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Three letters make the sunlight dim
And seem to haunt my days
Taking life away from me
In so many different ways

Each subject is a priority
My pen is grooved by fingers
And even when Fridays past
The torture sets and lingers

Everyoneís grown up so fast
And I feel I can not slow
The thing that separates us,
Shows us different ways to go

My year will scatter to society
The criminals and workers
The humble and the boastful
And the majority of flirters

The irony is that this determines
What may become my fate
Yet it takes away my living
To replace it with what I hate

Longing for the week to end
Only to discover
That the families of your closest friends
Have made plans for each other

Forcing them to be the best
And ignoring what they thirst
Thereís no such thing as friendships
When youíre determined to be first

Some students donít have a choice
And must do what their told
Where will they go without orders?
How will their life unfold?

For if twelve years you are loyal
And a product of regulation
How can you make your choices?
Without self determination

So lock up your soul with self control
The ball point penís your buddy
Donít breathe or eat, donít dare to sleep
Just study, study, study

Forget the world youíll come to join
Grow up, become a man
So what of those that refuse the life
And cannot understand

Why should they stand in line?
And do tests to judge their years
Some kids wonít make October
Succumbing to their fears

And among your mental protests
Or arguments in the head
Donít slap the people youíve come to know
Slap yourself instead

Youíre still running in this race
Remember that youíre in line
That as soon as you were born
Your life was pre-defined

Ever since youíre ABC's
And the numbers beyond ten
High school would come after
So you can do it all again

That in six years time from then
Youíd come to know and see
The gruesome tales come to life
The horrors of HSC

Look beyond the essay task
And see paths in all directions
Backwards, forwards, side to side
Filled with complications

So what to do and where to go
I wonít pretend to know
Iíll just have to do as Iím told
And just go with the flow

Then thereís the extra on the plate
The evenings and nights
The sporting clubs and art works
And staying out of fights

Youíre not the only one pissed off
From bullies or your foes
Itís how they deal with this kind of thing
Try not to break their nose

Instead think of that lovely sound
Of pen falling on the table
When the final exam has concluded
And the whole thing seems a fable

And just this once when youíre alone
Kneel down to plead and pray
That your friends have not forgot you
And hope they will not stray

So if youíre lucky and youíre smart
I guess youíll do O.K
You only get one shot at this
Before itís lost to yesterday

Here I am dictating
Telling you all how itís done
But I canít put my head down
I just donít see the fun

So instead I come to find myself
Wasting all my time
Thinking of this condition
And making the damn thing rhyme

So whichever way you tackle this
Or fight your chains and fetters
Itís just a fraction of youíre life
Remember its just three letters
This poem was written during my HSC exams, when i was meant to be studying.
its about the worries and fustrations of the HSC which in NSW australia is the exam that helps you get to university easier.
Its all different in other freakin countries so i don't expect many to relate to the australian one.

Enjoy or don't

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lunaiy Featured By Owner Oct 8, 2007
Very clever!

The usual compliments, because otherwise I'd end up sounding horribly repetitive, don't you think? :P
jazblack009 Featured By Owner Oct 8, 2007   Writer
repetitive? XD

i'm just glad i've met someone who enjoys poetry that rhymes, thanks for stopping by
geek-riot Featured By Owner Aug 27, 2007
Wow very cool, capture the drama of the HSC perfectly :) I'm meant to be studying now so browsing through DA is my escape
jazblack009 Featured By Owner Oct 8, 2007   Writer
yay! hsc is way to lame to be worth anything anyway ;)

studying is over rated
lady-deathrose Featured By Owner Feb 22, 2006  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Good take on what we were all feeling back then, back in the day, of our month-long examination period before leaving senior highschool at the age of 19... Matriculation examination was what the certificate/examination/graduate paper is what it was called here. Well written, this sure brings back memories I haven't (luckily) thought of in years... This is like a nostalgia trip, reminding you of all the things running through your head then. The writing flows very nicely, it's easy to follow and read despite its length, and I like how it's all a story in itself.
jazblack009 Featured By Owner Feb 23, 2006   Writer

Yeah i have issues with length, i can't write small things very well, too many ideas in too few lines, i'm glad you appretiated it.
but yeh, exams were hell for me, hated them right through, thank god i'm out of that now :D
Robino Featured By Owner Feb 10, 2006  Hobbyist Writer
That's a cool subject, I really like this, reminded me of things I have done myself too! The rhyming was great again and I really enjoyed reading this although it's very long! So you pulled it of very well!
jazblack009 Featured By Owner Feb 23, 2006   Writer
its a subject everyone went through, i'm glad you liked it
and thankyou for the compliment :bow:
ashicoolgal Featured By Owner Feb 8, 2006
wow, studying must be borign
im not going to study
i think i'll just get a komby and photograph everything around australia
and sleep in my komby
jazblack009 Featured By Owner Feb 23, 2006   Writer
you and you're komby

but yeh don't study! screw the man!
ashicoolgal Featured By Owner Feb 25, 2006
and then screw his girlfriend
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