick up the signal? But nowadays with modern "smart" TVs it's like you gotta be a master sniper to just turn the damn thing on.
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One thing that's been bothering me about all these resurrected movies/TV shows isn't simply the pandering to 80s/90s nostalgia. It's the fact that when they bring back all our old heroes, ALL of their their implied happily-ever-afters are undone to show the characters as washed-up, disillusioned has-beens. Star Wars, Ghostbusters Afterlife, and Star Trek Picard are all guilty of this. (To be fair, I enjoyed GBA, but not so much the depiction of the original team as has-beens.) One, maybe two examples of this could be handwaved as coincidence, but when they're all doing it? I think it speaks to the disillusionment of our times. And I get it, the real world is dark and depressing right now, the writers might just be capturing the spirit of the failed promises of our times. But on the other hand, franchises with space wizards and laser swords, ghost exterminators, and space utopias are ESCAPISM, that's the whole point. So why would I want the depressing circumstances of reality leaking
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Check out this amazing picture of Hatchet and Sammy! https://twitter.com/sinto_j/status/1496273600537583618
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I didn't expect my morning core, thank you. :)

You're welcome!

Just thought I'd at least try to find groups to affiliate with. Sure, you can be my friend! I just added you to Watching because I looked at your content and...WOW! Some awesome stuff in there!

Aww, thank you!

Thank you for the Emerald badge, good sir! :huggle:

I love your Doctor Who CosPlay. The Doctor and I were born near to each other, around the same time. It's good to see someone who love his world as much as I. (smiles)