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Well after a while i realised i don't have enought time to double rhyme my whole poem so i'm going to switch to the rhyming scheme i used in Il Anor for the actual story and the double rhyming scheme for flash backs and stories of the past.

the idea was suggested by :icongarnet-43:
a poet who writes those heart warming little rhymes, mostly humourous and very talented, she's also helping new poets to standon thier own two feet, which i think is very generous.

Go read this guys poetry if you have a spare moment, if you have to choose between reading one of my long ass ones or three of his talented ones go and read his :XD:

My Critic:

The people i write for:

My DA hombres... we go way back

And lastly 4 of the best pieces of literature on DA:
A guide to DeviantArt popularity:…

Bob An epic:…


I can't find the 4th one T_T
of wait there it is!!! my all time favourite:
Thieves Army:…

member of :iconpoeticpath:

Yeh thats the fourth part of Il Anor, and its coming, i have the story in my head.
i just need to find words to do it justice.
I havn't been writing Il Anor that much lately i've actually been looking around at some other poetry and found two very cool poets.

AceOSpades is a brilliant rhyming poet and IMO one of, if not the best in DA. I would try and recommend a favourite but to be honest i just can't chose, they're all very clever.

BeautifullyWasted is a talented poet and photgrapher, his poetry uses different rhyme schemes and good topics to write on, also worth a read.

And finally, someone who has written a rhyming work that out lengthens my own.…

put it this way... i havn't even read it all, but so far it is a fucking sick story and if anyone has spare time, i would highly recommend a squiz, i may try doing this with Il Anor when its all done, putting it all in the one submission, the only reason i didn't is because i don't beleiev any one would read that much.

and finally thanks to both:

thanks to relativestranger, for his mention of me in his journal,

and thanks to Amber-M-Forrester, for his honest critique on my poetry

See you when part IV of Il Anor is complete.

Well, I haven't had much time to write poetry lately to be honest, tied up with other things.
As is the case with life.
Finished the editing of the second part of Il Anor, which turned out way longer than planned, but I elaborated on a lot of things that may have left people guessing.

Dumb jock question no #43: "what the fuck, how'd he get there"

So I explained how the thief got to find Il Anor.

On another note I've met some very talented poet's on DA that have had the courtesy of commenting on my work, poetry is apparently under-appreciated in general because people can't be bothered reading and prefer to look at art instead.
So we poet's be tight y'all


A talented gallery that has prose and poetry, and as the name implies, a talented athlete; in the sprints and hurdles from memory ^_^,
She was very generous to mention me in her journal so I thought I should do the same,
My personal favourite of her gallery:
Upon My…

And of coarse the whole fucking lot!…


An artist of words and pictures! Yes, they're out there, also a semi-pro tennis player, so they're both athletes biatch!
Follow the link to a great gallery; he excels to promote his work, so of course I met him on the forums, very appreciative of a good critique, and all round a nice guy: have a look.

And my personal fav:
Run Away:…

I havn't mentioned all the poet's i've met yet, so if i left you out...


I'll load up part II of "Il Anor" now, as it's done just remember to read the end of the Part I's edit/ additional ending, I don't want to put up another jock quote about how the stories don't match up.
But if you tempt me…

Poerty and prose forum:…

i couldn't find it... so here it is if you couldn't either

anywho, i've revealed Il Anor to DA, i think i will regret it in the long run.

So far just the intro, but there is MUCH more to come, as soon as i finish editing part II, it gets a little easier.

part III is done.

IV's ending needs some work

and V has just been started.

Yes i work strange but i'll get round to it, i plan to do many more parts to Il Anor.
I've tried to introduce myself to the poetry community, so we'll see how that goes.

For now its sleep with me.
ok first of all, i made this account very long ago so a few things have changed:

1. I don't like linkin park anymore
(JZ killed it)

2. I don't draw that much anymore infact i've kind of gone of drawing ever since my major work.

3. I mainly write poetry now and not very often. i don't have a poetry critic and if i did i would write more.

4. I realise i deserted alot of people here when i left to "study" for hsc, i made the time to study but never did. i apologise to anyone who cared enough to miss me.

5. I realise also that i havn't posted anything here for nearly a year. therefore i don't expect much of a reply, i'm doing this so if anyone see's this stuff that i've done here they can understand how old it is.


I am gonna put up all my finished poetry bar one thats a little too personal for the internet. hopefully i'll meet someone that can rhyme in poetry like i can, or similar than i can talk about it more and whatnot.

enjoy or don't.