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Metropolis Desktop Setup

Here's my submission for #SSC2020. It's very simplistic, and I intended for it to match the rest of Windows (the Fluent parts, at least :/). Below are the things I used to get the full setup:

    Rainmeter Skins

  • Omnimo: This is an incredibly high-quality suite featuring Windows 10-style widgets. I used the clock/news widget and the mini start button (mostly for decoration, but you could use that too)
  • The Fizzualizer: This is the really pretty visualizer on the right.
  • Interactive Dock for Rainmeter: This is the dock on the side that shows web links.
  • Small Clean Weather: This shows the weather on the left. (it also makes a nice ding sound when you click on it)
  • Robik: This shows the song info below the visualizer. (although heavily modified)

    Other Apps

  • TaskbarX: This centers your taskbar icons, among some other things
  • Lively Wallpaper: This is what allowed me to have the rainy effect in the background. I do have to warn you though, it's pretty intensive on GPU power, so if you're on a laptop or a slower desktop, I don't suggest using this one.
  • T-Clock Redux: This lets you change the formatting of the clock in the bottom right.
  • EarTrumpet: Not really an aesthetic thing, just a generally useful app that replaces the volume mixer.
  • Twinkle Tray: For whatever reason, Windows doesn't allow you to easily change the brightness on a desktop. This solves that problem, and even lets it change automatically

Last but not the least, the wallpaper.

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Wow thats great

Wow. This is great. I can see the time/ date/ read the news all in my desktop without even clicking once. Good job buddy. Also thank you. :)

where could i get those white icons?

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honestly it's been a while since i made this, but i think i got them from

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this theme is resource intensive, my pc is lagging already

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yeah if your pc is lagging i don't suggest using lively wallpaper

All I couldn't do was the icons on the A Dock.

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The taskbar could've had some work but I'm guessing you want to keep the original stock desktop to balance everything. It looks really pro, amazing :OO

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Shortly after I posted this image, I made the taskbar transparent using TranslucentTB, but I’ve since gone back to a completely stock taskbar. Thanks!
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NICE! i love the wallpaper and how you align everything! good job.

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How did you center the taskbar icons?
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i used TaskbarX, which is in the Other Apps section in the description.

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Looks great! Thanks for your entry. :)

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