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A Bounty Hunters Rise Pt 4 (Commision)
Davis was twitching V.T flew his ship to its destination. His hands were shaking and his right leg was tapping with nervousness. The Former Bounty Hunter with each passing second was coming back to civilization. Albeit disguised and with V.T’s assistance having no trace of his actual being and masquerading as someone else. His disguise is flawless and this was the test to see how it would perform in the public’s eye. But it felt like an age since he had been anywhere that had even one person walking about.
He was a bit fearful for it was the be all end all moment for him. Coming back out into the world the Galaxy even if it’s possible. He had been hidden for so long that he has forgotten what it was like to be within a community. Hardly ever having an interaction or even sharing a space with someone other than his own creation.
Davis was eager as he was nervious. In all essence he didn’t wish to become the prize to a bounty hunter or anyone else of that matter.
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Part of your World Part 7 (Commision)
It was early in morning as the sun’s rays shined through the surface of the sea and light up Serpent Valley. Ariel whom had been given the guest quarters of the house to herself which a bed which consisted of half a giant clam with blanket and a couple of pillows for comfort had awoken when there was a knock coming from the wall on the outside. It had been Steth who woken up earlier they had a big day of work ahead and it was best to get started. He hated to have his mate perform such tasks but it was the law of the house as well as the law of his people and Ariel did agree to accustom to the law if she was going to stay for some time.
After the morning pleasantries were given along with a kiss the two of them swam downstairs to find that Golleck was in the kitchen but Natira and Karineth were not there. Gollek explained they had their own duties to attend in the village and had to leave on short notice and that they send their regards. Ariel was a bit disappointed she missed the
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Ariel and Mowgli watch Sunset by jazz316 Ariel and Mowgli watch Sunset :iconjazz316:jazz316 58 36 Ariel's sisterly affection by jazz316 Ariel's sisterly affection :iconjazz316:jazz316 71 50
Part of your World Part 6 (Commision)
Steth and Ariel rested in the Naga’s childhood home. Ariel was very fascinated by it as the walls were lined with trinkets relating to sea serpents or naga of some sort. She could make out the pictures that represent family portraits that seemed have been crafted with such color and beauty. It reminded Ariel of the pictures she had in her grotto but how was that possible?
Her beloved explained to her that some Naga’s like himself and like Ariel have too found a fascination of the human world. Some have discovered the use of art to create everlasting memories and instigate them into legacies. A long time ago they discovered how to create colors after observing humans accomplish it. Then the enchantress’s of old enchanted the newly made paint to be sea worthy so they could create their arts within their races domain.
The Many portraits Ariel has seen were made at the Temple within the village. All important matters are made there including art design. There’s only
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Upbringing among Mer-Wolves Chapter 3
Hard day’s work
Mirari walked through the jungle with her son in hand. The Wolf Woman looked down at her child walking by her side. She adored him looking so cute with his messy hair and the kindness he shown when they came upon a toppled tree which Mowgli climbed up first quickly and lent his mother a hand in helping her up and down on the other side of it.
Mowgli kept his eyes out for his father Moon. He knew along with Mirari that he was working on their brand new storage shack. They needed a place to store more food instead of always bringing every basket they would fill near their home. It would attract animals and pests that would be a bother with anything they had sitting out in the open.
The Other month Moon was talking to his son having him learn more of the mainland’s and how those that live there on how their civilization works. How they live and play and reside in their own ways of life. Mowgli became fascinated on how those that live on those lands go about the
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A Bounty Hunters Rise Pt 3 (Commision)
Davis rode the elevator up to the surface level of the planet. This was going to be the rarest occasion he stepped foot upon the snowy grounds. He hardly if not ever left the safety of his concealed bunker for reasons on hiding. Being one of the most wanted on the bounty board he couldn’t blow his cover no matter what but thanks his new device the Visual Morpher he wouldn’t have to worry about being spotted as long as the device performed as it did.
The Elevator reached the surface lifting up a foot of snow from under it. Davis felt slightly colder even though his clothing was layered for freezing conditions. A chilling breeze trickled his fur as he gazed upon the cold and frigid landscape. He took a deep breath of fresh morning air. Though it made him cough due to the sudden chill he was glad to finally be out of the bunker and into the open world again. It had been far too long.
Davis activated a display mirror in front of him from his wrist device to see how his new inve
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Part of your World Part 5 (Commision)
Natira whom had taken her rightful place in the Serpent Temple where all the current enchantress’s reside and look out and lead their people had heard a commotion coming from outside. As an Enchantress she is free to do what she pleased as long as she abided by her duty to all her people. She came out of the temple and looked down from it to see her brother, Steth had returned and had brought Ariel with him.
She saw that the leader of the vipers was yelling at them but then when she pulled out her sword at them, Natira had to step in before the situation escalated further.
“Chantress Natira. What’s the meaning of this?” Hessia demanded still keeping her sword pointed at Ariel.
“I know this mermaid personally.” Natira explained coming up to the group and placed her staff on the edge of, Hessia’s sword silently ordering her to put it away. “Allow me to explain this.”
Natira spent the next hour explaining every between Steth and mermai
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Karina (Casual outfit) by jazz316 Karina (Casual outfit) :iconjazz316:jazz316 58 18
Part of your World Part 4 (Commision)
Steth began to awaken his slowly flickering before opening. He groaned as his muscles were great need of stretching. He had to admit even though he along with Ariel slept in a dangerous part of the sea within the quarters of a wreaked ship an a human bed it actually was a very comforting sleep and it only was more comforting due to the mermaid still asleep upon his chest.
Ariel looked so cute with her lying upon his chest snuggled into him like a living pillow and his long tail was still wrapped around her tail like a blanket.
“So adorable.” He cooed slowly stroking the mermaids beautiful hair. He couldn’t possibly ever decide if someone were to ask what part of Ariel did he enjoy the most? Her hair that was long and gorgeous and flowed in the soft current. Her smile that can warm even the coldest of hearts. He gleaming eyes as they could pierce ones soul and make them feel so happy or her kind personality with a caring soul and a heart for adventure.
Either way he wa
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Spyro and Adir vs Ape Assassin by jazz316 Spyro and Adir vs Ape Assassin :iconjazz316:jazz316 28 26
TLOS and The Dragon Samurai The Eternal Night Ch 5
Assault on the Temple Part 2
The Gang ran for the edge of a Cliffside where the balcony of the temple could be viewed from. The Situation was worse than they could have imagined debris of the temple laid scattered across the ground. Apes and any other dark creature lay dead around them. The Attackers were being met with a formidable defense. But it didn't mean that the battle was in their favor yet. With so many Dreadwings flying around in the sky a good number of them carrying bombs and bomb carriers full of apes to add to the battle the fight for the temple was still on.
As they ran the side of the temple was horrifying. With the structure so badly damaged it's a miracle it hadn't collapsed from the many bombs that were dropped on it or near it. It remained intact for now but more bombing runs could cause it to give way and anyone still inside could be buried underneath the collapsing rubble.
The Temple was their home as well as the Dragons sacred grounds and if it were destroyed it
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Keva (2nd Daughter of the Royal Family) by jazz316 Keva (2nd Daughter of the Royal Family) :iconjazz316:jazz316 48 23 Meadow (1st Daughter of the Royal Family) by jazz316 Meadow (1st Daughter of the Royal Family) :iconjazz316:jazz316 42 22
Part of your World Part 3 (Commision)
Steth had a challenge with the shark he was fighting. The Beast of the sea was relentless no matter how many times, Steth swat it with his tail or landed a fist against it the shark would not let up. However if physical attacks were not going make it cease then perhaps another method was needed. Steth hissed and his fangs came into view. The Shark once more came at him its mouth wide open. Steth waited for the right moment.
Right when the shark was upon him he moved to side just before the shark could bite him and he sank his fangs into the side of the dreaded ocean predator.
Within seconds the shark stopped moving and fell onto the sand. Steth had injected his serpent’s venom into the creature ending it. The Shark would no longer be a threat to anyone and its remains would fill the bellies of any other predator that festered in the area. Which means he had to find and retrieve Ariel and leave before anything else happens.
“Ariel!” Steth called. “Its okay it
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Part of your World Part 2 (Commision)
It was rather early in the day as Steth and Ariel were called forth by King Triton. All night as tired as they were they barely slept due to worry.
Though Ariel stood up to her father making him realize that she is not a little girl anymore and that she should be allowed to do as she wishes and go with her future husband or mate as Steth’s race would call them they still were concerned that the King would still not allow them to do due the dangers of the ocean that are between them and Steth’s homeland.
The Mermaid and Naga each woke up more tired than ever as they looked worse for wear when they saw each other each coming to the fact they both could not sleep too well. A Guard then had informed them that King Triton wished to see them. Quickly they prepped themselves so they would not look so messy and tired when facing the King of the ocean.
When they entered the King’s throne room, King Triton was sitting on his throne holding his trident and sat straight up. His e
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Story Commisions {Open}


-What I will do

Peril depending on what circumstances
Fantasy, Fiction, Romance, Mature things depending
I Specialize in anything that involves Dragons, Nagas, Mermaids, Humans

Im willing to do, Fanfiction too. Just depends on what it is. That includes Crossovers

-What I will not do
No Full Erotic Scenes but can discuss whats good and not

Prices- Paypal Only

Chapters will be at least around 2000 words or higher depending on how deep and detailed the story will be.

20$- 1 Chapter Story

20$ Per Chapter.

That's everything. I wish to thank all of my dearest watchers, followers and friends for inspiring me to become who I am today and I gladly await anyone who wish's to have a story made.

If you wish to have story made please send me a note or message me on my profile that you will like to do a commision with me and we will disscuss in notes on what your Story would like to be then we will discuss if it meets my rules and go from there

1- :iconsapphireangeldragon: 2 chapters "Crystal Heroes"

2- :iconemilnal: 2 chapters " Emil and Genie"

3- :iconnextpanic97: 2 Chapters "Davis Star Fox Story"


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Hello Everyone! I want to say welcome to my page and i hope you all enjoy what i have to offer. Im a Man who enjoys reading and writing all sorts of stories. Fanfiction, Fantasy and recently Sci-Fi I have been learning a lot since I first started and I have a lot of good friends to thank for teaching me how to get better. I also have friends that work very hard that make all the custom made art pieces that go with my works and I can't thank them enough for it.

PATREON- This is my Patreon site. For anyone that wishs to come to it and see sneak peeks of my upcoming work that will appear on Patreon long before I post on DA and if you wish to do so provide pledges and donations for me there I would greatly appreciate it for your help will help fund my Art and Provide me a chance to continue my stories.

Current Residence: United States
Favourite style of art: Digital Art, Comics
Favourite cartoon character: Eddy
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Hello my friends. I was tagged by my good friend :iconmatthewthewonderer: to give my top 5 facts of what I enjoy during easter

1- Decorating Eggs. I always enjoyed decorating eggs when I was a kid with the family. The Night before Easter was always so fun to color the eggs in all kinds of colors and patterns

2- Following the map to Easter Baskets. Every Easter there was a place where our Easter baskets were hidden and we had to follow a list of clues to find them. They were always so fun as the clues took us out of the house and back it. Like following a treasure map to the X to find the booty at the end of the trail

3- Easter Egg Hunt. As it implies always enjoyed the Easter Egg hunt. It was quite the game to see who could find the most eggs. No matter who won it was so fun to be searching and then shouting out every time someone found one.

4- Dinner. Dinner was not the most grand part of the holiday but with the family all together it was great to seeing everyone help with dinner then sit at the table and eat what it is that was cooked.

5-Family. In the days when I still had a family one of the best parts of the holiday was when everyone came to my home. It was fantastic to see my cousins, aunts and uncles all together. It was rare for all of us to be in the same place but when we were we had the best of times. 

I Tag my friends 


Journal History


Davis was twitching V.T flew his ship to its destination. His hands were shaking and his right leg was tapping with nervousness. The Former Bounty Hunter with each passing second was coming back to civilization. Albeit disguised and with V.T’s assistance having no trace of his actual being and masquerading as someone else. His disguise is flawless and this was the test to see how it would perform in the public’s eye. But it felt like an age since he had been anywhere that had even one person walking about.

He was a bit fearful for it was the be all end all moment for him. Coming back out into the world the Galaxy even if it’s possible. He had been hidden for so long that he has forgotten what it was like to be within a community. Hardly ever having an interaction or even sharing a space with someone other than his own creation.

Davis was eager as he was nervious. In all essence he didn’t wish to become the prize to a bounty hunter or anyone else of that matter. Many times he would look up the bounty on his head and as V.T flew on towards the Research Center he looked it up again. He snorted seeing his figure on the bounty board that held a portion of the galaxy’s worse. He typed upon his figure on the projection before him to see more on the data of the bounty of the said selection.

Davis’s bio upon the projection made it clear of all his crimes. The List went on from breaking and entering to murder. He looked upon a different bounty board that came from the Black Market network that those of bad nature would read. The List was the same including how he betrayed the one who trusted him and destroyed his personal station. In both descriptions they concluded that was not someone to be trusted or reasoned with. Considered extremely dangerous and is to be killed on sight.

The Bounty for his head on both Cornelian authority and the Black Market promised a lifetimes fortune. So big that a lowly civilian would no doubt sell him out if he was spotted and try to test their luck in acquiring his head for themselves. Davis did not wish to resort to defense if it was against someone innocent. If he would have to fight for his life against common criminal’s then that would be alright. One less scum in the galaxy for someone innocent he couldn’t. After almost killing his own brother he vowed to never again harm an innocent.

“Davis?” V.T said getting Davis’s attention as he shut off the bounty projection.

“Yes, V.T?” He replied.

“We are nearing our destination.” V.T informed as the Climate Control Device had come into view outside and it was getting closer by the second.
V.T with control of the ship starting to circle around the giant weather mechanism that kept the planets climate stable and habitable.

Just a couple miles from it stood a very large center that was a series of buildings of various sizes inside massive dome rotundas that kept weather outside from interfering with life inside the domes. There was another area of domes that looked like they were made for research purposes which was the actual research center. It was covered in multiple satellite dishes and sensors meant for studying the planet in all manner of ways.

Outside of the domes in various locations near the entrances that were accessed from railing and tiny transport vessels laid a pad meant for landing of small ships. From single seated crafts to small frigates. Some of the crafts that were there may belong to those that reside in the rotunda’s or are those seeking feel and temporary restoration.

There were many of these landing zones as Fichina had started to become a location that many would go for refueling or seeking work.
There many spacecrafts laid about on the pads though there were plenty of spots for V.T to land.
However one could not simply land freely on them. As V.T started to come close the com link in the V.D wing began to chime.

“We are being hailed.” V.T Informed slowing the craft down as warnings began to chime indicating the craft was being locked onto by weapons. No doubt the defense turrets that were installed in various locations surrounding the research center and the climate control device. Since the Aparoid wars the research division of Corneria had the Corneria army assign division of troops there and with that they installed many surface to air weaponry to defend the center from any potential danger.

“Let it through, V.T” Davis commanded as the ship began to hover in place hundreds of feet from a clear landing pad. Davis quickly looked himself over to see he was still in disguise. This was it. The First one who will see him after staying hidden for so long and he prayed his disguise would work.

An image appeared on the ships overhead revealing a cornerian dog soldier. “Unidentified vessel. State your name and business!” The Soldier demanded looking upon the figure on his display seeing it was a black fox that was flying the ship that currently had the sector defenses locked on. Many crafts that were currently on the landing pad had weaponry on them which was necessary for defense but one had to take precautions if another shows up and armed with many potential weaponry installed upon them.

Davis took a breath. “My name is Terry MacIver.” Davis lied proclaiming confidence in his voice so the soldier would not sense the untruthful words. “I request permission to land and seek refuge.”
The soldier took a moment to answer as he looked up a name in the database. Before allowing someone to land they had to look up the record of the name that is given and the image with the name to see if it’s someone of the wrong nature. If so they were are ordered to arrest or shoot down the craft if there is resistance.

While the soldier wasn’t looking at figure on screen, Davis nodded silently telling V.T to initiate what he planned. Long ago he hacked the cornelian systems and reconfigured information to throw the authorities of his trail or give them false leads to make sure his business could perform uninterrupted. He may have given up his criminal ways but he would have to resort to his old tricks to keep his identity a secret.

V.T began sending data the soldier looking up a file for the said name he was given. On his screen within the control tower he found a file showing that Terry MacIver was civilian of Capital planet. His record was clean of anything criminal and the reports stating that he left the capital planet just the other day. Though the information was false, V.T could not be traced and her cyber defense systems kept her from being noticed in the system. Everything looked clear to the soldier.

He gave “Terry” a smile and the defenses outside stood down and the alarms on the V.D wing ceased. “Terry MacIver you have permission to land. The Civilian center is open to you but the Research Center is off limits to those without a pass.”

“Thank you, Sir.” Davis said as the image of the soldier disappeared and without being told V.T powered the engines and continued moving the craft and brought out the landing gear. She found an empty pad and slowly landed upon it. Once everything was well and secure she shut off the engine and powered the ship down.

“We have landed. All systems shut down.” V.T informed as the ship went dark and Davis leaned back on his chair.

Davis took a few breaths before starting to laugh. It worked! His device had kept up his disguise. V.T’s hacking into the system with a new identity tricked the soldier. If a soldier of Corneria could be fooled then he had nothing to worry about.

“I did it!” Davis laughed with relief. “I DID IT!!!” He shouted triumphantly. His many months of hiding and tinkering on the device had paid off. He could now walk among the public again. It felt like a dream come true.

“What do you plan to do now?” V.T asked having a small sense of joy for her creator understanding his time of self imprisonment.

“First I’m going to get out of this ship and stretch my legs.” Davis answered immediately the canopy opened up and he climbed out of the cockpit and climbed down the steps that came from the ship and once he was out and stepping upon the ground the canopy shut the and steps disappeared back into place.

Davis took a deep breath taking in the cold air. The Snow felt a bit ticklish on his fur sending tiny waves of coolness throughout him. He opened his mouth and allowed some snowflakes to fall onto his tongue. He laughed again taking in that he had finally had achieved what he had hoped. He could be outside again. Away from his self inflicted imprisonment and have a chance to rebuild some kind of life again as long as he kept up his disguise and with his expertise that would not be an issue.

Davis gazed upon the rotunda of the civilian center and the Research Center on the other side of the landing pad. He had no intention to go the research center since it had nothing but labs for scientists there was nothing there that would interest him. But the civilian center had what most would want. Homes, warehouses, Inn’s and much else that didn’t require someone of research to be there unless they were in need of a break or retire for the day from their research.

He went to the transit system that would take him to the civilian rotunda. There he would get a much better trial for his disguise along with getting a meal that was not something tough and tasteless. He walked passed some of the other ships that were stationed on the landing pad. He admired how some were custom like his ship. Though they were not as well designed. However there was one peculiar sight.

He walked past four ships that were undoubtedly fighters. They each were parked an equal distance from each other in a row. Their design was very unique and surprisingly well advanced given how its design with four G-Diffusers and the crafts frontal designs were pointed straight. Davis somehow had a gut a feeling that he saw such a craft before. But he couldn’t put his finger on it as he walked up to the transit system.

Davis boarded the transit system and was the only one aboard on it. Not surprising giving to how it wasn’t Corneria where one couldn’t take one step without nearly stepping onto ones foot. He took hold of a bar above him standing in the middle of the train and it began to move suddenly nearly jolting him.

The Transit moved fast heading into the rotunda with the dome structure opening up for the train. Davis kept looking over his disguise seeing it was still functioning well. V.T would warn him of any malfunction thus he had nothing to worry about.

As the transit was moving above the tiny streets within the rotunda Davis made out there had to be at least a few hundred people of various creatures wondering about. Some had made the civilian rotunda their home and place of work and some have only made it a place of reprieve.

While Davis was in though something ticked in his mind that was slightly painful. He shook his head to relieve himself and he looked down back on the streets to see there were four individuals heading into what seemed to be a restaurant.

He caught only a glimpse off the quad before the transit system came into a station shutting out of the view below. Davis recalled in his quick glimpse there was a bird, a toad, and two different colored fox’s. One orange and blue before he lost sight of them.

When the transit came to a stop at station, Davis walked out as a number of people were at the station awaiting their transit. He remained calm and tried not to look suspicious as the many people walked passed him without notice that he wasn’t what he seemed. One female dog even said hi to him which he returned the gesture as the transit doors shut carrying its new load of passengers out to the landing pad.

Now his worries were subsided. A whole group of average civilians just past him without realizing that the most wanted on the bounty board just walked past him. The Disguise was completely without flaw.

Davis felt like a child who just received a most splendid gift. If he wasn’t so disciplined in the moment he would’ve let out another laugh of triumph. But there was no need to make an unnecessary scene.

His stomach began to grumble. He took hold of his stomach and realized that he was indeed pretty hungry. He recalled the four individuals he saw walking into the restaurant below which he was on the transit train.

“I am need of some coffee and some real food!”
Davis said as he walked into an elevator that would take him down to the ground level of the rotunda. “How are my credits?” He asked.

V.T pulled up a display on his wrist device showing in his account which he had V.T create out of the false identity he was using and placed all his leftover money from his bounty hunting days in showing he had enough to last for a time. Perfect to gain a decent meal with and was very eager to head to that restaurant but a feeling inside him was saying there was more to going to that restaurant than just to eat. But whatever the other feeling was all that Davis wanted now was something to fill his belly with more than just energy for the day he felt ambitious and was going to eat the biggest meal he could buy as the elevator stopped at ground level and he dashed for that restaurant almost running into some people on the way.
A Bounty Hunters Rise Pt 4 (Commision)
Hello Everyone! Allow me to give you the fourth chapter to a commision for my friend :iconnextpanic97:

Here in this story its set in the video game franchise Star Fox. It takes place within the universe of said franchise.

This is about my friends O.C as you can see here Davis (Star Fox O.C) by NextPanic97 who was once one of the best hit man in all of the Lylat System until coming to discover his latest target was one that he could not dare harm. Realizing the one he would've killed is still in danger, Davis has to sacrifice everything that once made him to ensure the safety of his former target but in turn that crucifies his name and sets him high on the bounty board. Now he may have a chance to rise again and this time for the right reasons.

Hope you all enjoy it:) (Smile)
Next week's Sunday the 19th, Friday the 24th and Saturday the 25th are the 20th anniversary of STAR WARS EPISODE 1: THE PHANTOM MENACE (1999), 30th anniversary of INDIANA JONES AND THE LAST CRUSADE (1989) and the 40th anniversary of ALIEN (1979).
It was early in morning as the sun’s rays shined through the surface of the sea and light up Serpent Valley. Ariel whom had been given the guest quarters of the house to herself which a bed which consisted of half a giant clam with blanket and a couple of pillows for comfort had awoken when there was a knock coming from the wall on the outside. It had been Steth who woken up earlier they had a big day of work ahead and it was best to get started. He hated to have his mate perform such tasks but it was the law of the house as well as the law of his people and Ariel did agree to accustom to the law if she was going to stay for some time.

After the morning pleasantries were given along with a kiss the two of them swam downstairs to find that Golleck was in the kitchen but Natira and Karineth were not there. Gollek explained they had their own duties to attend in the village and had to leave on short notice and that they send their regards. Ariel was a bit disappointed she missed them but perhaps later in the day she could see them again and talk with them. Natira’s treatment of her was much nicer and Karineth was very plesent and kind almost a bit too much but
Ariel was happy that Steth had such a great mother and wished her mother was still around.

Gollek had made and left them some seaweed grub on the dining table. The Grub looked like it was a mash up of the seaweed and it had some particles drizzled on them in bowls. It looked hideous at first sight but Ariel took a spoon and ate some. Surprisingly just like dinner the other night it was spectacularly good. The Spice that had been placed on it was something created by the enchantress’s. In this case Natira as one of the many talents of potion making. It added more flavor to the seaweed but Ariel felt like she could swim across the ocean faster than a swordfish. She eventually finished her bowl along with Steth and Golleck was glad to give his son and his future mate a filling breakfast. They would need full stomachs for the work ahead of them.

“Excuse me, Gollek.” Ariel pardoned as she followed Gollek outside the home with Steth following.

“Yes, Ariel?” Gollek stopped moving and turned to her.

“What was in the breakfast you served?” Ariel asked. “I don’t know why I am feeling like I could race a pod of dolphins and win.”

Gollek chuckled. “What was added to the seaweed grub was a special kind of spice that, Natira made. There’s a special name for what the spice is called but it’s said in the tongue only an enchantress can say. But what I can tell you is that it is an enchanted spice that gives anyone who eats something with a dab of the spice strength. It awakens your muscles and gives you focus and a drive. A Boost in energy that will assist in all efforts of the coming day and in this case it will help us all fulfill our duty today in harvesting crops.”

Ariel nodded acknowledging Gollek’s explaining. She along with Steth followed him to a tiny building made out the same material of their house nearby that stood near the great field of seaweed that was in need of being harvested. The Seaweed had many flakes of leafs that waved about in the ocean current. Each piece of seaweed was large enough to go up to Ariel’s waistline if she stood next to them with her fin on the ocean floor.

“What do we have to do?” Ariel asked watched Gollek pull out a couple dozen large buckets that were seemed to be woven from the seaweed. The Seaweed not only acted as their food source but also a component needed to create an item that could become useful.

“What we have to do, my dear is begin the harvest.” Gollek replied gesturing the large field in front of them. “What have to do is pluck out the seaweed from the sea bottom and place them in the baskets. And bring them to the house when they are full. From there we decide how much to keep ourselves for food and to use for other purposes and what to take to the village for trade and for those that don’t have crops to harvest.”

“I see.” Ariel went up to the nearest seaweed grabbing onto it by one of the leafs which unknowing to her it wasn’t the correct way to do it. Steth was about to say something but his father stopped him. The Mermaid would learn the correct way to do it and judging by how she was pulling hard on the leaf of the seaweed that hardly moved an inch but the leaf itself was starting to give way to Ariel’s tugging this no doubt would an amusement in the morning.

Steth got the idea and remained quiet with his father by his side watching the now struggling mermaid. Ariel gritted her teeth pulling as hard as she could but the lead snapped off and sent her flying backwards twirling backwards. She twirled so fast that the ocean around her was spinning rapidly as she screamed from the sudden launch and ended up falling onto a bed of coils that were made to soften the impact where she had fallen and then the sound of laughter filled the sea.

Gollek and Steth were laughing very heavily with Gollek holding onto his stomach he laughed so hard and Steth who had made the bed of coils out of his own tail to save his future mate from getting hurt laughed putting the tip of his tail on Ariel’s shoulders pulling her back up.

“You alright?” Steth asked with a laugh which Ariel gave a not so amused look with her arms cross.
“I’m fine, thank you!” Ariel retorted as Steth and Gollek finished their laughing.

Gollek after taking a moment to calm down from the amusing display spoke. “Ariel there’s two things I must say. First to pluck the seaweed out you pull it at its base and not at the leafs.” He explained grabbed the base of the seaweed just above the floor of the sea wrapping his tail around it and with a hard tug it came out with ease showing that its roots were quite long showing deep they were.

Steth left Ariel’s side grabbing one of the baskets nearby and laid it down near his father to place the massive seaweed into it.

“Secondly Ariel.” Gollek continued. “No disrespect to you but you lack the strength needed to pull the seaweed out.”

Ariel was taken aback by that. “You mean to say you allowed me to make a fool out of myself?!”
Gollek shrugged his shoulders with a sly grin and Steth couldn’t help but chuckled. “You both!” Ariel grunted can’t believe Steth and his father played a trick on them. She was frustrated but after taking a moment to realize that she wasn’t harmed in any way thanks to Steth and it was actually plesent for her to be joked on by a family that was not quite a stuck up on like her’s sometimes. She then smiled admitting it was rather funny.

Seeing that her mood was changing Gollek gestured the mermaid to come to him. “What we are going to do, Ariel is that now I have some hands assisting me here, Steth and I will pull the seaweed out an place them in the baskets and what you can do is take the baskets once they are full and put them near house, alright?”

Ariel nodded. “Of course. I’m happy to help.” She smiled glad to have the chance to earn her place there at Steth’s family home.

Steth understanding the plan went to work on pulling out the seaweed crops after he set down a few baskets near them before he got started. With his tail he pulled at the seaweed with ease. And with his hands leaning down to the base of the seaweed he yanked them out of place his muscles tensing up as he lifted the seaweed and place each freshly pulled one into basket. His assisted him and soon enough there was one basket filled to top with the freshly picked crops.

Ariel watched Steth work staring at his toned muscles flexing about every time he would make a move plucking the seaweed out with hardly any effort. It almost irritated her that she couldn’t do something so simple but like Gollek said she lacked the strength to do it but now with Steth and his Father’s work having filled up three baskets from plucking a line of crops it was Ariel’s time to start working and stop staring at Steth.

Gollek had noticed she was stalling before she got started but didn’t say anything seeing how she was admiring Steth. For someone to gaze on his son like she did proved he had found someone who could admire him. That warmed his heart and continued to assist Steth when he saw Ariel grabbing a basket.

The Mermaid believed simply taking full baskets next to the house wasn’t going to be a challenge like it was pulling the seaweed but she was far wrong. She grabbed the side of the basket lifting it up but it had great weight to it. She had to grind her teeth and take a breath to lift it up. The Seaweed in the basket was remarkably heavy. She could believe a basket like this with seaweed was this heavy. She felt like she was trying to lift a manatee. But she had a duty to do and carried the heavy continence to the spot where, Gollek said to place them.

Ariel set it the basket down letting it go and it dropped to the ground like an anchor from the surface world. She took a few breathes to relief herself. She looked back at the field where Steth and his father were still hard at work seeing they got three more baskets filled and ready to be retrieved.

“This is going to be a long day.” Ariel sighed and swam back to the field to retrieve another basket that no doubt it would be heavy.
Ariel huffed as she carried another basket that just as heavy as the last couple dozen. For the next few hours the Mermaid tried to keep pace with working Naga’s but it was impossible. It would take her longer and longer each time to grab a basket and carry it to the designated spot near the house. She had been at this and it didn’t seem to near an end. The Work was taking a heavy toll on her. She was envious of Steth and his father. That had picked over a quarter of the field by now and yet they didn’t look even remotely tired yet. Ariel carried her basket from the edge of the field which she was glad it was the closest distance from the house.

However she collapsed dropping the basket halfway from the house. This work was so tiring and it was frustrating. She didn’t have the work effect of Naga’s and she felt like she couldn’t do anymore. She almost let out a frustrating scream when she heard some snickering from a distance. She looked to her left to see that Steth and Gollek were still working in the field and they were too far away for her to hear them talking if they were. She looked to her right to see two male Naga’s both carrying sharp pointed tools that were meant for chipping into rocks.

“Pathetic!” One of them spat eyeing the mermaid with dark smile. “To think one of own race wants to share himself with a weak and frail creature.”

“Indeed brother.” The Other naga agreed looking at the tired Ariel was amusement in his eyes. “Hardly worth anything. All look and no work. Dull and fragile. Typical of a race such as that!” He laughed and began to swim off.

“You said it well.” The first naga complemented. “Fish girls are nothing. In fact tiny plankton has a better chance at fighting a whale than something like that green tail freak!” He shot Ariel a nasty look before following his brother both heading in the direction of the village.

Ariel was so angry by watching and listening to those Naga’s that dared call her such horrible names. They compare her and her race to lesser beings and even shame upon Steth for wanting to share himself with her. The Mermaid was so angry right now even her father may retreat from her gaze that would make fish bolt away from the sight of shark.

She would not be treated like this nor would allow herself to be what those cruel Naga’s called her. With renewed determination she picked up the heavy basket of seaweed and continued to work. It was still just as heavy when she first started but now she had a much better reason to continue on. She would not be the target of bullying and she would not allow anyone to bring shame upon the family that has been nothing but sincere and generous to her and one of them has given her his heart and she would not disappoint him.

Ariel this time swam fast and hard each time she did not have a basket in hand. She would hurry to each basket and with all her might she would lift it and move as fast she could with her load. With each passing hour the spot near the house was filled up with enough seaweed that could satisfy the hunger of the family of the house for over a year they didn’t have to be rid of some of it.

After one more basket when the day started to fade, Ariel fell down completely exhausted from the day’s work. Steth took notice after filling up another basket and swam over to his future mater and looked her over. Gollek followed his son and saw the tired mermaid. He was rather impressed looking at all the work she had done. She had brought over nearly three dozen baskets. He honestly did not expect a mermaid to work so well. She had more than earned the rest of the day to rest. More than half the field was harvested and there was still plenty light out but with the mermaid barely awake due to exhaustion it was best they all retire for the day. Steth carried Ariel to the guest room and laid her down gently on the bed inside so that she could rest up while his father fixes a well deserved dinner for them all.

Steth stayed with Ariel as she rested up. She moaned and groaned as her muscles ached from the whole days work. The Naga admired at how well she did today.

“I’m very proud of you, Ariel.” Steth complemented rubbing Ariel’s hair gently as he sat by her side holding her sitting her upright. “You did a fantastic job today. My Father said earlier he was greatly impressed by your effort.”

Ariel couldn’t help but smile through the soreness that she felt. Steth could feel how tense she was and decided she could used something to help her and it would a good reward for her work effort as well.

Steth slowly wrapping his tail around the mermaid’s upper body. His cold tail sent waves through the tired mermaid and then he began to shift his coils in a soft moving manner that relaxed Ariel. Ariel moaned as she was being relieved of the days stress. She sighed leaning into her future mate silently thanking him for what he was doing.

As he continues to massage the mermaid he remembered how the first time he did this. “I remember how the first time I wrapped you in my tail. I was a nervious wreak believing that you would be frightened by such a thing and possibly wouldn’t want to have anything to do with me if I did.” He admitted.

Ariel listened and smiled. She too had a confession. “I admit I was scared, Steth. I thought by being in the hold of something long and scaly would make feel trapped and in danger. But in your hold I feel so safe and welcome.”

Steth smiled hearing his beloved admit her truths turning her cheek towards him and planting a long kiss on her. “I’m very glad, my love. I know the days stress will come a lot this past month but I promise to give you all the comfort you need when the day is done.”

“Thank you, Steth.” Ariel leaned her lips back to him and planted a kiss on him this time. They both remained in this kiss much longer before Steth had to stop. His father would need his help soon with dinner and in Ariel’s tired state her dinner will be served in bed.

“Ill bring your dinner up to you, Ariel.” Steth said letting go of Ariel unwinding his tail from her. “You can eat to your heart’s content then rest but don’t worry about the dish ill retrieve it from you in the morning.”

Steth was about to leave until a thought came to the mermaids mind. “Steth!”

Steth stopped in place and turned to her. “Yes, Ariel?”

Ariel was about to ask him something but then realized in this time and place it would be rather inappropriate. “ Uh…never mind.”

“Oh…alright, Ariel Ill be right back with your meal.” Steth replied leaving the room and Ariel laid her head back down on the pillow. She closed her eyes for a moment and dreamed of the day she and Steth could finally share a room together. Not one where it’s required for the safety but one where they would share it as mates.
Part of your World Part 7 (Commision)
Hello all! Allow me to introduce to you the seventh part of a commision im working on for my friend :icondoctorvorlon:

This story is the continuation of Steth the Naga and his love, Ariel the mermaid Princess of Atlantica. In this story Steth's proposal to Ariel is blessed by King Triton and now its the question of how the wedding should go and where it should take place. Steth given he had proposed and being of a different race tells that the ceromony should be where he had come from and the wedding should go how his own race would perform it. Ariel not one for showing fear and is determined to see unknown sights and meet new people agrees and now she along with Steth will go about meeting his family and become part of each others world. 

Hope you all enjoy it!:) (Smile)
Ariel and Mowgli watch Sunset

Hello my friends. Allow me to give you a short comic for the Ariel and Mowgli story.

Here we see our favorite jungle siblings walk through the jungle and take a seat together. They both talk about how much they are so glad to be with each other as they watch a beautiful sunset. 

You may read the current chapters here.… 

This great short comic was made by my good friend :iconwadevezecha:
If you wish to support me and all my upcoming works you may join my Patreon page and have the chance to see all my upcoming works before they turn up on DA

Enjoy everyone:)


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