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Light Hope redesign

For those not into the know, Light Hope is a character from the 80's She-ra Princess of Power series. He is the all knowing source of goodness on Etheria & acts as a guiding light to She-ra in times of need. In the show, he's basically a ray of prism colors, but I thought of designing a character image for him. Hope you like.
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Kinda reminds me of the Protoss Archon from Starcraft 
Does it ever say anything on the show? (Is it definitely a "he"?) I always wondered what they meant when they said "....light hope, madam Razz, and Kowl". All that was there was a glimmor of rays. (Is this your drawing or is it what the thing actually looks like? -I don't ever recall seeing it on the show.) I thought it was supposed to be some one/thing similar in appearance to the Saucerous on He-man. It's taken over 20 years for me to finally understand this one! :)
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Yes he actually speaks in several episodes. Same voice as swift wind.
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I like this Idea! Very creative! Looks COol!!~
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That's a really cool design for him!
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Could also be the form of "Warrior of Light" Light's Hope ? Like these:


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Congrats on winning the redesign contrest. I already got my Castaspella pic ready for the next contest; are you going to enter that one?
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Yep, i rarely miss out on these. And I'm also trying out ways to improve my female anatomy. Thanks.
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Look forward to your future designs.
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Hey man, Patreek here from the .org. I LOVE this piece, great work. :-)
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hey thanks, Patreek. Glad ya like it. I'm gonna add you as a friend now. :)
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