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Shinobi dream...

...well maybe not really.

Armed with my trusted Wacom Intuos 3 i move ahead to carry out an A ranked mission to retrieve the Wacom Intuos 4. All that stands between me are...MUDKIPS!!! I know it's a bit short sighted from a future perspective, but it's all i can think of atm.

Done completely with the Intuos 3 , Pshop.

Hope you enjoy this.
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Did I ever tell you I love this piece? I think I did 3 comments below more than 2 years ago, but I still really love it!
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Thanks for letting me know now. I'm glad you like it.
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MUDKIPS! :iconrunplz:

I Support Uke Vegeta :iconvegetalaplz:
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This is awesome BD Damn those Mudkipm, but you can't beat a Shinobi armed with a Wacom :D
SlickBH's avatar
Hahahah! Man this is awesome! Love it!
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Glad you do, man. :)
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oh dear
i no longer leik mudkipz
JazylH's avatar
AWWW!but they are so much fun!
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I am enjoying this a lot. xD Oh my gosh. TABLET VS. MUDKIP: WHICH WILL WIN?
Find out on the next episode of Narut--*shot*
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HAHAA!!! That sounds great for a cliffhangar huh?!

Glad you like it. Thanks for dropping by. :)
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Yes, it's an awesome picture! I totally loved it. xD
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Just Awesome!
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Thank you so much. I'm really glad you like. :)
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Ooooh I knew I had to do something :D Us three ninjas gotta stick together, even if my one is extremely tapped in the head. He may have to walk backwards...

Oh yeah, love this dude.
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Well get to work, man! You gotta bring hi out some time. :D See how alone I am.
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Hahaha aw :D Jason drew his a while ago, not sure if he's gonna try again. We need a symbol for our headbands...I've got one in my head so I'll jot it down.
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oh my gosh so adorabole,i love it.especally the ninja mudkip in the air with the weapon.soooooo cute :heart:
AirinNoSekai's avatar
HaHa i like that :D
Rasengan1's avatar
love it

please chek my gallery
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What was that phrase about mudkips again.

And're screwed. LOL.
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