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A face I learned to love so well
Has left me to my grief
It’s hard to see the good in life
When the reaper is a thief

Her green eyes I’ll never see
Her voice I will not hear
Another moment we’ll never share
As long as you aren’t here

My family, they miss you too
The parents and the kin
It’s like they too, can’t replace
That little space within

I remember when we were smaller
When I didn’t know your name
You were close, but not like now
The meanings not the same

My mother introduced us
You did not own a thing
Into our house you would come
With but yourself to bring

As time wore on you would become
Our newest family member
And there you would stay
For as far back as I remember

I know it’s late to realise now
In days when you are gone
Just because you were around
It helped us to be strong

You made up the backdrop
Of my life right up to now
Even when things would change
You’d always be around

In a time when I would change
When our family would part
When I saw, my dad much more
And learned to make my art

When my sister learned to love
And my brother learned to run
My parents still shared a bed
And pokemon were fun

When Dinotopia was real
And our backyard wasn’t small
You were there to be thought of
And you symbolise it all

Easter won’t be the same
And Christmas will be hell
My ears are cheated of your pur
And the ringing of your bell

My mother named you Rosie
After the hue that stained my face
You’d help me get well soon
And charm me with your grace

Dad would insist, strictly water
That milk would make you fat
But if there was a little left
I’d give up coffee for the cat

The weight of her on my lap
Or at the end of someone’s bed
Her claws may have dug in me
But my heart had never bled

My fingers moving through her fur
Running down her spine
Scratching just behind her ears
Her tail would rise and twine

Waiting on the window sill
Bathing in the sun
Or trying to catch a bit of string
That I dangled round for fun

Stalking in the garden
Or rubbing against my leg
Scratching on my door at night
The attention she could beg…

A week ago you could quote me:
“That meow will drive me mad”
But when it came to your voice
It was nearly all I had

I regret so many things in life
Some that can’t be named
But chiefly is that only one
Photo had been framed

It was on the day that hails dads
My dad would find a shirt
Sky blue, in the front yard
Stretched out in the dirt

I was staying in another state
So far away from home
I rang my dad on Father’s day
While he was on his own

“Happy fathers day!” I said
As cheery as I could muster
But the reply he muffled back
Was without that little fluster

Ah I must have woke him up
That’s why his voice is off
He cut of my next remark
With the resounding of a cough

“I’ve got some bad news” he said
But bad news was just a saying…
Maybe my phone bill was high
Was in desperate need of paying

I nearly dropped the mobile phone
When my dad went on to say
“Rosie’s dead”, he’d just said
…the cat had passed away.

At first I thought it a joke
That dad didn’t have the right
But none of us would laugh if she
Had lost her life last night

It’s just like in the movies
Where someone tries to speak
But words don’t form along the way
And the volume is too weak

He said he did not know
The how, the why or when
That if he learnt anything
He would call me back in ten

I heard that when mum found out
She couldn’t hold back the tears
The siblings would find out later
And would affect us all for years

Dad buried her in the front yard
Where she lied in the sun
Under the broken window
I wished both things were undone

A week later marked my return
To see that space of dirt
I forgot how long I stood there
Among the grass, the gloom, the shirt

The shirt belonged to a person
That knew much more than I
I’ll probably never know who
Cloaked our dead with sky

Now the house is empty
The couches feel so vast
The clock still ticks time away
Its hands move too fast

You did what you felt like
You’d eat till you blew up
You search for chicken in the bin
Or drink milk from a cup

You were quiet when in trouble
And loud when you were starved
You’d always reck the furniture
With your territory carved

You were a snobby little thing
You’d just laze around for hours
You complained a lot at dinner
But at least you were ours

Another bird she will not catch
Nor a cold night spent inside
Father’s day will forever be
The day that Rosie died

Its so hard to say goodbye
To me you still exist
Wherever you are, I hope you know
Down here, you will be missed
For anyone who lost a close friend
and for danielle
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lunaiy Featured By Owner Oct 8, 2007

Brilliant as usual. Your lines flow marvelously, your rhymes are fantastic (not to mention effortless), and... I'm running out of adjectives.
Robino Featured By Owner Jan 13, 2007  Hobbyist Writer
I think it's an amazing poem, it wasn't too long at all because the rhymes and the flow was so good maybe your best ever! Great job m8!
jyesunmin Featured By Owner Nov 27, 2006
CanadianRunner Featured By Owner Nov 4, 2006
to be honest i don't think you need to split it up but thats my opinion. not every poem needs it you know. I love the way it was written and i mean its bringin tears to my eyes reminding me of my dog. I'm just so sad when i think back to it. I really miss him so much.

this was so beautifully written though. You really are amazing :D awesome job the description the story it moved me to a happy sadness.
lady-deathrose Featured By Owner Oct 19, 2006  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Very emotional and touching, flows from real feelings which is always appreciated. Brings me back years, missing our Riku... Beautiful and sad.
FrozenDruidess Featured By Owner Oct 13, 2006
Beautiful...makes me miss my Kiki =(
nebben14 Featured By Owner Sep 27, 2006
ashicoolgal Featured By Owner Sep 19, 2006
ps good to see more submissions
ashicoolgal Featured By Owner Sep 19, 2006
i really liek this
it's very emotional
brings back memories of my old cat
ur such a good poet
jazblack009 Featured By Owner Sep 21, 2006   Writer
tankoo >.<
i kinda had to out this up... i dun really mind if people want to comment... but i'm pretty much putting this up to help me get over it
although i dun think i will for a while
Garnet-43 Featured By Owner Sep 17, 2006
Remarkable poem.

It's a bit too long and disjointed, though. I think that it might be better to arrange it into a series of poems- 1)
Rosies' death (starting with "I was staying with my sis..." 2) Rosies' early life ("In a time when I would change
..." and related verses, and 3) the things that Rosie did to endear herself to you (these verses are spread
throughout the poem).

Great rhyming, as usual!
jazblack009 Featured By Owner Sep 17, 2006   Writer
you're right, i'll keep the longer version to myself
thanks for your reply
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