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PHT + PHT Nano Popup

~ Port to CD Art Display with a few variations.

* PHT & PHT Nano by:iconkobhen: Emanuel Sá
* Toolbar Graphics, Popup Design & Code by Laurent Baumann
* Popup mod by Liz

Thank you kindly for granting permission to complete this port :)
Be sure to visit their websites for creative gui resources.
Special thanks to GooBacks for permission to use a resource :thanks:

Wallpapers in preview...
* end of days by vlargg
* green wallpaper (mod) by 00SpaceOddity00

Enjoy if you please ;)

*** Made a few changes... please redownload ***
© 2008 - 2021 jazzava
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So Cool, Many Thanks.
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wow realmente muy bueno
Hayeti's avatar
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thanks, good work
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Omg..omg omg, this is what I have been waiting since W7's WMP won't go taskbar mode...but the only flaw is I ain't willing to see the album's picture, is there a way to remove it, please!?

Perfect skin, compact, and small enough to place in the taskbar, only the picture makes the bad leap.
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Sorry for so many comments! But one last question, I am using the Normal PHT, not nano, as of now I have it so it is not displaying any text. Is it possible to have the song name appear when I hover over the album?
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I didnt install the fonts, because I dont have any of them, but how do I install fonts for this? Is there a font folder in the CAD directory?
NotoriouS-GrafiX's avatar
Im not even going to lie, I was looking for the port of this to CAD for such a long time! I found a screenshot with someone using it but then discovered that he didnt give a link to it in the description. After going through pages of comments someone asked for it and he gave the link! Sorry if I sound crazy right now but I really have been searching for a long time. Great work, thanks so much for this!!!!!!!
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Hey there :)
You can access all skin resources by extracting the .cskin file.
There will be a folder named Fonts.
Simply install them & restart the skin.
Thanks for the nice comments ;)
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~ b e a u t i f u l ~
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Thanks you ! :)
thx man, it looks modern and clean, very good.
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how about the fonts?
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How can I get the part with the album and artist to appear on top of one another instead of side by side? :(
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just started using CAD and I absolutely love this theme! but is there any way to get the ';popup' to appear on mouse-over? I don't want to have to click every time...
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Well, you can have it on automatically.
Go to Skin Editor > Appearance > Case/Cover Area Mouse click & select none.
Save & you're good 2 go ;)
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love this. great job on the port, thanks a mill.

also awsome job on the previews ;-) they look great.
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i need some fonts here can you help me for your skin
Kevros-Shieldheart's avatar
can you send the fonts for me by pm plz??
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Thank you krissirk :)
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Reinstalled iTunes, and I'm enjoying your work. :)

Nice release, my friend! :love:
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Really ? Woohooooooooo :boogie:
Thanks friend :D
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