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Drunk with Dreams
Follow me!
Don’t stray, don’t plea
Sense we leave behind!
Bring with you
Yourself, into
A journey through the mind!
Conscious thought or memory
Emotion or eternity
Answers mix with blasphemy
Don’t dare to blink
But care to see
The flashing of
Unconscious night
Or creaks and sounds
Throughout your sight
Where sun and star
Refuse you light
But cheat you not
Of what you see
Your hearing is not
To see a shadowed
Dream to be
Time can’t touch you
In a place
That won’t recall
Your thoughtful face
As you move
Through mirrored halls
Reflections flee
And climb the walls
So all there is, is all you see
Moving is a thing you feel
But here it seems
To cheat what’s real
But through
The mirrored halls you roam
Searching for
A place unknown
And in due time
Though time is not
The mirrors
Bind themselves with not
To be replaced
With where you stand
It's open space
Where door as tall
As stretch of sight
Barricades your
Thoughtless flight
You knock
To find
:iconjazblack009:jazblack009 1 23
Fathers Day
A face I learned to love so well
Has left me to my grief
It's hard to see the good in life
When the reaper is a thief
Her green eyes I'll never see
Her voice I will not hear
Another moment we'll never share
As long as you aren't here
My family, they miss you too
The parents and the kin
It's like they too, can't replace
That little space within
I remember when we were smaller
When I didn't know your name
You were close, but not like now
The meanings not the same
My mother introduced us
You did not own a thing
Into our house you would come
With but yourself to bring
As time wore on you would become
Our newest family member
And there you would stay
For as far back as I remember
I know it's late to realise now
In days when you are gone
Just because you were around
It helped us to be strong
You made up the backdrop
Of my life right up to now
Even when things would change
You'd always be around
In a time when I would change
When our family would part
When I saw, my dad much more
And learned
:iconjazblack009:jazblack009 1 12
Il Anor III - A Hearts Journey
A woman hugged her partner close
And whispered in his ear
No one heard the words she chose
Save whom she called dear
With those words in mind he rose
And took a breath of daring
And looked around at all of those
His words would not be sparing
It has been just a decade
Since the day that they had met
Under moonlight, in the hidden glade
Two hearts could not forget:
A lonesome spring was looming
Lonely winter it had been
For a young man's life was blooming
Like a king without his queen
A part was absent in his life
That he'd sought all these years
A woman that would be his wife
And love away his fears
But none he'd seen thus far
Shared the longing in his eyes
They would leave his heart to mar
And destroy him with goodbyes
So one day in that lonely chill
A tale would seek his ears
Of something that would inspire will
And forsake his lonely fears
It was said that during the dying week
Of the frost-filled months of late
Eros' star would be there to seek
To seal a forlorn fate
It was the onl
:iconjazblack009:jazblack009 8 33
Il Anor II - The Pirate Trove
He started with what started him
An origin of a fable
A tale our brains deny a whim
When passed around the table
On a vessel upon the sea
In times so long ago
A kingdom and the wind agreed
To move where it would blow
A ship like that did not exist
In times that we call close
But in the past it sailed amidst
In both sea and ancient prose
The kingdom was the vessels hull
With a mountain for a mast
The titanic seems to be but dull
To a ship that spanned so vast
Beyond a ferry, ship or boat
Beyond a craft or liner
A descriptive word I couldn't quote
For there wasn't a vessel finer
The deck seemed a wooden plain
And the sails hazed the sun
There were miles in the anchors chain
All hundred weighed a ton
It had a captain for a queen
And her army was her crew
A kingless force they may have been
Yet she ruled the ocean blue
It's said that all the ocean crimes
Would answer to her wrath
For evil, it was the worst of times
Wind blew on her behalf
The wind would aid the mega boat
And would hinder a
:iconjazblack009:jazblack009 5 9
Il Anor I - Genesis
They're little more than sayings here
But I'll say them to be sure
Nothing is how it would appear,
Take care what you wish for
If it's escapade or a silly game
That you're seeking from within
To send Mother dear you fear insane
Your chances aren't too slim
Because unlike any town or place
That you've been to before
There's so much more than time to waste
In the land of Il Anor
It's still a mystery in its own
To obtain what you adore
Yet few venture the burning sands unknown
For the land of Il Anor
It answers to a desperate prayer,
To the daring who'd believe
In finding hope in a desert bare
By mirages that deceive
It's when you quest for the lonely truth
Through the rolling dunes and heat
Where the only hope is in your youth
And the will still in your feet
To pray for more than rocks and sands
In that hopeless, barren plain
To feel more than your shaking hands
More than the burning pain
It would race to you in a chilly breeze
That relieves your tortured soul
Where air would let your bo
:iconjazblack009:jazblack009 4 23
Three letters make the sunlight dim
And seem to haunt my days
Taking life away from me
In so many different ways
Each subject is a priority
My pen is grooved by fingers
And even when Fridays past
The torture sets and lingers
Everyone's grown up so fast
And I feel I can not slow
The thing that separates us,
Shows us different ways to go
My year will scatter to society
The criminals and workers
The humble and the boastful
And the majority of flirters
The irony is that this determines
What may become my fate
Yet it takes away my living
To replace it with what I hate
Longing for the week to end
Only to discover
That the families of your closest friends
Have made plans for each other
Forcing them to be the best
And ignoring what they thirst
There's no such thing as friendships
When you're determined to be first
Some students don't have a choice
And must do what their told
Where will they go without orders?
How will their life unfold?
For if twelve years you are loyal
And a product of regula
:iconjazblack009:jazblack009 1 11
Dragon's Gold III
As the beast roared triumphant
Among remains of mauled
Helms and weapons reflected light
Onto faces of men appalled
The light of a Tormenter's rage
Blazed throughout the night
A glowing caught a soldier's eye:
A blade that burned with light
At the feet of the scaled tyrant
A sword flashing like the sun
So through the ash and blood stained scene
A soldier began to run
He dropped his sword and dropped his shield
This boy flew like the birds
As he ran towards the sword
He recalled the cloaked mans words…
"If the beast within the egg
Becomes your greatest foe
Use its fire against itself
With blade of fiery glow"
He took the blade from a corpse's grasp
Ignored the searing pain
Thrust the sword through the dragon's heart:
The dragon had been slain
It screeched and cast the boy aside
And broke of the burning hilt
The dragon roared its final breath
Its darkened blood was spilt
It was in this final breath
And a wish of pure contempt
It looked so desperate to the army
Guardian's last attempt
:iconjazblack009:jazblack009 1 9
Dragon's Gold II
So with the mind of the twisted king
Inside the dragon's head
(A cursed dragon and evil beast
Unloved and Overfed)
It ravaged the kingdoms enemies
Destroyed them with its storm
A storm born by its hateful rage
When its heart was torn
The lightning cracked the fire roared
The people cried in pain
Little could withstand this force
All efforts were in vain
The cities fell one by one
To the madness of the King
Until he had thrice what he'd paid
For that dragon sibling
To ensure his wealth would last
He would hide it all away
In a cave below the Mountain High
In a land so far away
So as the king of greedy sin
Marvelled at his art
The dragon breathed a wall of flame
To engulf his shallow heart
Neither bone nor crown of King
Was left there to remain
The gold belonged to the dragon now
For this was his domain
Many men have dared to brave
This highlands stormy bane
The thunder shook their very souls
While pounded by the rain
Those who survived barely arrived
Carped by dragons reign
It is a dark
:iconjazblack009:jazblack009 2 12
Dragon's Gold I
Dragon's Gold
It was a dark and stormy night
The moon hidden in the sky
Cold winds had froze and the lightning chose
The fates of heads held high
The thunder roared in clouds above
It rumbled on below
The ground disturbed by the marching heard:
The army that would not slow
So the storm and swarm rolled on
There was lightning in their eyes
Rain still hailed, flags still sailed
Towards what they despised
The earth was littered with broken skulls
Charred bones and blackened shields
The dragon's fire engulfed men's desire
None have survived these fields
Legends of this lands been told
By people young and old
Inspired greed from the words they heed
The tale of the dragon's gold:
It all began with a hooded man
That bore a sacred treasure
Or so this story goes, this prize
Its worth was beyond measure
No one knew the demons name
But remembered well his look
Thin and tall, and above all
The mystery of this book
Face at bay, long and grey
With a cloak of fabric crow
Pockets ridden with dark unkn
:iconjazblack009:jazblack009 2 14
The Taste of Life
The Taste of Life
I need some paper with lines of blue
So I can sit down and write to you
The Rumours that you’ve heard are true
Living’s lost its taste
I sit alone here with kin and friend
I sit alone here once again
And leave my brain to comprehend
How living lost its taste
There’s no such thing as the cold up here
Nothing but heat year after year
Is there winter I could commandeer?
My living’s lost its taste
Midnight seems just two steps away
There’s few steps left till New Year Day
My train of thought moves toward the fray
Where living lost its taste
The train points forward but we move back
To where the poetry seems to lack
And memory is still intact
I still recall the taste
My school flies by while we reverse
The place my life skills were rehearsed
I always thought that place was cursed
It had an awful taste
I turned to look out the window
Looked back to thirteen years ago
So young so dumb, I hadn’t grown
Oh but what a taste
The scent of life was so
:iconjazblack009:jazblack009 1 7
Slice of Earth
Slice of Earth
She moans and cries and slowly dies, in the arms of a lonely stranger
That boy as well thinks he's in hell, nothing now can save her.
She woke up that day in a different way to that of any other
Destruction bloomed with people doomed, she's crying for her mother.
The Sea's attack made him lose track of how long she had wailed
The wave had blown, tossed and thrown, left the girl impaled.
So he tried his best, put heart to test, freed her from that place
As her cries ceased soul left to peace, tears ran down his face.
And for all around, from sky to ground you can feel their pain
Hear those sounds in demolished grounds, nations scarred and slain.
Cars left in trees, boats under seas, homes torn and swept away
Of all I've read, No place has bled, like that slice of Earth that day.
It lined the streets of lost heart beats, a place of death and gore
He cried so shrill and wept until, he could mourn for them no more.
It had been so fast, turned into past, swept right through t
:iconjazblack009:jazblack009 6 28
Blast from The Past by jazblack009 Blast from The Past :iconjazblack009:jazblack009 1 7
Masks of stone and masks of jade
Masks of tongues that may persuade
The devil in his throne of fire
To give in to his own desire
And destroy the masks of all you know
With everything but face to show
Giving birth to honest plain
Where lying people still remain
Thoughts and feelings all will hide
Behind facades that won’t subside
With apathy towards the soul
Sacrifice for self-control
Masks of gold and masks of steel
Some masks never made to peel
But slowly give in to erosion
Or outburst of your self-emotion
And for a time would give away
The things that flee from light of day
Against the will of mask and wearer
Now an honest problem bearer
Masks of watchers and masks of clowns
Masks that veil their smiles n’ frowns
The mask of a man with fate unfair
Blanketing a lifeless stare
Mask of a needless, bag of paper
Connected by a diet’s stapler
The mask of a sick, disturbing male
A Paedophile by electric mail
Terrorist mask on television
More than myth or superstition
A Bal
:iconjazblack009:jazblack009 12 11
Wake up to a Monday that you've never met.
You're two minutes in but not ready yet.
At the end of the day you'll just want to forget,
Or pretend.
Your showers too long and the bus is too quick.
Wouldn't stop for you, some state transit prick
No time for breakfast, so you're gonna feel sick,
Hours on end.
Who knows if your chances will stay the same?
Monday will stay as long as you do
Right now you feel school is more than lame
One day you'll say you long for sky blue
Catch a late special don't know if it's yours.
Get on any way, to steel eyes and square jaws.
Used to Monday with her retractable claws,
You don't care
The other kids ignore the traffic lights gaze.
You're not in the mood to dare traffic both ways.
I'm sure they've closed the front gate anyways…
It's not fair
Who knows if your chances will stay the same?
Sunday will stray as long as you do
Right now you feel school is your place of shame
One day you'll sing a song for sky blue
So they stamp your black book and tick off you
:iconjazblack009:jazblack009 1 7
Desktop by jazblack009 Desktop :iconjazblack009:jazblack009 0 15 Yuna by jazblack009 Yuna :iconjazblack009:jazblack009 24 58

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"To Open, Lift Here"
"Push, Pull and Tear"
Simple instructions-
I read them with care.
It's a box that holds soft drinks
And if torn, like so-
Becomes a dispenser,
Just grab one and go.
In theory, that is-
'Cause try though I might,
I've never assembled the darn thing
Just right.
I Push, and I Pull, and I Tear
'Till I'm red-
And before I know it
The box is in shreds!
But this time I'll do it!
I fail to see
How a cardboard box
Gets the better of me!
The instructions seem simple
Ostensibly so,
A glance at the graphic,
And at it I go...
I push, pull and tear,
Trying my best
But a chipped fingernail
And a cardboard mess
Are all I can show
For my pain and distress.
So... I'm losing the match
'Cause the score, as you see, is
Carla- ZERO
Cardboard- THREE.
:icongarnet-43:Garnet-43 13 57
One day we said, "We just can't wait,
We mustn't miss a beat
We'll change our Windows 98
To one less obsolete
I unplugged the tower from its wire maze
For an upgrade I did ask
The man said, "Three to five business days
It'll take to finish the task."
Computerless.  At first it seems
An inconvenience small,
Then came the barely stifled screams-
Oh, no!  Computer withdrawal!
No E-mail!  Our palms did sweat
No solitaire! No internet!
Indeed, our longing got so bad
We even missed the pop-up ads!
Day after day our gaze would land
(We couldn't help ourselves)
Upon the bare computer stand
It's empty, lifeless shelves.
Three to five days long were past
When finally, it came at last
A joyful message on the phone
Hurray!  Our baby's coming home!
So share with us our boundless joy!
We welcome home our favorite toy,
And hope with desperate hope and tears
That we won't need an upgrade for many years!
:icongarnet-43:Garnet-43 9 33
The Lurker
She tries so hard to sleep at night
But the blankets are too tight
They grip her and they don't let go
It's too cold without them though
The house's walls are made of brick
She made sure that they were thick
The thinnest point, she does recall
Is the window in the wall
Her shoulder blade is getting wet
From a morning dew of sweat
And as she stares into the night
She knows that something isn't right
Looking out into the trees
Dancing in the darkest breeze
Every night, she tries to learn
The shape of every tree and fern
But one tree that stands outside
Its silhouette is far too wide
It's not something that one would see
Unless you *knew* that very tree
And as she starts to snowball thought
She feels the pillow getting hot
Her sweat destroys her curly hair
There's something in the dark out there
Her muscles tense, they start to hurt
Every nerve is too alert
Fingers dig into her palm
Squeezing thoughts of being calm
Those walls get thin so very quick
Her sweaty skin begins to stick
The win
:iconaceospades:AceOSpades 5 13
Rockin' II by LatinPrincess17 Rockin' II :iconlatinprincess17:LatinPrincess17 33 55 Bon Jovi by LatinPrincess17 Bon Jovi :iconlatinprincess17:LatinPrincess17 114 75 Joe Perry III by LatinPrincess17 Joe Perry III :iconlatinprincess17:LatinPrincess17 19 27 Elijah Wood IV by LatinPrincess17 Elijah Wood IV :iconlatinprincess17:LatinPrincess17 50 111 Rock legend by LatinPrincess17 Rock legend :iconlatinprincess17:LatinPrincess17 119 175
Rain rain rain
Today is going to be the day that the rain becomes a downpour
In bed but still you've realised that you cannot step out that door
I don't believe I've ever seen so much rain in one place
As I do now
And now, it's pounding on the ground, as the gutters they overflow
Wet through, her little doggie too, your neighbour you do not know
I don't believe I've ever seen so much rain in one place
As I do now
And all the rivers and the streams are filling
And all the reservoirs well they are spilling
There are many droplets falling from the sky today
Oh there's so much rain
Because maybe
A boat will come and save me
Cos' I've been good
Like in Noah's flood
Today was going to be the day that we sailed to the rainbows end
Curved line, a mix of rain and shine, all the pretty colours bend
I don't believe I've ever seen such a beautiful sight
As I do now
And all the colours beautiful and shining
And all the people at the back are whining
There are many people that want to see this sight
They must wait
:iconrelativestranger:relativestranger 3 9
A Lifetime of Love
Eyes met across a crowded room
Was plain for all to see
That at first sight he loved her and
She was in love with he
He walked across, and took her hand
He asked to have this dance
She accepted graciously,
He's glad he took this chance
The night wore on, the music slowed
They locked in warm embrace
And when it came to time to leave
Still chewing at her face

Now time ticks by
I wonder how
This couples getting on
So you and me
We'll go and see
Continue with this song

There came a time when he got down
Upon a bended knee
Proposal was accepted and
A marriage we will see
And on that day the groom turned up
He's looking really smart
And down the aisle his bride to be
Her dress a work of art
He promised he'd look after her
In sickness and in health
She swore that she would care for him
In poverty or wealth

Now time ticks by
I wonder how
This couples getting on
So you and me
We'll go and see
Continue with this song

The husband now waits anxiously
For his wife at the door
:iconrelativestranger:relativestranger 6 17



Artist | Literature
Current Residence: Sydney
Favourite genre of music: Battle Music
Favourite cartoon character: Spike: Cowoy Bebop, Stewie: Family Guy
Personal Quote: It's better to be pissed off than to be pissed on
  • Listening to: Cold Play - Green Eyes
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  • Watching: House M.D
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  • Eating: licorice
  • Drinking: Water
It is becoming ever harder to find, top notch rhyming poetry on DA, so i figure I'll have a journal where i can feature some people who should be mentioned if the topic of rhyming poetry is mentioned, in my opinion anyway...

I'll update this as i find more talent ^_^

first and foremost, one of the best rhyming poets on DA imo:
all his work, has many things in common, his work is a pleasure to read, his poems are clever and thought provoking and he keeps coming up with new ways to do it, i take my hat off to this guy. (you should to)

A new face... well to me
A very knowledgeable poet, and his work shows it, he does the exact opposite of me, and fills his poems with meaning without writing 7 pages. brilliant work from a successful writer that doesn't hold back.

And an old face ^_^
diverse amount of topics and clever poems, way to mature for teen angst, and way to unique to ignored, if you read rhyming poetry, you should definetly check his stuff out.

My DA hombres... we go way back

And lastly 4 of the best pieces of literature on DA:

A guide to DeviantArt popularity:…

Bob An epic:…


All time fav,
Thieves Army:…

member of :iconpoeticpath:



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