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OILD: Winter Kingdoms

By jazaaboo
Wallpaper for OBLIGATORY ICE LEVEL DAY! An event held by The Speed Gamers! Check out [link] for details! And please stop by the OILD page at: [link]

The Speed Gamers are a group of noble nerds who play video game marathons as a live show to promote charity. From December 16th-19th, they'll be playing all the Zelda games to raise money for Rockin' H Ranch, an organization that arranges fundraisers for three different charities! Check out their site here: [link]

Tune in! Donate! Spread the word! 100% of the donations go to the charity, NONE to the gamers themselves! Heck, if you donate you might win a prize or two! Check out the prize video: [link] Don't you want to win an ocarina, sword, or shield? Of course you do! See you there!

Don't forget to check out the OILD '10 site: [link] and the OILD '09 site: [link] for the previous years' OBLIGATORY ICE LEVEL DAY SOUNDTRACKS! They were done by some awesome artists, such as:

Posu Yan: [link]
DCT: [link]
Joshua Morse: [link]
Select Start: [link]

Please spread the word and help out this great group!

And please pay a visit to Fantasy Kingdoms, a game created by TSG's new friends at Sneaky Games!: [link] It's the best farming game out there. You know why? BECAUSE THEY ROLL WITH US, THAT'S WHY.
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OILD returns! Fuck yeah. The paintings are my favorite part
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How much does it cost to commission OILD tracks? I loved listening to them previous years and it's something I wouldn't mind contributing to if I could afford it (and provided you can accept money going to fine musicians instead of charity).
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Oh my, that's very generous of you! I don't want to say too much just in case they don't want to know exactly what kind of deal I got, but typically $100~ per song, depending on the length. If you're still interested, let me know! But if not, I completely understand and the event will be tons of fun anyway, so please don't feel obligated. Either way, it's very sweet of you to ask!
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Hmm... I was expecting something around that, but it's still a bit steep for me. I could probably 75% of a song at the most! If anyone else is interested, you could start a music donation drive which I'd gladly contribute to, though!