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Commission Slots [ CLOSED, open, CLOSED, open]

Welcome to the Grand Opening of my tiny commissions shop! I'm starting out with only 4 commissions slots at a time. (3 was too much of an odd number and anything less would be lame) Feel free to check out my gallery for an idea of my type of work.
If interested, please contact me either through note on DA or, the preferred method, sending me an email at this address :

I'll be offering these basic three options:

Traditional Pieces: $3 (+ $1 per character or $1 to add background)

Conkeldurr by Jaywalk5  Giratina by Jaywalk5  Toriel by Jaywalk5   Starters by Jaywalk5

Digital Arts: 

  $5 for flat colors, $8 for simple shading... 
  Katie - flat colors by Jaywalk5  Katie's new OC (with background) by Jaywalk5 

   and $10 dollars for more complex shading 
  Mewtwo by Jaywalk5    Teddiursa by Jaywalk5
  Mewtwo   Teddiursa
           You can add up to two characters for $5 and any more after that costs $3 per character. 
           Adding detailed backgrounds (like Teddiursa's cute bubbles) are only an extra $2.

Fully Painted Art:  $14 - $24 (depending on the complexity)

  Darkrai by Jaywalk5

Examples of previous requests/commissions:
Poke-picnic by Jaywalk5  Dusky Novel, the plushy doll by Jaywalk5   Apple Picnic - Commission for Speedy Tempo by Jaywalk5  Johnny the Ink Blob - (Commission for Johnny) by Jaywalk5

  Poke-picnic/Dusky Novel, the plushy doll/Apple Picnic - Commission for Speedy Tempo/Johnny the Ink Blob - (Commission for Johnny)

* I'm able and willing to draw any characters in any style of your choosing. (not just pokemon or mlp, lol)
* I don't do NSFW commissions at this time but anything else is fair game.
* Time taken for commissions varies depending on type of commission and the order submitted. (I'll always notify you if something comes up and I have to delay the commission. Real life happens sometimes, lol)
* If asked, I'll send a rough sketch of my work to allow for any changes before I begin the finished product.
* I watermark/signature all my work unless asked otherwise.
* I sometimes stream my work (and/or post speedpaints) and will notify you if/when I stream your commission. You may also ask for me to record the stream and send it to you. 
* You can do whatever you want with the commissions after I've made them although I'd appreciate you giving me credit on them regardless. Just know I'll also post them on my accounts with your name in the description.

* Contact me through either DA or preferably through my email,
* I accept Paypal and provide refunds if I'm unable to do a commission.
* Prices are somewhat flexible and can be negotiated.
* All payments must be made in advance before the art begins.
* After 'ok'-ing the rough sketches, no refunds will be provided for the finished product. (If you don't like/want it, please let me know before I begin the finished version.)

   This is exciting right?! No? Just me? Alright then. Either way, I look forward to working with you!
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June 15, 2017


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