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Sparklewolves - Page 30 by jazaaboo Sparklewolves - Page 30 by jazaaboo
Many moons after I started poking fun at wolf comics and sparkledogs and dog comics and sparklewolves and dogsparklves, I still get questions about what does and does not constitute a "good story." So to that end, I figured to make a
sparkledog comic of my own as an example. The thing is, this is NOT an example of a good story. This is an example of what NOT to do. This comic is horrible.

Flaws you'll notice in this comic include:

- Horrible art and layouts
- Boring, confusing story
- No meaningful introduction to the world or its rules
- Repetitive character designs
- Unlikable characters
- Terrible dialogue
- Inconsistency in pretty much all regards
- Constant threats of lawsuits (which in my case are fake, but you know people do this in real life)

Yes, the characters are aware that they're in a bad story, but don't take that to mean "if you acknowledge your comic's bad, then it's ok!" Making a terrible comic and then constantly posting "lol this sucks" while making no effort to fix its problems has been played out, so don't do it.

When reading this, think about how confusing and bland it is, and think to yourself "if I was writing this, what would I do to make it GOOD?" Use this to stretch your writing muscles. Then, make your own story with your own (much better) characters in your own (much more interesting) world, and apply what you've learned! Don't let your precious creations turn into these awful jerks!
Dominos-Cat Featured By Owner Apr 21, 2013  Student Digital Artist
This scene is VERY familiar.
TheLupineOne Featured By Owner Jun 28, 2011  Student General Artist
Well finally we got a transformation sequence.
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