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OILD: Sinjoh Ruins

By jazaaboo
Wallpaper for Obligatory Ice Level Day, a made-up holiday featuring ice levels from different games!

This is for's blog. We're counting down the days until our Pokémon Retrothon (December 17-20), where we'll be catching the original 251 to raise money for the Rockin' H Ranch! Tune in to see live commentary and stupid stunts! Donate and you could win one of our many prize giveaways! We'll also be interviewing Nob Ogasawara, the translator of the first four generations of Pokémon games, so don't miss out on that either, my friends!

Go to for details and to check in on the other featured ice levels!

Want to see the full post for this level? Go here:…
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Sinjoh Ruins, this is where you bring your event Arceus to Ruins of Alph and you'll be sent to the Sinjoh Ruins where you meet Cynthia from Sinnoh and a Hiker too. And the most interesting part about it you get either Dialga or Palkia or even Giratina when Arceus is creating a legendary and after Dialga or Palkia or Giratina was created, you'll have Dialga or Palkia or Giratina in your party and it starts at level 1. Man, i miss when Pokemon used to have events like this.

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sans:marowak (only cuz if you do a genocide he could go alolan marowak with the fire bone)

papyrus:cubone (cuz h ethe yonger bro)
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they're supposed to be
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Happy Obligatory Ice Level Day!
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