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Nature is out mother, from whom we come,
Always present with beauty and patience,
Why must we as her children seek to kill her,
Forever hurting her warm love with our heartless metal walls.
Nature is our teacher, from whom we learn,
Stern are her lessons but gentle is her praise,
We fight her power only to fail through ignorance,
Never was power for humans intended so never shall it be ours.
Nature is a grieving widow filled with sorrow,
Driven to despair by our violence and hate,
She weeps now in last hope we see the pain inflicted.
Denial feeds her hope that we may yet be saved from ourselves.
Nature is the beginning and end, a path all follow,
We have faltered on our path and instead live now in darkness,
How much pain must be felt before this truth is known to all,
Hopefully somehow our eyes are opened before the end drowns us in silence.
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Lament the silence with it's unending verse,
carve the words ever they shall remain,
hear the ringing as the stampeding end approaches,
and flee into the silence safe and blind.
Fill the void that still yet remains,
never shall it's appetite know an end,
fear fills the soul as the void expands consuming all,
and flee from the emptiness so empty you become.
Step into the shoes that walk the path never taken,
at the urging of nessecity so go sense is sacrificed,
know not you why the path was never taken,
and flee into unknown purpose absent of thought.
Observe that which was never ment to be,
let the eyes consume and store forever more,
look away you cannot from the sight you wish never was,
and flee into the night wishing to see nolonger.
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Mirrored Rose
Mirrored Rose:
Mirror the soul as petals on a rose,
always following the light to live,
Mirror the emotions as veins over leaves,
combining and connecting life to the petals.
Mirror the memories as the stem,
holding the petals high from danger,
Mirror the seeds as the future not yet attained,
waiting to burst forth so that primal purpose is achieved.
Mirror the roots in the earth as strength firm and true,
keeping structure and grounding needed to survive,
Mirror the pass of seasons from spring to winter,
the cycle of the inevitable end faced by all.
Mirror the rose in all it's beauty but hark the vicious spines,
for even life's great beauty failure and pain make what is possible,
Mirror yourself now on the rose,
take heed of it's pureness and strength for it is possesed by all.
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Rainbow Writing
Rainbow Writing
All colours show my feelings true,
from brightest white to deepest blue,
they swirl in my head like a great typhoon,
all through me from early morn to late noon.
Bright yellow brings hope and strength,
like my trust in you and it's endless length,
sparkling green brings truth and wonder,
evils of the day breaking like thunder.
Deep red shows pain a fleeting glance,
for all the teasing and trials biting like ants,
sky blue of the past burns bright,
through its hindsight we see the light.
Many colours the spectrum spans,
but when mixed only one thing stands,
it be the future and unknown,
through colours and paths it's seeds are sewn.
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Christmas Wonder
Christmas Wonder
Softly in the night I watch agaze,
swirling flecks of white gold swirl in a haze,
mind regresses eyes light up,
as in my hands pure christmas I cup.
Sheets of white lay thick the pavement lost,
as knocking at every door comes Jack Frost,
weak rays poke through like an opening eye,
shimmering on natures breath hanging thick in the sky.
Oh what wonders such sites bring,
festive cheer in our hearts as we sing,
little donkey and silent night,
never has the human spirit shone so bright.
Night descends and inside we retreat,
to enjoy crisp turkey and the fires warm heat,
snuggled up in bed thoughts innocent and sincere,
merry christmas to all until next year.
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Eyes Of The Corrupt
Eyes Of The Corrupt:-
In the night they twinkle at me,
who knows the things they may see,
Night and day they watch never do they sleep,
always watching for in the night those who creep.
Into my mind they bore away,
hoping my secrets they do not betray,
as their spindly reach does grow,
where privacy remains I do not know.
Soon our lives shall be confined,
nowhere shall be safe save our minds,
society monitors proclaiming heaven,
but reality is not far from Orwell 1987.
Power growing for the undeserving,
for the ones of the street the state is conserning,
however hard they watch our actions they cannot control,
confined as we may be we still possess a soul.
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