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Naruto OC Hidden Paint ninja

So 2 years back, myself , Dylan :iconsuper-munkyboy: , Jason Ho :iconbootlegsketch: came up with an idea of creating our own Naruto Oc's based off us. It didn't go anywhere thattime , but last night I was super inspired to do this illustration & here's the outcome. So heres the first three Hidden Paint village ninja.

from left to right Dyl (Danjuro) , me (Kazuyoshi Komatsuzaki) & Jason( Atsumori Arihyoshi) . Our OC names as per the Japanese name generator. [link]

I plan on starting an FB group for the hidden paint village where more people can join in & post Naruto based OC or enlist to the Hidden Paint Roster, but I wonder if anyone would be interested to join & help manage the group.

Until then, Hope you enjoy the pic.

EDIT: I know it's my bad, but I actually meant a DA group rather than an FB one.
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great work on these naruto oc charcters i cant wait see more information on your charters and the story
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Thanks buddy! More info will come in sue time. :)
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Love that idea! I would join :)
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Good toi hear. Will invite you for sure if I decide to create it. :)
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sweet i love this idea
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Now because of this I think I need to upload my illustrations it sounds like a cool group to try to join
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wow neat idea!!!!! I'd join that on FB.
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Thanks I actually meant DA group instead of FB but was in a hurry typing.
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Lol. Thats even better lol :)
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