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As the beast roared triumphant
Among remains of mauled
Helms and weapons reflected light
Onto faces of men appalled
The light of a Tormenter’s rage
Blazed throughout the night
A glowing caught a soldier’s eye:
A blade that burned with light

At the feet of the scaled tyrant
A sword flashing like the sun
So through the ash and blood stained scene
A soldier began to run
He dropped his sword and dropped his shield
This boy flew like the birds
As he ran towards the sword
He recalled the cloaked mans words…

“If the beast within the egg
Becomes your greatest foe
Use its fire against itself
With blade of fiery glow”

He took the blade from a corpse’s grasp
Ignored the searing pain
Thrust the sword through the dragon’s heart:
The dragon had been slain
It screeched and cast the boy aside
And broke of the burning hilt
The dragon roared its final breath
Its darkened blood was spilt

It was in this final breath
And a wish of pure contempt
It looked so desperate to the army
Guardian’s last attempt
He thrust his body into the mouth
To the treasure of Congregate
Jammed the bones in front of thrones
Of king’s he’d grown to hate

That army cheered with voices hoarse
Around the dragons grave
Its golden mass stuck firmly there
In front of the mountains cave
But the boy that had thrust the blade
Was weeping where he lay
Understood acts of vengeance
Defining his dismay

More words from a mystery
Would echo from his throat
And as the army understood
The skeleton would gloat

The words of the man in deepest black
In the tale of a cursed crusade:
“The dragon cannot be killed or slain
By any mortal blade.”

But only a sword with a fiery glow
Strengthened by the dragons power
So the fate of the dragon’s gold was sealed
In the Dragon’s dyeing hour
The men scrummaged for another
Weapon of glowing fire
But the fading storm had smouldered
All that they desired

They say that Dragon lies there
Gold door without a key
And the treasures of the finest men
Still there for none to see
The ages would turn to eons
That Army would slowly die
The sky and ground will always bloom
Among the Mountain High

There’s still hope in the hearts of men
Barely higher than a mumble
That the golden door would open
Or the Mountain High would crumble
The bones still cling to the rocks of old
The cave mouth still denied
The Dragons flesh, is still as fresh
As it was the day it died

They say the only gold that shimmers
Is the glimmer of its scales
The power raw of it’s frozen jaw
Or the ebony of its nails
But in the treasure of a greedy king
And a Dragon just as bad
There is more than gold and silver
In that trove still to be had

Among the Phrinians treasure
Was a fortune of the ages
Indeed it was thrice what was before
Only listed on these pages
Three son’s of the tyrant
Would hatch in a time of bother
They would inherit the vengeance
Just as bad as each other

As long as the golden door
Is there without a key
Armageddon would have to wait
For one more eternity.
Not bible nor a hope in hell
Could aid the fate of all
The dragon’s golden clutch will wait
Till the day mankind would fall

From The mind Of Jarryd Williams
The end of the Trilogy.

most of this didn't exist till not long ago, i thought the ending was too quick and needed some justice.
or maybe it drags on too long.
My decision and i'll stick with it
I hope you enjoy reading it as much as i did writing it.

credits to my Mr King, an English teacher, for bothering to read the whole thing.

Other parts of the Trilogy:

Part I:[link]
Part II:[link]

Enjoy or don't

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moefredthegreat Featured By Owner Jun 25, 2006
The final installment shows the same level of skill and verbal craftmanship as the first two. I salute you on your achievement, both in writing such wonderful poems and in having the patience to finish them.
FrozenDruidess Featured By Owner Mar 12, 2006
Though it dragged a bit to me towards the beginning it was still a fine piece of art throughout and I'm so happy Robin referred me to you =)
jazblack009 Featured By Owner Mar 12, 2006   Writer
Thank you so much for reading the whole poem, its a very big compliment.
and i'm gald you enjoyed the poem, i must return the favor soon
once again, thank you for reading the whole thing, length scares the majority away.
FrozenDruidess Featured By Owner Mar 13, 2006
On the contrary, Im very attracted to length
jazblack009 Featured By Owner Mar 15, 2006   Writer
Thats very reassuring to know. :nod:
And i'm glad i have an artist like yourself commenting on my work ^_^
jazblack009 Featured By Owner Feb 25, 2006   Writer
gotta love suspense :lol:
thank you for commenting on the whole thing and being bothered to read it,
i just hope my other work would impress you a little more.
Amber-M-Forrester Featured By Owner Feb 25, 2006
Good build-up towards the end. Again, grammar and vocabulary (seems a bit stilted in some places) and spelling can make or break a poem. Good starting job though, keep up the work.
jazblack009 Featured By Owner Feb 6, 2006   Writer
Gramatical errors again!!!! i can't trust microsoft word and longer ><
thankyou for pointing those things out again.
I also find that some people get confused about the dragon's death, but there didn't seem to be any confusion so that's a relief.
thankyou for reading all three and i look forward to reading your poetry.

TrackGirl Featured By Owner Feb 4, 2006

"That army cheered with voices horse"
- forgot an a hoarse

"All that hey desired"
- they

"Till the day Man Kind would fall"
- mankind is one word I believe.. could be wrong

other then those few simple mistakes the ending was fabulous. I truly Loved this poem from start to end and I'm glad I chose to read it now then after all the others I must comment on as well. this was truly a work of art and you've inspired me to hopefully write somethign of this length myself. I can get up to about 5 verses and then i'll end it but this is just amazing you have a real talent with words and imagery and even tellign a story.

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