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Art-type who grew up babysat by television. I write and animate; I write because even as a kid, I always was enchanted with the villains in everything (starting with Scar) and always wanted them to be the main characters. I animate because fuck reality. Also, the earliest memory I have of getting the omega chills from animation was the first time I saw Max and Goofy dancing with PowerLine at the end of A Goofy Movie.

Right now I do what I can as far as cartoons and comics. I used to produce a lot more before I left for animation school (fancy that shit.) Most of my old toons are here :iconyungjazz:, since I had no idea DA was going to add a name-changing feature...

Current project is called Sheep Sh!t, which is absolutely whatever the fuck I feel like it being at the moment. The only thing the comics/cartoons have in common is weird bovid people with floppy ears, no promises after that.

Favourite Visual Artist
Hiroyuki Imaishi, Norio Matsumoto, Jamie Hewlett
Favourite Movies
Fight Club
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Dook Dump

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Soooo in case no one noticed, I just uploaded a dozen random things from my hard drive. Just some shit I had lying around, including both Sheep Sh!t toons. I've barely touched this site, and honestly I'd like to become active on here again, so EXCELSIOR. I'm gonna put Sheep Sh!t to bed for a little while as it is. Readjusting. If anything goes, it's probably going to be the comics. To be honest, I haven't been getting exactly what I want out of them. There's probably multiple reasons for that, biggest being I don't particularly like or read comics much! So we'll see. As always, I get way more fulfillment out of animated content and illustrat
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Newgrounds if you really love me: http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/615081 Or YouTube if you think I'm cute, but don't want a relationship with me: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=scqEAYK4Yoc I don't imagine I'm going to be posting anymore finished cartoons here on Deviantart anymore. Now that things like swivel exist, I like having my toons released in full HD video with no lag, and only Newgrounds and YouTube accommodate this. Sorries. BUT, this is where all the art and the brainspooge goes, so don't leave just yet. This is still the easiest place to catch the comics. Enjoy! Be a mensch, like Sheep Sh!t on Facebook for sweaty, bisexual
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What decade TRULY had the best anime?

23 votes
70's and below, galactic victory and teamwork, yeah! ZENKAI PAHNCH!
80's. Gore and sex and muscles and epic synth beats IS LIFE.
90's. What is life? The mysteries of the universe, EXPLORE'T.
00's. Anime is nearly a state of mind, anything goes, maaannn! Fight the power, maaannn!
10's. You like everything you've ever seen before, right!? Oh god I hope you do! Hey guys, he sat through episode one, we're in the clear, just make the rest of those in Powerpoint and let's call it a day.
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Happy Birthday's picture by RetroGalicia  
Happy birthday from Galicia (SPAIN)! That shame, fear and negativity do not invade your entire body and mind. Keep evolving and creating with the best you like and know how to do. After all, it's never too late to evolve and create. Keep it up the great work a lot of joy and love and with great positivity and CARPE DIEM ET NOCTEM! ( = 0 u < = )
Sincerely, your friend
Juan Carlos "JC2PR" (aka Gali the Randomnian Creadomertist)
Happy day Cake birth you
Hey what age did you start animating. I remember you saying it was at an early age
It was! I did stop motion at like 9, and then at 11 I started doing 2D stuff on the computer in various horrible, slipshod ways.
ill eventually start dude. I went to the art institute in schaumberg for a small while, and it was okay. However i could not afford it and i wasnt learning what i wanted to learn. Im going to try Columbia when i have the funds
Thank you very much for watching!  Most appreciated!  Very cool work you have here!