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He started with what started him
An origin of a fable
A tale our brains deny a whim
When passed around the table
On a vessel upon the sea
In times so long ago
A kingdom and the wind agreed
To move where it would blow
A ship like that did not exist
In times that we call close
But in the past it sailed amidst
In both sea and ancient prose

The kingdom was the vessels hull
With a mountain for a mast
The titanic seems to be but dull
To a ship that spanned so vast
Beyond a ferry, ship or boat
Beyond a craft or liner
A descriptive word I couldn’t quote
For there wasn’t a vessel finer
The deck seemed a wooden plain
And the sails hazed the sun
There were miles in the anchors chain
All hundred weighed a ton

It had a captain for a queen
And her army was her crew
A kingless force they may have been
Yet she ruled the ocean blue
It’s said that all the ocean crimes
Would answer to her wrath
For evil, it was the worst of times
Wind blew on her behalf
The wind would aid the mega boat
And would hinder all the rest
Leaving the pirates chance remote
To survive this hellish test

The thief stopped his tale there
And reached into his pelt
He revealed a page dull and bare
And the buckle from a belt
He barked an order to the bar
For a glass of salt and water
The order didn’t seem bizarre
And cost the thief a quarter
As his drink was tended to
To the fire he threw the clasp
Until it glowed with reddish hue,
Then he snatched it in his grasp

The waitress had brought his drink
And set it on the table
And if the audience were to blink
The event would seem a fable
As he took the burning led
He threw it in the air
Then he looked at the page instead
And drenched the paper bare
As the buckle reached its hight
The water turned to lines
The paper that before, was white
Was a map of ink and signs

The buckle fell just in time
But declined without a clank
It hovered above the map sublime
That used to be but blank
It floated above a lonely space
Marked with skull and bones
The audience recognised the place
As the desert of printed stones
There a hissing of steam began
That signalled a seeking hex
That sought to lead the unyielding man
With the burning of an “X”

It’s said the darkest of pirate trove
Was sunk in that location
Hiding in that desert’s grove
Was the pirate’s last salvation
The buckle was from an ancient belt
Worn by the pirate’s crew
Its only when it’d nearly melt
Would it reveal the burning clue
The salt water he had doused
Was a mimic of the ocean
That the sleeping lines could be aroused
By the simple salty potion

And that finally for gold and glee
He could seek a priceless worth
That among a pirate ships debris
He would use both brain and girth
To embark across a planet’s fever
An ocean of dusty tide
Both a bandit and a believer
With some parchment for a guide
There was a rumour to be heard
That he provided to the needy
He was the only one who preferred
To steal and not be greedy

With camel, they left a band of two
Plus a sleigh to drag behind
With a treasure there to plunder through
And haul back all they could find
As they struggled through desert vast
For the trove of brigand dead
Weeks of heat came to pass
And he found much more instead
His ride collapsed two days ago
His sleigh, his soul possession
No where near the “X” bestowed
He slumped into depression

Abruptly then, his ears would prick
At a faint outlandish sound
A churning that would gnash and click
From a strained and troubled ground
Before his eyes rose a gate of stone
Carved by artistic taste
Framing the site of a golden throne
Among scenes of desert waste

A window into a room immense
Cut through the dusty sky
Another world that made no sense
But still tempted men to try
There he basked in his stolen dream
That sense could not condone
His smile bursting at the seam
Past that of printed stone
From silver coins to pearls and gold
The treasures wide and vast
The bounty flowed from caskets old
He eyes just moved to fast

He expected a trap of doom
Something to stop and spoil
Only trinkets filled the room
Instead of pit or burning oil
The room was timber covered
Without a source of natural light
Yet this bounty just discovered
Was glistening a precious white
Ornaments and priceless pages
Littered the vessel’s floor
Living throughout countless ages
That were forgotten long before

So he collected all he could
Onto the sleigh that he could drag
In a chest of gold incrusted wood
Then covered with a bag
He travelled back with a weight
That most would cringe to bear
But a heart that rids itself of hate
Has not the time to care
He’d go on about what would come
About what we’d all implore
But the stories there were far from done
About the phantom Il Anor
Part two of Il Anor

Significantly longer than the other parts, but part of the story never the less.
Elaboration cost me lots of words.

I think I may change the titles to "Il Anor I - Genesis" and "Il Anor II - The Pirate Trove"
Dunno if you like the idea tell me so :D

This is the Thief's tale.

links to other parts of Il Anor:

Il Anor I: [link]

Il Anor III: [link]

Enjoy or don't
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Garnet-43 Featured By Owner Jul 27, 2006
A delightful, gripping story, artfully told.

You continue to amaze me with your rhyming.

*Garnet gleefully runs to the next chapter.....*
jazblack009 Featured By Owner Jul 28, 2006   Writer
:D thankyou so much
i'm glad your enjoying it
SchwartzesBlut Featured By Owner Feb 27, 2006
This is pretty interesting stuff! I've never really explored much storytelling in the form of poetry, but so far I'm enjoying what I've seen. I did a frame story for English in high school that I've been a little nervous to post, but after reading yours, I see that it isn't as alien a concept as it first seemed to be. Thanks for the eye opener! :D
jazblack009 Featured By Owner Feb 28, 2006   Writer
^_^ very rare on deviantart i can assure you
And you enjoyed it to, thanks for reading, I plan to add a horror one aswell, i'll be sure to tell you when it happens, thanks again :D
SchwartzesBlut Featured By Owner Feb 28, 2006
Sounds right up my alley, and you're welcome! :D
Amber-M-Forrester Featured By Owner Feb 25, 2006
I was told that if you want to see if a poem runs smoothly, you should read it out aloud. So far, this gets better along the way. You have a knack for storytelling, keep it up.
jazblack009 Featured By Owner Feb 25, 2006   Writer
I've read this thing that many times :rofl:
I wouldn't submit a part of Il Anor without reading it over more than twice.
Story telling is one way to release your imagination :D
ustion Featured By Owner Feb 21, 2006  Student
that was amazing :) the stroy is getting better and better, Great work jaz
Robino Featured By Owner Feb 21, 2006  Hobbyist Writer
Hahaha ''claps'' I am laughing of joy here, so much I am enjoying this! To be able to do story telling in poetry so well yes that's a gift. To do a story in poem style you must describe everything really wel and that's hard you can easily forget somethings here and there, but you DON'T! It's really good, you describe it all very well! The story itself is very nice too, really a theme which I like. Again a good flow and a real sense of story telling in the air when you read it! Also it's so long and still so good that's really good of you too, to make it this long but still to obtain an easy read. Looking forward to the next one!

About the titles I think it's a good idea!

Favo worthy, again!
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