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Upbringing among Mer-wolves Prologue
An Unexpected Find
It was a beautiful day upon the island that was left untouched by civilization. Throughout the known world there were nations upon the mainlands. These nations were occupied by many manner of people and creature. While some civilizations kept to themselves others ventured out in search of other people or lands.
The World as it was had its share of peace between such races. Some friendly while others hostile towards each other. There were some that didn’t wish to live the life under law of those who ruled over them. Some wanted to live life’s of their own choosing and with those they love.
Many left their sacred homes and lands in search of such lives. While some didn’t find what they were looking for others did. Only to find such places even though the grasp of civilized culture was not far stretched in the known world it still was difficult for those who wanted sanctuary.
For those that could find such sanctuary were given the freedoms to be what t
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The Snakeman's Embrace Chapter 1 (Commision)
Truly life was good for both Steth the naga and, Ariel the mermaid princess of, Atlantica. Ever since she and, Steth were allowed to remain together albeit abiding by, King Triton’s rules and declarations the two were inseparable.
Day by day went by and the fun never ceased between them. Steth couldn’t believe how good his life had gotten since he and, Ariel became a couple. Even with the incident with, Aria the sea witch nothing he would do would trade anything as long as he was with, Ariel.
Ariel’s father though at first greatly displeased by the discovery that his daughter was friends with an apparent dangerous creature and even going as far as loving him he allowed their relationship since they both made each other so happy, Steth was willing to answer to his crimes that would have seen him locked away forever and saved his daughter from a possible demise proved he was of good nature unlike what his kind was known to be.
King Triton did not let his own kindness go
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Axis- 2nd Eldest Son of Royal Wolf Family by jazz316 Axis- 2nd Eldest Son of Royal Wolf Family :iconjazz316:jazz316 21 19
Small Soldiers:War for Gorgon Part 9
Prep for Retribution
The Gorgonites cheered massively. For the first time in so long they finally retook a piece of their land from the commando elite. Years of warfare they were always met with one defeat after another. They managed on occasion to give their enemies a setback not once did they manage to make an offensive that resulted in victory.
In this very offensive they achieved what was once thought impossible. But thanks to, Scott who proved a good decoy for a distraction he gave them the opportunity they needed to get close to strike and they came swift and deadly and caused any commando’s to retreat.
In the midst of the cheer’s, Scott was patted on the back and even once raised up high as he was the proud hero of the day. Though he was humbled, Scott didn’t really believe he did much but felt good all the same that he provided assistance to the brave monster like folk.
However there was one Gorgonite that was not celebrating. Shortly after he announced victor
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Lance Captain of the Royal Guard by jazz316 Lance Captain of the Royal Guard :iconjazz316:jazz316 25 23
The Wolf Child Chapter 4
It was a quiet day. Too quiet around the palace. Usually it was filled with laughter, stories being told and a day shared between families. Today it wasn’t at all. Mowgli was in his room. The attempt on the poor boys life had scared him badly.
All night he had nightmares of, Gagor’s attempt on his life. He could see a knife being wielded with, Gagor’s devilish face bearing down upon him and brought the blade fast as, Mowgli woke up with screaming fright that it took, Queen Raksha’s firm but gentle hold and her calm soothing voice to calm the poor mancub.
He wept the night away as his mother stayed right by his side as, Mowgli cried into her. His life was almost ended by someone of the kingdom no less. First his own brothers shunned and ridiculed him and left him in the jungle and now this! His life was nearly taken from him. It was too much to bear for the mancub as he cried himself back to sleep.
Queen Raksha dared not leave him as she sat on the bed and laid,
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Gunnolf- Eldest Son of Royal Wolf Family by jazz316 Gunnolf- Eldest Son of Royal Wolf Family :iconjazz316:jazz316 29 24
The Wolf Child Chapter 3
Mowgli again fell down into the sand an attempt to tackle his opponent failed as a chuckle filled the small training ground.
"Come on, Mowgli." King Rama gestured, Mowgli to stand as, Rama wore small garment bottoms for today he was trying to teach, Mowgli how to bring down an opponent twice his size.
"Oh, I can't do it, Father!" Mowgli whined standing back up wiping the sand off his skin.
"Yes you can, Mowgli." Rama replied gently but with stern in his voice. "You have to realize in times you will have know how to properly defend yourself if no one is around to protect. You must avoid from being grabbed and strike where it will bring down who is attacking you. Now ready yourself and try to elude me and go for my legs."
Rama stood firm lowering his upper body getting prepared for another attempt by, Mowgli. Mowgli charged his father and this time he dived for his legs and grabbed one of them. Rama sighed as, Mowgli did what he was told but not quite how he was supposed to.
"Stop, Mowgl
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Mowgli dancing with Karina by jazz316 Mowgli dancing with Karina :iconjazz316:jazz316 78 53
TLOS and The Dragon Samurai New Beginning Ch16 End
A Surprise Reunion
Adir slowly reawakened. His head ached along with all of his body. He felt weak from the battle he along with, Spyro managed to win and save, Cynder by extinguishing the darkness from within her turning her back to normal.
The young man opened his eyes to see he was back in the grotto of the temple. He sat up to see the four guardians looking at him with relieved faces.
"Are you alright?" Ignitus asked.
Adir tried to stand but his legs gave out on him. "Not really." Adir winced.
"Yes that indeed was a nasty fall, in fact it's quite extraordinary that you lack any broken bones, lost limbs…" Volteer explained quickly every possible injury that thankfully was missed. Be it luck or simply he was stronger than he realized.
"What happened?" Adir asked taking off his armor feeling the weight on his body was irritating his soreness.
"You, along with, Spyro, Sparx and Cynder fell out of the portal that appeared in the valley near the temple." Terrador answered. "We watc
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The Wolf Child Chapter 2
10 years later
Mowgli was trying to extremely careful on his trek through the jungle. He was almost lost as earlier in the morning he and two of his brothers were chosen to go out on a hunt. However when they ventured far from the safety of the walls of the kingdom they told, Mowgli they didn’t need such a frail and hairless chimp who couldn’t harm a butterfly with them. The Brothers told him to crawl back to the kingdom if he actually had any knowledge to find it and ran off leaving him
It was bad enough that, Mowgli’s own brothers told him off like that but this day was supposed to be the first time he would go on a hunt but not only did he not have a chance at proving himself but now he was possibly lost in the jungle.
Mowgli tried to remember some of the earlier lessons he learned from some of the elder wolves on how to recognize and locate one’s self within the jungle. One particular lesson he recalled that his father, King Rama taught him was look for sign
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The Wolf Child Title Cover by jazz316 The Wolf Child Title Cover :iconjazz316:jazz316 91 56
The Coils of Love Part 6 (Commision) {End}
“This is truly outrageous, Ariel!” King Triton bellowed within the throne room of, Atlantica.
Ariel looked down in shame as her father scolded her for keeping a deep secret from him for these past many months.
Steth stood by the red haired mermaid feeling the same sense of shame, Ariel was receiving from her father.
They both had to finally face the very one they tried to always avoid since the day they became friends.
They each had to start from the beginning as soon as they along with, Ariel’s sisters entered the safe boundaries of, Atlantica from the, Aria’s lair and once, King Triton took his rightful place on the throne he demanded explanations and no one was going to allowed to leave until he heard one.
Hours past within the throne room as both the mermaid and the naga explained everything to the King of the Seas. Though he was not pleased at all with, Ariel secretly befriending a creature that she was warned of since she was a child and with the Naga dari
:iconjazz316:jazz316 8 5
The Coils of Love Part 5 (Commision)
Aria shot her tentacles at, Ariel and Arista. The Mermaids swam to different sides to avoid them. The Sea witch quickly her tentacles about trying to grab both the mermaids that interrupted her work.
“Stay still!” Aria spat snarling at each time her tentacles missed one of the mermaids.
Attina watched as her sisters swam around the sea witch keeping out her reach but it was going to work for long. She tried to get out of the chains that held her but her efforts were once again in vain. She then noticed, Aria was getting very irritated with the two mermaids swimming around her.
The Sea witch leaped from the ground and lunged at, Arista. The Mermaid quickly swam up and over her just before she could grab her with her arms but just as, Arista swam above she failed to see a tentacle reach for her.
“Watch out!” Attina warned but it was too late.
A Tentacle quickly wrapped around, Arista’s hand. Aria smiled wickedly for that was her plan. If she simply lunged he
:iconjazz316:jazz316 6 3
The Coils of Love Part 4 (Commision)
Ariel moaned waking up from a sleep she couldn’t remember that she took. She opened her eyes to see, Arista, lying on her side.
“Hey, Arista, wake up!” Ariel shook her sister quickly getting her to open her eyes.
“Ariel what’s” Arista turned to continue her protest on needing to tell their father of, Ariel’s secret relationship with the naga only to see that they were not in the same place as before. She looked around and noticed they were in a cave of some sort.
Ariel noticed the same when and was curious on how they got there? She tried to think of what happened but when she turned around she noticed something that instantly made her dread. She looked to see bars coming down from the top of the ceiling to the bottom. She swam over and pulled on the bars. They wouldn’t budge!
“Come on!” She grunted pulling on the bars but they stayed right in place. “Come and help, Arista!”
Arista was just as shocked discovering t
:iconjazz316:jazz316 6 5
The Coils of Love Part 3 (Commision)
“ARIEL, WHAT IN THE HECK ARE YOU DOING?!” Arista screamed so loudly causing the nearby pools of fish to scatter in fright of the screaming mermaid.
“Arista…” Ariel tried to explain but was cut off.
“Ariel do have any idea what that is?!” Attina pointed at, Steth like he was some kind of monster. Steth sighed having to once again after so long be ridiculed for what his kind was.
Though he has heard it enough to let it bother him it still was an annoyance but the more concerning matter was now he and Ariel were now caught by these two mermaids.
“He’s not a ‘that’ Attina!” Ariel scowled hands on her hips though she was still shocked that after so long of keeping her relationship with the naga a secret which now was not anymore she would not tolerate what any would say about someone she was proud to call her love.
“His name is, Stethion.” Ariel introduced rather sharply.
“Please just call me, Steth.
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Peril depending on what circumstances
Fantasy, Fiction, Romance, Mature things depending
I Specialize in anything that involves Dragons, Nagas, Mermaids, Humans

Im willing to do, Fanfiction too. Just depends on what it is. That includes Crossovers

-What I will not do
No Full Erotic Scenes

Prices- Paypal Only

Chapters will be at least 2000 words and higher depending on how deep and detailed the story will be.

20$- 1 Chapter Story

20$ Per Chapter.

That's everything. I wish to thank all of my dearest watchers, followers and friends for inspiring me to become who I am today and I gladly await anyone who wish's to have a story made.

If you wish to have story made please send me a note or message me on my profile that you will like to do a commision with me and we will disscuss in notes on what your Story would like to be then we will discuss if it meets my rules and go from there

1- :iconkodimarto: 1 Personal Stories Aleu and Trila. Mowgli Story meeting Kaa

2-- :icondoctorvorlon: 1 chapters "The Snakeman's Embrace"


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Hello Everyone! I want to say welcome to my page and i hope you all enjoy what i have to offer. Im a Man who enjoys reading and writing all sorts of stories. Fanfiction, Fantasy and recently Sci-Fi I have been learning a lot since I first started and I have a lot of good friends to thank for teaching me how to get better. I also have friends that work very hard that make all the custom made art pieces that go with my works and I can't thank them enough for it.

PATREON- This is my Patreon site. For anyone that wishs to come to it and see sneak peeks of my upcoming work that will appear on Patreon long before I post on DA and if you wish to do so provide pledges and donations for me there I would greatly appreciate it for your help will help fund my Art and Provide me a chance to continue my stories.

Current Residence: United States
Favourite style of art: Digital Art, Comics
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Hello Everyone! I would like to come to you all and ask for your assistance. I would greatly and highly ask you to come show your support for two greatly talented and good friends of mine. They each have started to get their projects off the ground. Both of them are creating vast and brilliant comics in their own perspective visions and unique styles. They both just started up their own patreon pages which im proudly and happy contributing and supporting as much as i can. Their both greatly doing brilliantly well on their comics and could use any and all support they can get. Allow me to give them both to you. 

This here is :iconulta:

She is making a big comic series based off of many incredible ideas she came up with and is creating a vast universe out of it and the plot for her mix of Sci-Fi and Fantasy is something great to behold. You can see here current comic pages here…

You can also become here patron here. She would really appreciate all the support and help you can offer for the more she has the better chance she can live and focus more on her wonderful project.

The Next Person i would love for you all to give any support you can offer and to watch is my other good friend :iconblackbear972:

He is creating a comic out of a Video Game series sad to say fell into darkness. So much that even i just about lost my fan ship over. But one day i met him by chance here and instantly fell in love with comic with his own set of style and twist of one the series best games that is giving the whole franchise a whole new light that i never thought i would find again. I owe it to him for reigniting the fanship within me and i will say if your a fan "Star Fox" This is someone you all should come see and support if you can. 

This comic he is making is based off the game "Star Fox Adventures" With his own plot line, different takes on the characters making them more idealistic as well people we all could relate with along with a sense of realism truly this comic can spark any fan back into the light of the series. You all can see his current pages here.…

You can also become his patron here. He would without a doubt greatly appreciate all the support you can give and offer. His series is bringing back the good that has been lost from the franchise for a long time and i believe with his works the series can find a new light again.…

I Thank you all for taking your time to read this journal. I greatly recommend you all to go check out each of these wonderful peoples work along with showing any support you wish to give if you can. Thank you all and have a most pleasent day. Bless you all!

Journal History


An Unexpected Find

It was a beautiful day upon the island that was left untouched by civilization. Throughout the known world there were nations upon the mainlands. These nations were occupied by many manner of people and creature. While some civilizations kept to themselves others ventured out in search of other people or lands.

The World as it was had its share of peace between such races. Some friendly while others hostile towards each other. There were some that didn’t wish to live the life under law of those who ruled over them. Some wanted to live life’s of their own choosing and with those they love.

Many left their sacred homes and lands in search of such lives. While some didn’t find what they were looking for others did. Only to find such places even though the grasp of civilized culture was not far stretched in the known world it still was difficult for those who wanted sanctuary.

For those that could find such sanctuary were given the freedoms to be what they wished to be and not have to live under anyone but the sun and moon over them.

Far upon an island that was one of many pieces of land that was left uncharted and away from the eyes of others lived one such woman who came to it with someone she shared her heart out to and he in turn shared his. They both wanted a life together far from the world which they were born and raised in. Though life among civilization was good they wanted something more than that.
Together they ventured long and far from it.
Days turned into weeks. Weeks turned into months. The Journey was long and hard for the woman and her love. Though times were difficult they never faltered in their search for a home that could be where they could spend their lives together in true peace and harmony and as fate would have it they found it.

An island so far from the nearest mainland that could take a galleon more than a month to sail to it and that is if the island was known to the world. Thankfully it was not only home to the creatures that dwelled upon it.

The Woman that wished to find and live the sanctuary life with her love was named, Mirari. A White coated merwolf. With the ability to change between a green finned tail to a pair of smooth legs she could walk upon land anytime she wished along with the one she came with.

On this very day, Mirari was relaxing within the jungle of the island. She laid beside a small creek twirling a lone finger within it. She laid with her belly down on the soft ground allowing the sun to bathe her fur with warm rays.

Mirari moaned as the warmth on her fur relaxed her and wearing a two piece magenta bikini her body was well exposed to the elements around her. She and hers had no need to keep themselves covered with clothes that would cover themselves entirely. The Island they lived on was in the tropics. No matter what time of year the climate was nearly the same. Always warm and humid. At times different when a storm pass through or any kind of natural phenomenon.

Thankfully the climates always came back to how they were once before. With that there was never any need to wear anything more than what they would have to.

The Island was a paradise. So large in land mass that a civilization could be founded on such a place. Only if someone with ambition could found it but thankfully the only eyes that every laid upon such a marvelous piece of land was, Mirari’s and the other she was there with.

Though much of the island was still unexplored, Mirari and her love made it home. Building up an underwater home near the known beach they first landed on they came and go as they would please. Having met some of the animals that lived on the island for as long as they known they became good friends with some and have lived in harmony.

Truly this place was all that she could ever have dreamed to live on and if only a certain someone would take his time not work himself to the bone so much he could enjoy it more often as she did.

Mirari took her finger out of the creek and rolled over. She shielded her eyes for a moment from the sun sitting up and stretching her arms out.
She heard a small crack in her back then stood up wiping the soft sand from her fur.

“Such a lovely day.” She admired smiling hearing the soft sounds of the jungle behind her and the waves of the ocean a short distance in front of her from the brush in front of her. The Jungle floor around her was a bit of a mess with many leaves and branches lying about. Some trees were toppled due to a raging storm that past over the island two days ago.

Mirari and her love took shelter in their underwater home when the storm came by. They were completely safe from the raging winds above, the lighting strikes that surged every second and the thunder so loud it could almost shatter glass.

By the time the storm passed on the island was in a small seep of disaster with so many tree’s that stood tall and proud and provided food to the inhabitants were laying down lifeless. The once clean grounds littered with debris and if that wasn’t enough a dock that was the very first thing that was constructed by, Mirari’s love was ruined.

Her love was saddened for though it was only months ago he made that dock as the first step into building a piece where their home would be it still held such good memories as they shared great meals and times of romance together upon it.

Mirari and her’s spent the last two days cleaning up the mess surrounding where they would come and go from the ocean which then gave her dear a chance to begin fixing the dock. However his determination to fix it as would any project would keep him from spending time with her.

Mirari never truly minded it for she knew her love very well. All he ever wish’s is to ensure her happiness but at times he forgets that her true happiness comes from him and not something that could be built or destroyed.

She heard rustling coming from the brush in front of her and emerging was her love, Moon. Moon like, Mirari was merwolf capable of turning his fins into legs. His fur was pale brown. Some of his hair was tied with a band in the back giving a small pony tail that waved partially. He wore sage colored shorts for like, Mirari with their climate conditions there was no need to wear more than what they needed.

His firmly well toned body shown off his figure gloriously. Mirari could almost drop her jaw at the mere sight of him just like how she did the first time they met so long ago along how he in turned admired her sheer beauty that would make his eyeballs pop out of his head and would howl in awe of her. It was love at first sight for them and in turn after some time together they knew they were meant for each other. And theirs together more than proved that. Wanting the life of solitude they both left their old home and found this enchanting island where they proudly call their own home now and, Moon had dedicated himself to make sure his one and only love would always remain happy.

As Moon walked up to her he was dreadfully exhausted. He had been working on the dock since morning and now it was late in the day. He finally finished rebuilding it but his hard work left its toll on him.

“Oh, Moon…” Mirari giggled. “…overworked yourself yet again?”

Moon sighed as his exhaustion was clear. “Yes.” He confirmed walking up to her and kneeled down just couldn’t stand for any moment longer. Mirari sat down and brought Moon’s head upon her lap. She began to tenderly stroke his head lovingly along with trying to relax his tired state.

Moon shut his eyes as, Mirari’s gentle strokes soothed him. He snuggled into her soft belly taking one hand putting it into hers and held it up to his cheeks nuzzling it.

Mirari smiled as, Moon’s love for her was boundless as well as his determination at completing any task.

“Moon you really need to learn not always work tirelessly.” Mirari said continuing to stroke his head.

Moon knew what she was saying but it weighed heavy on him believing she wouldn’t be happy if he didn’t fix up what they lost. “I know, Mirari its just we had so many memories upon that dock. I couldn’t just let it remain destroyed. It was our first project. We shared our first meal upon the island on it. Our evening ventures. Our…” Moon was cut off when two fingers softly pressed upon his lips.

“Moon, I understand.” Mirari assured recalling such wonderful memories and wouldn’t trade them for the world. “But we can always make new memories and I’m not saying you don’t have to rebuild it. I’m saying don’t always overdue yourself or one day that will get you hurt.”

Moon nodded. “I know, Mirari I just want to see you happy. To see you smile brings me joy and warms my heart.”

“And I in turn want the same for you, Moon. But trinkets, platforms and anything are next to nothing other than having you here in my arms makes me the happiest woman in the world.” Mirari replied leaning down planting a soft kiss upon, Moon’s forehead.

Moon moaned in delight feeling her soft lips upon his head. “Mirari, my love. I could not ever wish anything else. You’re the light of my life. The warmth of my heart.” He leaned up and turned his body pulling her close to him leaning over and planting his lips on, Mirari’s.

Mirari reached over and gently held onto, Moon’s head as their kiss deepened and allowed their passion to carry on for the next few moments until they slowly broke away. “You are the source of my happiness, Moon. Life is good with you no matter what. My heart is yours and all that matters is that you’re with me.”

Moon smiled hearing his love say those words. He stood up and pulled her to her feet. They then embraced as their love for each other was beyond endless. “Life is good, Mirari.” He cooed to her

“Life is good, Moon.” She responded back whispering it into his ear. She leaned back and caressed, Moon’s chest. She could feel his muscles and toned body. Always his dedication to hard work every day kept his body as it is. She fiddled with his yellow necklace with a pink stone hanging down the middle.

Long ago that was a gift she made for him. It wasn’t much of anything but, Moon truly was blessed with such a simple gift. Since then he almost never took it off. Truly it was something he wished to wear to always show his adoration and appreciation to her. No matter what anything he would be given he would cherish it almost as much as he cherished the woman he had given his heart to.

Moon slowly turned, Mirari around and wrapped his hands around her belly. Mirari moaned as he gently stroked the softest place on her body. Moon then nuzzled the side of her neck. For the moment both of them were lost in each other’s company. Their passion was faithful, loyal and true. They were bound to each other and met as if destiny played its hand. What they didn’t realize was that destiny was again at work and theirs were about to changed.

“Moon, do you hear something?” Mirari asked as her ear’s twitched. Something was amiss.

“I…” Moon was about to say he wasn’t until his ears started to twitch as well. He let go of, Mirari as they each walked around trying to pick up what was invading their ears.

“Moon! I think it’s coming from the beach.” Mirari said hearing something louder peering her way towards where the beach is.

Moon walked next to, Mirari and listened in. indeed what they were hearing was coming from that direction.

“Lead the way, Mirari.” Moon gestured.

“Right.” Mirari nodded heading through the jungle as, Moon followed. Mirari leapt over some toppled trees ducked under some that tipped down only part of the way being caught onto another tree.

Moon followed her through it all as she lead on to the beach. What they now were hearing was starting to sound like something was crying.

“Is that crying I’m hearing?” Moon asked having been on the island long enough to know the usual sounds from within the jungle as well as the sounds that come from the sea but never have they heard anything that sounded like this. At least around these parts since they first came.

“Yes.” Mirari confirmed making out the crying was coming from the beach. She pushed up some large leafs and saw nothing but a white sandy beach and the soft flow of the ocean sea.

“This is odd.” Mirari said perplexed scratching her head taking a look around as the sound of crying ceased. “I thought we heard…OH!”

“What is it?” Moon asked hearing, Mirari’s loud gasp.

“Look, Moon!” Mirari pointed out down the beach. Moon burst through the jungle stepping onto the sand. He looked to where, Mirari was pointing and he was just as surprised. He and Mirari were staring a small craft. It looked like it was partially destroyed giving how it seemed to be only in half while the other piece of was in the water a short distance from shore.

“Stay close, Mirari.” Moon ordered slowly stepping towards the broken looking vessel as, Mirari stayed right behind him.

“Is that a raft?” She wondered as they stepped closer getting a better look seeing it was a boat of some sort. A very small one but missing half of it.

“Yes, but it’s odd though.” He answered but his mind was full of questions as well “What could it be doing out here?”

Then suddenly a loud wail came from inside the destroyed raft, Mirari jump in fright and, Moon put a hand on her to safeguard her. But the cry they heard sounded like it was what they were searching for. Moon slowly stepped up to the raft his fist balled up ready to defend himself in case if what was in it could be something dangerous.
He peered over the wreckage and saw something. There was a basket and inside wrapped inside a couple of blankets was a baby!

“Oh, SPIRITS ABOVE!!!” He gasped showing his teeth causing the infant inside to wail in fright. Mirari quickly ran around the raft and looked to see what gave, Moon a fright and what cried at the sight of him.

“Oh…oh no…oh no!” Mirari saw that it was a basket carrying a baby. A human child! And it was frightened by, Moon. “There there. There there. It’s okay, little one. No one here is going to hurt you.” She assured soothingly taking the basket out of the wreak gently taking it away from the water and put the basket down far from where the tide could touch it.

“I don’t believe it!” Moon was in absolute shock looking at the baby with disbelieve. “It’s a man’s cub.”

“Oh, the poor little thing!” Mirari cooed sadly at the baby who calmed down in their presence. “How?”

Moon looked back at the raft. He tried to make sense out of it putting a lot of thought into it. Half of the raft was here on shore while the other piece was in the water. He looked around the vessel and saw the only footprints on the wet sand were only his and, Mirari’s. No one else was with the raft and it seemed it just was put there by the calm current of the sea.

“This is quite amazing if not unbelievable!” Moon marveled that this baby somehow managed to not fall into the sea being how it came in on a half wreaked raft.

“What could have happened?” Mirari asked next not taking her eyes off the small infant inside the basket that started to smile at her and she couldn’t help but smile back.

Moon folded his arms and put a finger on his chin. He took a breath to focus his thoughts. How could this have happened?

After a couple of minutes he came up with a theory. “We found this, little one in a half wreaked raft. I’m thinking that storm we had the other day there must have been a vessel sailing close to the island.” He theorized.

“That could be it but how did this come to be?” Mirari asked next. She knew that was a silly question to say since, Moon couldn’t have that answer off the top but maybe he could figure it out since he was always so smart which is how he was about create and make their home and come up with ways to make their lives livable on a island that no one but them has been at.

Moon sighed sadly for what he was thinking was not anything pleasant. “I’m thinking this storm must have been too much for the ship and its occupants may have tried to escape it hence the raft we see here but the storm must have caused them more trouble in the rafts. The waves as we know too well can be as tall as mountains in such massive storm”

“You don’t think?” Mirari gasped.

Moon shook his head. “I fear that the storm would have been too much for anyone that are landwellers. This child’s parents must have been lost and the raft could have been damaged massively but may have head together long enough for the storm to leave and only recently broke apart just when the tide pulled the raft in before it collapsed in half.”

“Oh, good heavens!” Mirari was greatly saddened hearing that. The Poor child must’ve lost his parents and fate was only kind enough to spare him the same fate. “The Poor dear.” She cooed at the child in the basket. The Baby had no idea of its loss nor the fate it avoided.

Moon kneeled down to, Mirari and held her as she leaned into his chest saddened over such a tragedy. No one ever deserves to leave the world in such a horrific way and now what’s worse the child is without anyone.

Mirari was heartbroken hearing of this loss. This child has no idea that those that gave it life and dedicated themselves to nurture and raise it.
“What can we do, Moon?” She asked hoping there is a solution for they had to do something to help the baby.

Moon was at a loss he wanted to help the child of course but there were complications. “Mirari the mainland closest to the island is over a two weeks journey and that’s if you and I were going by ourselves. But to care for the child’s safety for that kind of travel would be too dangerous.”

Mirari groaned in frustration. Moon was right on what he said but they had to help. This child needed someone to care for it. It’s lost, alone and helpless.

Suddenly the baby cooed at them getting the wolves attention. The Baby looked at them now with no fear. It laughed at them making, Mirari smile glad to see this child was no longer fearful of them and, Moon couldn’t help but smile as well.

“Well aren’t you the cutest little thing.” Mirari babbled in baby talk at the infant leaning her head close the child. The baby reached its small hands up and rubbed, Mirari’s soft nose. She giggled at its touch though she almost accidently let out a sneeze but managed to hold it in.

Moon chuckled when, Mirari leaned back out to make sure she held her sneeze. “Seems the mancub has taken a liking to you.”

Mirari got control of herself giving, Moon a playful look. “It seems so but still, Moon what are we going to do?”

Moon wished he had an answer to that but he didn’t. Any option he could think of would be too much of a risk for the child’s safety. The baby in the basket started make small crying noises kicking its feet.

“Aww, little one.” Mirari cooed reaching inside the basket. “Come here, its okay.” She carefully pulled the baby out of the basket and cradled the baby in her arms. It was beautiful. She never had held a baby of a different race before. She looked deep into the eyes of the mancub filled with pure innocence and life.

Mirari slowly rocked the child holding it close to her chest. She felt her heart warm up holding the child with such care. She slowly hummed a lullaby that she knew from her days of youth. She rocked and sung to the boy that then yawned.

“Sleep, child. Allow your dreams to take hold and take you away to happiness.” Mirari whispered gently leaning down and without realizing it what she was doing she planted a soft kiss on the baby’s head. The Baby snuggled closer to the wolf holding him and sleep eventually took it over.

Moon adored over the scene. He could tell now that, Mirari has grown fond over the child. He had to admit it was adorable and it was in great need. They couldn’t risk taking it to the mainland’s as the journey is treacherous. And there were no one on the island but them and the animal life and animals could not care for an infant child.

“Mirari…” Moon put a hand over her shoulder as he looked over the child in his beloved’s arms. “…what do you propose we do?”

Mirari looked at her love for a moment then at the sleeping baby in her arms. This child had lost everything. But fate had given it a chance to continue living when it washed ashore in a half broken raft. They could not take it to the mainlands and nothing on this island could care for it. There was only truly one solution here.

“Moon…I think we should keep him.” She admitted.

Moon was not surprised by that answer. In truth he was expecting it. With every option out of the question what other choice is there? Though this would be greatly challenging. One that they both never would have expected to have. There would be so much to be done as they only ever thought of living on this island by themselves and didn’t expect to have child so soon especially a child of a different race and just barely escaped losing its life to nature’s fury.

“Mirari. I am not against that.” He admitted holding her close. “However we must take into consideration there is a lot we must do if we are to care for this child.”

Mirari nodded continuing to rock the baby. “I know. We cannot use our ocean home to raise him. We would have to build something on the surface to raise the child in.”

“Not to mention the fact that we are now going to care for this child. We are accepting a responsibility for another’s life. Are you willing to accept that, Mirari?” Moon had to ask to make sure her heart was set on this.

“I accept this. Curse my soul if anything should happen to his child. I will care for him, look out for him and raise him to where he shall make his own choices in life and wither be for better or worse I want this and I want him as I want you, Moon here with me.” Mirari accepted this responsibility and hoped that her love is with her.

“I accept this too, Mirari my love. We both shall watch over this child. We will care for him, give him a proper raising and do what we can to make sure he grows strong and finds the life that he wants.” Moon accepted this responsibility as well.
Mirari raised her lips up to, Moon and he leaned in as they sealed their oath with a passionate kiss. They now were going to be the parents to lost mancub.

“Come, let us return to the dock and we shall figure out what can do from there.” He said.

“Of course, Moon.” She agreed slowly putting the baby back in its basket making sure it was well tucked in for a good day’s rest. While she was tucking him in she felt something hard in the basket. She pulled out a small piece of metal.

“Hmm? What’s this?” She pulled out the little piece of metal which had one word on it. “Moon, look at this.” She handed the metal piece to, Moon.

“It seems to be a badge of some sort. It reads “Mowgli”” Moon read.

“Ah! So that must be the baby’s name.” Mirari exclaimed softly not to wake the baby up. She looked at the infant snuggled its bed inside the basket. “Our little, Mowgli.” She cooed reaching and gently stroked the baby’s forehead.

“A fitting name.” Moon complimented knowing now that life was not going to be the same. In fact life would be better now. Now they had a child of their own. Not by blood or relation but by destinies decree and no matter what comes next they will be there for their child, Mowgli.
Upbringing among Mer-wolves Prologue
Hello Everyone! I would like to introduce to a story that i thought of that i got a grand idea from the great and unique characters of a great friend and artist known as :iconrunningwolf-mirari:

Her characters and her great designs for them were very inspiring to me. I enjoy and continue to love how she is creating such wonderful comics not only based on her Wolf OC's who are Wolf's that mer-folk but are able to transform their fins to legs at will and back again. 

With such a beautiful loving couple her OCs Mirari and her love Moon. It just gave me the splendid idea of what could happen if they discover a child lost without a home or a family to take care of it. Life can hold so many surprises so with her permission i created this prolouge and i can make a full story down the line with this. I really cannot thank her enough for allowing me to do this and i hope she enjoys the story along with the rest of you.

I greatly reccomend you all check out :iconrunningwolf-mirari: for her page is incredible!!!

Hope you enjoy this story everyone!:) Have a most splendid day!
Truly life was good for both Steth the naga and, Ariel the mermaid princess of, Atlantica. Ever since she and, Steth were allowed to remain together albeit abiding by, King Triton’s rules and declarations the two were inseparable.

Day by day went by and the fun never ceased between them. Steth couldn’t believe how good his life had gotten since he and, Ariel became a couple. Even with the incident with, Aria the sea witch nothing he would do would trade anything as long as he was with, Ariel.

Ariel’s father though at first greatly displeased by the discovery that his daughter was friends with an apparent dangerous creature and even going as far as loving him he allowed their relationship since they both made each other so happy, Steth was willing to answer to his crimes that would have seen him locked away forever and saved his daughter from a possible demise proved he was of good nature unlike what his kind was known to be.

King Triton did not let his own kindness go without a price. He made them promise to respect his wishes by always informing if they wished to go out about beyond the borders. With, Steth living so far out into the sea and surrounded by creatures of danger. He actually found it in his heart to offer the naga a room to call his own within the palace through, Ariel’s begging that was. However since all that he had in his old cave home was human material the King demanded that he leave those behind as he didn’t want his kingdom tainted with surface world junk.

Though, Steth was a bit disappointed he had to leave all that he gathered over the years behind, Ariel had an idea that she kept between them. In secret they moved all the human items he had to her secret grove there she decreed that it was no longer ‘her’ collection but ‘theirs”. Steth wouldn’t have that any other way and now that he had his own room in the palace he and, Ariel would be closer than ever.

Times went on as, Steth learned more about the culture of merfolk more than what his own kind have known throughout the ages. Meanwhile he was exploring the city around the palace, Ariel made sure she was at the practice recitals with, Sebastian. Her father for once had allowed her something that if it was any different he would not even think about it.

Ariel practiced every performance with the red crab. She wanted to keep her singing well up to the best of her ability. Not only did she wish to prove to her, Father that she was trying to be better than she was before but she wanted to make a good show for her love, Steth. Since they been together she wanted to make sure he was given the best of times as he deserved having never in his life due to what he was. She would give him the performance of a lifetime with her singing and soon enough she would have that chance when it was that time of year to celebrate another year of the king’s rule.

This concert meant a lot to his majesty. Not only was it to show that his rule was just and full of joy but he would get to see the performance of his seven daughters that brought him so much joy into his life.

The Palace was greatly packed as merfolk from all corners of the kingdom were gathering around to celebrate. The Feasts were plentiful and the hallways all across the palace were filled with laughter and joy.

But the main event of the celebration was the concert at the end. All the merfolk gathered in the auditorium and, King Triton himself made a grand entrance lighting up the chandeliers above with the power of his magic trident making the audience below him applaud and cheer over the beauty that it showed.

The King took his place up in a stand where would have a great view of the stage below him as, Sebastian came in next and was greeted welcomingly by the audience. At the front of the stage sat, Steth alongside many other merfolk. His presence in the kingdom was fully known now and he was accepted by the populace but occasionally he would hear some dark whispers about him. And the ones he was sitting next to were doing just that.

He looked to see a mermaid holding her child in her arms and scooted away from him as a mermaid to his other side gave him a dark glare and swam away not wanting to be seated by such a horrid creature. Steth sighed wishing he could just be fully accepted by all the others. He hadn’t done any wrong to anyone since he was welcomed. Though this was trying on his patience it didn’t matter as long as he could be with, Ariel who was about to perform in front of the entire kingdom.

“Steth!” A voice called to the naga. He looked around to see who was calling. He looked up to see it was, King Triton who called him. He gestured the naga to come up to him and, Steth answered knowing to never test the king. If he gave an order or wanted something it was best to do what he wishes’s or risk his fury that was not something to take lightly.

“Yes, your majesty?” Steth swam up to the king and bowed before him.

King Triton noticed how he wasn’t being welcomed by the mermaids he was sitting next to at the front row of the stage. “You may stay here with me. I also want to discuss some matters with you.”

“Oh…uh…of course, King Triton.” Steth stuttered swimming into the stands and curled his tail below him as his tail would take too much space around the stand.

“There is something I wish to talk to you about.” King Triton said blankly.

Steth was a bit nervious. Did he do something wrong? Was the king upset with him about something? He didn’t know and that worried him but before the king could speak the band in front of, Sebastian began to play.

The Band began an uplifting beat of music as three large claims appeared on stage drawing the attention of the king, naga and the rest of the audience below.

As soon as the claims opened their shells they each revealed six of the eldest daughters of, King Triton. They sang of who they are under the great king of sea with glorious voices and songs of praise. The y each introduced themselves showcasing headwear, fans and cloths made of materials from under the sea.

King Triton nodded at the performance as their voices uplifted the auditorium and, Steth admitted to himself that, Ariel’s sisters despite having a rocky start at getting to know some of them at first were performing quite well but there was still the youngest daughter to be introduced in the play here as a one final clam rose up behind the rest.

They Mermaids swam around it and the clam opened up to reveal King Triton’s youngest daughter. A Red haired, green tail finned and purple sea shell mermaid who sang her song her voice like a bell. The Audience watched in all as all seven mermaids swim in sync with each other singing of their fathers love and glory.

Ariel during the performance spotted, Steth in the royal stand next to her father. Though she was wondering why he was up there with her, Father she didn’t let it hamper her performance as she wanted to give her love up there a show he would never forget.

Steth leaned on the stand resting his hand under his chin. He was raptured by, Ariel’s play. Her voice was beautiful as was her form and her showcasing for this concert was awe-inspiring. He watched her with dreamy eyes always counting every blessing he had in wonder how he couldn’t have ended up with someone so glorious, kind and beautiful.

King Triton held a chuckle seeing, Steth watch his daughter like so. He continued to watch as the children performed with spectacle. Their singing together all sang the wonders of the sea and how the ruler of it was someone to behold and honor.
Sebastian as he continued to orchestrate the band’s music was very proud of himself. He wrote every lyric to the song the mermaids were singing and the audience was cheering every second of it. And the best of all it was, Ariel’s shining voice that brought so enthusiasm. Her weeks of showing up for practice on time if not a little made her performance go beyond was expected. This was his moment and he was so proud as the concert was about to end with a few more beats of the band.

The Mermaids performing all took hands and swam to the front of the stage and let their voices shine in a choir letting out thankful praise to their one and only father who loved them and named them well and let his rule continue on being a beacon for all that is good of the sea and, Sebastian ended the show with one last ending of the beautiful music as all the auditorium went wild with cheer and applause.

King Triton in his stand applauded his daughter’s extraordinary performance as, Steth did as well keeping his eyes on, Ariel. The Sister’s below them all bowed modestly to the audience and sent their signs of love to their father above who praised their efforts and especially, Ariel seeing, Steth up there with him blowing him a kiss that the naga happily accepted it with a kiss of his own.

That moment of theirs was caught by, King Triton which reminded that he had to talk to, Steth. “Steth I believe now I can talk to you on what I have been meaning to say.”

Steth stammered looking the, King as, Ariel below started to talk with her sisters as the audience left as the celebration was now over and a most joyful one it was.

“Your majesty, have I done something wrong?”
Steth asked thinking that the king only would have him up there with him for something a troublesome manner.

King Triton shook his head. “No, assure yourself you are not here because of that. I have been meaning to talk to you about much that has happened.”

Though, Steth was relieved to hear he wasn’t in any trouble he was still a bit nervious. “Yes?”

“You know why I have allowed you to live here and to keep the relationship you have with, Ariel. What I have been wanting to tell you and especially given the performance we just seen. You have been a positive influence on my daughter.” King Triton praised to the surprise of, Steth.

“Really, your majesty?” Steth could hardly believe the words the king of the sea spoke. He didn’t think he was doing so much on, Ariel’s behalf.

“In earlier times, Ariel’s always been one for hardly listening. Time and time again she would miss practice or go against my direct orders against what she always looking for and that’s human materials from the surface world. But since you came she has been taking in her duties and acting more responsibly. And with that has obeyed my orders not to leave the kingdom without my permission.” King Triton explained though these kinds of words were rare on his tongue not used to saying such things.

“Really…your highness…I don’t really think I’m doing too much.” Steth replied modestly rubbing the back of his head.

King Triton smiled. “Don’t get me wrong, Steth. I will admit I still had my doubts about you but I took a chance and seeing you create such change for the sake of my daughter and you respecting the laws of my kingdom and my decree’s has proven a lot to me.”

“Wow…I don’t know what to say?” Steth sputtered.

“You don’t have to say anything.” King Triton assured putting a hand on the naga’s shoulder. “All I ask of you is continue what have been doing and to look out for my daughter. You have been a great influence on her and I wish to see it continued.”

“I will, King Triton.” Steth nodded putting a hand over his heart and bowed his head. “You have my word.”

“Very good.” King Triton nodded grabbing his trident. “Come now. The Celebration is at an end and the night is late. I’m sure you would wish to say your praise to, Ariel before you retire to your quarters, yes?”

“Of course!” Steth smiled and quickly swam out of the stage and embraced, Ariel below telling her how wonderfully her performance was as the rest of the mermaids awed and smiled at the scene as the King above smiled as well glad to know things are changing for the better.
However what, King Triton didn’t know over the weeks before the performance and after it is that, Steth and Ariel had been disregarding his wish’s of not leaving the kingdom without his say so. They both had their hearts set for adventure and understood that the king would not allow it and even if he did they would no doubt be under watch and would not be able to do what their hearts intended on.

They frequently visited the cave that held all the treasures of humans from their past adventures. They admired over them as they did each other. Sometimes they would go and look over some of wreaks they found in their past exploits and if they were lucky they would find more to add to their collection.

Though these were the greatest for the two lovers, Ariel however wished there was some way she could ever truly experience the human world. Though part of her longed for the world above the other part of her was filled with the love and adoration she had for the naga that had been the best to have ever have happened to her.

One day they went up to the surface and laid upon a small piece of land that was made up of rock. Ariel wanted to give, Steth a private performance of her singing. As the warm sun bathed on their skin, Ariel sung loud and proud for her love.

“That was beautiful.” Steth praised as, Ariel finished her song for him giggling as he applauded her.

“Thank you, Steth. I’m glad I can do these for you.” Ariel replied.

“It means a lot, Ariel.” Steth smiled putting his hand on her shoulder and held her close. Ariel greatly enjoyed her times with, Steth but being here on top of the sea sitting upon the small piece of land they were on made her heart long for something else. It was only worse when nearby in the distance there was a large island with a human settlement.

She and, Steth would gaze upon a great castle that stood tall and proud next to the sea. Beyond some walls there was a village as the humans there went about their business never knowing there were eyes upon their homes from dwellers of the sea.

Ariel sighed as she desperately wanted to visit such a wonderfully looking place and it would be so much better if she and, Steth could go together. “I wish we could visit the humans and their homes there.”

“I know, Ariel.” Steth rubbed her shoulders comfortably but her sad eyes remained. She longed to see what she had been dreaming on long before she met the naga. Though she would never leave him for he has been there for her more times than she could count and they became what they are now she still had that lifelong dream in her heart and mind.

Hoping to cheer her up, Steth slowly moved his tail till it wrapped around her waist to, Ariel’s surprise as his cold tail made her shutter.

“Oh…” Ariel shivered as his tail sent chills down her body as her mid section disappeared with a few coils around it and began to move in a small rhythm relaxing her. “…I love it when you do that.” Ariel admitted glad to feel his coils and were helping to relax her.

“I thought you love it more when I do this?” Steth turned her head to his way and planted a soft kiss on her lips.

“Perhaps that may be better but I still love it when you do both those things.” Ariel smiled as she leaned in and kissed him back and soon enough the two engaged in a show of love.

Soon they broke apart their kiss for a moment to catch their breaths. “I’m glad, Ariel my lovely little mermaid.” Steth chortled as the naga and the mermaids foreheads touched as their company always made them happy.

“Hey Brother!” A Loud voice exclaimed making the two jump apart in fright, Steth releasing, Ariel from his coils and turn to the sea and looked down at the water to see the head and partial upper body of a someone and he couldn’t believe it. It was a Naga with the same grey skin and white hair as he has but it was a female! Steth could not believe his eyes. It was his sister!
The Snakeman's Embrace Chapter 1 (Commision)
Hello all! Allow me to introduce to you the first chapter out of Seven of a commision im working on for my friend :icondoctorvorlon:

This story is the continuation of Steth the Naga and his love, Ariel the mermaid Princess of Atlantica. Life is good for them as they now had the blessing they needed to be together but when a figure from, Steth's own family makes an appearence and not so very pleasent to, Ariel is one and only love. Steth will face hard choices along with, Ariel who would have to choose between her dreams or remain with the one she had shared her heart to. 

Hope you all enjoy it!:)
Axis- 2nd Eldest Son of Royal Wolf Family
Hello All! Allow me to introduce to you one the 2nd Eldest of the Royal Family in the story "The Wolf Child" Axis

Being the 2nd born of the family, Axis had alot to live up to. Growing particulary close with the first son, Gunnolf both the wolfs grow up becoming one in the same. Like Gunnolf full of stubborness and pride. Arrogant on occasion often using his royal status to get what he wish's unless told over by his parents the King and Queen. 

Axis is not fond of treasure or trinkets but enjoys being the superior one. Has the belief that if one is born into power then one must always show for it even if it means putting others down before hand. 

His choice of weapon is a bow. At a very young age he had precise aim being able to hit anything that is declared a target. He enjoys gloating over it considering the best shot in the kingdom and though it is true many wish that wouldn't mock others when they are not as skilled. He and, Gunnolf have known as the best team of hunters and with the bond they have they are considered unmatched with Axis being the eyes and ears while his brother is more of a strategist coming up with the plan and, Axis carries it out to precision like his aim

Only with his family does he treat with any sort of respect except the most recent upbringing of, Mowgli the mancub that he like his older brother, Gunnolf despises with a passion and will see to it that, Mowgli is out of the family and out of the kingdom and will be sure to have it done by any means neccessary. Having too heard the dreaded tales of man he agree's with, Gunnolf that somehow someway they will be rid of that mancub and the disgrace upon the kingdom.

This beloved character of mine was made by my good friend :iconwadevezecha: I hope you all enjoy, Gunnolf and all the other characters as they appear in time or the others you already are seeing. 

You can see all my current chapters of "The Wolf Child" here. Along with the current art i have for it. Have a great day everyone!…

Think I may have been hacked since I discovered that a purchase that was made on DA was not authorized by Me! Everyone be aware!


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