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Big lover of Rockman, japanese culture, cute things and jazz music! ;P You can use my characters in your art, but before doing that, send note to me ^^

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Avatar: The Last Airbender. Tales of Zestiria the X, Tales of the Abyss, Tales of Symphonia The Animation, Smeshariki, GranBlue Fantasy The Animation (Season 1)
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Rhythm Heaven, Rockman, Digimon, Ni no Kuni, Tales of Berseria and Tales of Phantasia, OKAMI, Sonic Adventure 1\2, Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Explorers of Sky, Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth\Hacker's Memory
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Hillo, guys and ladies!

I'm accepting the ideas for Expression Practice now!

Expression... what?

Expression Practice is my series of small drawings, where I'm depicting various characters (mostly Mega Man characters and Digimon) with various expressions. I'm doing this to improve my skills at making expressive faces and just for the fun, actually. It's mostly mugshots, but sometimes it might be more than this! You can check all of the work I already did here!

What characters can I request here?

My main goal is to draw all of the Mega Man characters at least once with some facial expression. Yes, everyone basicly, you read it right! From tiny-little Mettaurs and the kind giant that is called Bon Bonne, continuing with ominous Vile\VAVA and already expressive Tomahawkman.EXE, and ending with full-armored weapon that is called Omega and even Mega Man Legends 3 characters that were dropped because of the cancelation of that said game. Possibilities are endless, really!

I also can draw Digimon and Pokemon for Expression Practice. It's just that Mega Man franchise is in my priority for now ^.^

But what about trades?

Only if you wanna see your Mega Man OC taking part in this project, or if you wanna see two or more characters (Mega Man, Pokemon, Digimon) on one paper sheet being drawn with silly (or even TRADIC, anything goes here) faces. I don't think I might make a full body drawing, so try to ask for mugshots or bustshots, 'kay?

OK, where can I request a character\ask about a trade?

Send a note about your idea to me and I'll think about it.

Huh? You're scared from word "think"?

Yeah... I'm still not a professional at this, so if something will go wrong, I might reply saying "Sorry, I suck, can you give me another idea\would you not mind a bit different recreation of your idea?". I will try to not make that happen, but if it will -- I'm very-very sorry >_<

One drawing should be done in two weeks depending on how busy I am with school and my own ideas. Be patient, I'm trying my best!

Oh-ho! It seems fun! Can I be a part of this, too? Is it even possible?

Yes, you absolutely can! Why not, everyone can practice this beautiful and powerful thing called "expression"!

Maybe it will be a bit confusing for me to manage, but hey, I wanna make people happy while they would impove at something I adore ^.^

Because you might do it all by yourself, you can do anything with any character in any artstyle, basicly! (Just make sure to not make it offensive or a bit too mature content-ish. I don't like that and others might not even see your drawing because of this).

Send me a note, if you wanna join this practice so I might follow your work and add it into a special folder!

I hope this info was helpful and not confusing. If you still have question -- send me a note!

RAFFLE (not mine)

RAFFLE (not mine)

Jazzy's Wishlist for Secret Santa Robot Rumpus2020

Jazzy's Wishlist for Secret Santa Robot Rumpus2020

Ho-ho! So you're the one who stumbeled upon this nice wishlist from a crazy Axl enthusiast? Man, you're lucky, or maybe just a little... curious, yes, that's the word. I'm the one who now has more knowledge than previous-year me, therefore I needed to write this list anew! It's longer now, for best or worst. But you have much more options now, that can't be worse! So let our list begin! And please, don't be scared from the size of it. Simple and single: This is a category for those who is not sure if they might be able to do something complex or just don't have free time. It only features 1 character for each entry and no particular scenario so you can use your imagination! Just make sure it will not be a X-mas Gore at the Winter Night, Okay? (Giving characters winter clothes or making illustration feel more winter\christmas-like is fine. If you like writting - pick 1-5 characters from the list and make a cute winter story about them. No shipping though as it might upset some people
Dande (Leon) from Pokemon is voiced by X's current seiyu in the Twilight Wings, my GOD

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Thank you for all the FAVEs!! :D

Thank you for all the favorites!! 🧡

Thanks for the Favs:D

Thank you for so many faves. Megaman Rocks! See what I did there? :)

Rockman is ROCKing ON HARD, yup! XD

Also thanks for a reminder. I forgot to watch you XD

Thanks for Fave and My Birthday is Next Day.