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It is becoming ever harder to find, top notch rhyming poetry on DA, so i figure I'll have a journal where i can feature some people who should be mentioned if the topic of rhyming poetry is mentioned, in my opinion anyway...

I'll update this as i find more talent ^_^

first and foremost, one of the best rhyming poets on DA imo:
all his work, has many things in common, his work is a pleasure to read, his poems are clever and thought provoking and he keeps coming up with new ways to do it, i take my hat off to this guy. (you should to)

A new face... well to me
A very knowledgeable poet, and his work shows it, he does the exact opposite of me, and fills his poems with meaning without writing 7 pages. brilliant work from a successful writer that doesn't hold back.

And an old face ^_^
diverse amount of topics and clever poems, way to mature for teen angst, and way to unique to ignored, if you read rhyming poetry, you should definetly check his stuff out.

My DA hombres... we go way back

And lastly 4 of the best pieces of literature on DA:

A guide to DeviantArt popularity:…

Bob An epic:…


All time fav,
Thieves Army:…

member of :iconpoeticpath:

Garnet-43 Featured By Owner Oct 12, 2007
Hey, I'm a rhyming poet! Check this out: [link]
jazblack009 Featured By Owner Oct 13, 2007   Writer
i commented on that ._. remember?
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Submitted on
October 9, 2007