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OILD: The Summit wallpaper
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A wallpaper made for Obligatory Ice Level Day, a made-up holiday. This year, OILD is being celebrated at The Speed Gamers' blog! Visit [link] to join the fun. There's even an official Obligatory Ice Level soundtrack there! So go listen to it!

On December 18th, The Speed Gamers will kick off their Pokémon marathon to raise money for Ally's House, a charity that helps out families with cancer-stricken children.

TSG will be catching all 493 Pokémon on the air! They'll then fill out the Pokédex of one DS game and give away the game as a prize to some lucky winner. Want a chance to win? Tune in and donate to the charity during the show! 100% of the money goes to Ally's House, NONE to the gamers themselves.

Keep promoting, people! Just think; the more money TSG raises, the more families we can help! If you can't donate, then inform someone who can, or tell your friends to tell their friends! Let's get the word out there!

Be sure to visit the homepages of the artists behind the OILD soundtrack, too!

Posu Yan: [link]
Joshua Morse: [link]
Select Start: [link]
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Comments (4)
Bubbi-and-Deedo's avatar
Bubbi-and-Deedo|Hobbyist General Artist
lol, I remember that stage.
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Kira--tan's avatar
Kira--tan|Student Digital Artist
Haha, I love this :)
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SSBfanboy42's avatar
The Ice Climbers are enjoying the ride.
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TimeFox7's avatar
TimeFox7| Digital Artist
DeDeDe's like "Crap, crap, crap!!!" ^-^ I love it!
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