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Woola The Calot

So heres my first real piece of fan art for a book series that doesnt get enough love now days, Edgar Rice Burroughs "John Carter Of Mars" Series.

Over the past week Ive been listening to the audio book for the first story "A Princess Of Mars" And this character is by far one of my favs, Carters faithful companion, The Calot named Woola.

The Original description is thus "A calot stands at about the size of a Shetland pony on ten short, splayed legs. Its head is described as frog-like, with large eyes, only with three rows of sharp teeth inside." I took a few artistic liberties with he design as you can see, But Im quite happy with how he turned out.

Calots were made by ERB
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The only design I've seen so far with the right number of legs!
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cheers! Yeah, i noticed the lack of calot legs in the other images. So I fixed that! XD
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I love your rendition of Woola, great job.
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Woola Rules.. even now he doesnt get enough attention :3
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Jazon, I'm a long-time fan of ERB's Barsoom series - and I love your interpretation of the calot! Woola is one of my favorite characters from the books.

I was looking for a good model of a calot for one of my paper mache sculptures [link] - and I'd like to use yours!


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ha! thanks alot mate! Yeah go ahead! Woola deserves it!
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Thanks! You may see a paper mache Woola here one day.
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wicked cool bro!
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It looks like concept art ^^ at least the way to show creatures! :) I'll feature it.
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Aww...he belongs in a petting zoo. Sit. Stay. Nice...doggy. :)
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^_^ thanks!, Yeah Woolas lovely
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Nicely drawn and coloured! I haven't read this book, but the description for the creature matches your design pretty good!
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Thanks! you should look into it! the audio books are free ^_^
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nice woola is a cool character
A princess of mars is a great book. I have the first five books on audio version, the first three are the best, 4 and 5 are okay.
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Thanks alot! ^_^

Yeah im really enjoying the series so far!
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Great drawing! Love the detail and it looks epic =D Its like a giant alien bear creature but not as ferocious btu still slightly verocious =)
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Thanks alot! You piss one of these fellows off, your gonna be dead, they run faster than greyhounds.
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Your quite welcome!and haha yeah i can imagine that man =) these creatures i bet are very intimidating and fierce =D
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But also the single most loyal Martian animal. you earn ones trust, itll stick with you forever. You should give the books a read, theres heaps of other awesome species.
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Ooo awesome well it could definitly make a really great fierce loyal guard dog =D heh epic pic once agian man and great alien
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thanks man. Your comments are always appreciated
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