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Breakthrough Images

In the course of my team's collaboration over the years, we have come to culminate our learning over particular images. They usually come accidentally, and the realizing them was more in hindsight. The images represented a certain phase in our knowledge, experience and team work. It also chronicles how much we have learned up until that point.

Cosplay as Cosplay Could Get

Ode to Mr. Lee (Rogue) comic-strip style image was our first foray into "by-the-book" cosplay – as defined as shooting somebody in a costume that approximates the character. It was around this time we were preparing for the 2nd exhibit, Pop Nostalgia. That exhibit paid homage to popular culture icons, and comics being one facet of the entire show. This was the hardest and the longest shoot process we had gone through back then.

We actually didn't have a story to follow, but more or less a series of movements we saw visually appealing. It was one lesson we learned on the spot: the value of a storyboard. Since we didn't have a script to follow, we ended up going with our gut feel and shot the sequences based on some loose comics our art director brought on-location.  The dialogue boxes and word art were added afterwards, and we had to think of a "story" based on the images we chose for the panel.

Some things we learned in hindsight:

  • Photographs and in turn images, maybe just in a singular frame of time and space, but still have a story to tell. Expound on the world that's not seen in the frame. Little bit of details, whether its seen in the camera or not helps in the overall construction of the image.
  • Invest time and effort in learning basic fashion design.

The Tea After Party image taught us the value of production design, and preparation prior to shooting. "Alice" as it was more popularly nicknamed (because of its obvious subject), was the result of an entire month of pre-production, an afternoon of setup and 30 minutes of actual shooting. The post-production took about 2-3 days give or take.  Subsequent images that came after concentrated on getting everything on the set. My philosophy here was all about saving time and effort in post-production. We relied on practical effects to achieve what we wanted, and for two years, our cosplay images were made in the same manner. We reveled with the idea of having a working template to get our work out there faster.

The Phoenix Dilemma

Phoenix has always been a character in our list, not only for the popularity, but simply because she was a character worth doing. I found our first attempt at Phoenix rather botched with afterthoughts of doubt —at least that's how I felt. Something wasn't right during our shoot. I wasn't fully able to pin-point it properly, and just shrugged it aside. When it finally came into post-production, a lot of things were left lacking. The end result was something half-baked and completely below our standards.

Eventually, it wouldn't only happen on Phoenix, but on a good number of ideas we had. There are some cosplay shoots that never made the light of day.

  • I was trying to apply practical effects over a character which needed something more "fantastic."
  • I failed in translating my imagination into real-world execution.

What I learned with Alice had to be unlearned when we shot Phoenix the second time. I was too concerned with capturing the image as a whole at one go, whereas Phoenix required a treatment to take the image apart and visualize the end result in a purely imaginative realm. It contradicted my initial notion of making it easier for the post-production team by having everything in-frame. This new "material" setup emancipated them from the boundaries of what my camera captured. We could compose images as we saw fit. The challenge in photography now is shooting individual elements, yet making the overall lighting coherent so when things are finally put into place, it resembles one image.

Changing one's perspective from a chosen "limited" craft into Imagineering opens up numerous possibilities. I no longer think of myself as just a photographer, but an Imagineer using photography to turn my ideas into reality. In this sense, all artists are imagineers. As such, collaborations will ideally become seamless. My imagination is no longer bound by the camera, but the appended by the capabilities of fellow imagineers specializing in their own expression. Everything from make-up, styling, illustration, art direction, CG and production design all thrown in one simmering creative casserole.
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Geekology 101 -- The Book Launch by jaytablante

After five years of blood, sweat and tears, it has finally culminated to this: I'm launching my first cosplay photography book, Geekology 101.

Where: National Book Store Greenlanes @ Greenhills Shopping Center
When: October 20, 2012
Time: 4PM (registration starts as early as 3PM).. and it's free!

It would be hosted by Jinri Park, and of course my covergirl Alodia Gosiengfiao would be there as well.

If you're game enough to cosplay as any character, get a chance to win a camera courtesy of Canon Digital Cameras - Philippines, and bags, tripods courtesy of Rollei and Phottix

All my book royalties would be donated to charity. This time, it would benefit Canon's Print for Smiles, which funds Operation Smile.

The book retails for P 345.00.

More than just a book, this is also our small way of giving back to the community and to everybody who have supported us in this pop culture craziness over the years.

I really hope to see you guys there! :D
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Music influences how I shoot and edit. Such unpredictable combinations of songs could produce interesting results. Finding out what external influences affect you, gives more power in altering your moods at will.
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This is one of those afternoon ramblings I just thought of writing out of the blue.

Don't get me wrong here. I have nothing against photographers joining camera clubs. For all intends and purposes, it's still one of the best means of honing your craft and to share knowledge. But it is what we bring into these gatherings that I would like to challenge people. Because chances are (and this is from my experience attending camera clubs before), people end up just sharing the same things. We tend to look over the shoulder of another person's work and get try to get inspiration from there. What happens is what I would call, "concept incest." Images  over time would tend to look the same and monotonous. The concepts for fashion for example, dull out and harden to literal meanings. Some hobbyists tend to make a direct correlation between evening gowns and the notion of "high fashion". So anything in a gown for them is already considered "high fashion." It isn't the case most of the time.

So, nothing original comes out. And when we get ideas from the next photographer beside us, the work we produce wouldn't be unique from what he or she already did.

If I were the president of a camera club, I would rather invite a fashion designer to give a talk on fashion. Now that's getting the genre from a horse's mouth. The photography side of things eventually come out when you get to learn what you're shooting in the first place.

I would take a page off Steve Jobs. I never realized the idea of fonts actually came from one of his contributions. This was out of voluntarily attending calligraphy class back in college.  Calligraphy, being the classic form of typography, had nothing to do with the lines of code in programming, but its introduction into the GUI of Macs (and eventually PCs) changed the way we appreciated what we read off the screen.  He was part-geek, part-artist, part-hippie, but all-imagineer. He introduced the world of aesthetics and design on cold clunky devices.

The best ideas come by immersing yourself to crafts outside of your chosen one. Read a book, watch a movie, walk in a park, and just get out there to experience things. I ended up attending comic book conventions and hanging out with illustrators, simply because they do things outside of mine. Their works are inspiring, and gives me ideas on poses, anatomy, composition that I wouldn't normally get from fellow photographers. The inspiration you bring back is something more valuable than just taking pictures of the same things you and friends would talk about in the monthly camera club meetings.
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MGCCON by jaytablante

MGCCon Goes International
The inaugural Malaysian Games and Comic Convention 2012 will be a one-of-a-kind event. It will be the first convention to feature some of the best talents in the international comic book industry, apart from Anime and Manga.

19 March 2012, Petaling Jaya: Come May 19 and May 20, 2012, a new comics and games convention called the Malaysian Games and Comic Convention 2012 (MGCCon2012) will be opening its doors to the general public and fans (both casual and hardcore), as it invites them to come and enjoy a weekend of festivities that celebrate the love for everything and anything comics and games.

A collaboration between the Malaysian comics creators association, PeKOMIK, the Malaysian Chapter of International Game Developers Association and creative consultancy Banshee Creative Sdn. Bhd., the event, scheduled to be held at the Damansara campus of KDU University College (KDU), will be the platform where comic and gaming fans from all walks of life can meet up to discuss, share, and indulge in their life-long passions. Be it videogames, boardgames, comics of every kind, official merchandise and everything in between, the organisers of MGCCon2012 promise attendees a weekend filled with fun activities, awesome moments, and jaw-dropping excitement.

Beyond the usual highlights that are common in all local events (ACG), such as the Comic Market known as the Indie Valley, art galleries, Cosplay activities, video-gaming areas, and three major event competitions related to art, Cosplay and games, MGCCon2012 will also be preparing some
new event mainstays for its attendees.

This includes the appearances of major VIPs to MGCCon2012 who are eager to meet their Malaysian fans, conduct live-demos and portfolio review sessions. A 24 hour comic creation and 24 hour GameDevThon will be a part of the activities on hand during the convention. In addition to that, various Master Classes and workshops will also be organised in collaboration with KDU, the VIPs, those in the industry and the event sponsors.

Wanting to make a difference and remain innovative at the same time, MGCCon2012 is focusing on the comic and gaming world that have somehow remained niche even with the backing of Hollywood. As such, the VIPs for the event reflect this focus.

One of them is none other than Billy Tan, a Malaysian comic artist who has made it big in the US when he was under the tutelage of Marc Silvestri, a renowned comic artist who is famous for his works in X-Men, Darkness, Batman, CyberForce, and the Avengers. He is presently working on Marvel's Uncanny X-Men and New Avengers.

The other VIPs include Leinil Francis Yu and Carlos Pagulayan, two superstar Marvel comic artists from the Philippines, Jay Tablante :iconjaytablante:, renowned Cosplay photographer as well as international celebrity Cosplay ambassador, Alodia Gosiengfiao :iconblackmagealodia:.

There will be other local well known personalities within the local creative industries present, from indie comic creators Gilamon Studio preview of new titles and their special 10th anniversary project to the Anugerah Pekomik 2012 where the comics industry acknowledges the creators within their field. Datuk Lat and other notable personalities will be present during the Anugerah awards in addition to participating in a industry panel discussion. The Games industry will also be bringing industry leaders to educate and support those within their fields.

In the run up to the event, MGCCon is launching a T-shirt Design contest with its official merchandising partner Zicco Tees where the winning design of this contest will (from March 22nd) become the official t-shirt merchandise of MGCCOn 2012. In April, Malaysian cosplayers can submit their application to become a model for our VIP Guest, Jay Tablante's masterclass on cosplay photography this coming 18th May. The winner will also win a series of headshots taken by this famous cosplay/lifestyle photographer.

In April, pre registration for the 24hour comics and 24hour GameDevThon will be open in addition to the masterclasses and workshops as there are a limited number of slots.

MGCCOn 2012 would like to thank their partners, KDU University College, Zicco Tees, Pixaworks, Borders Malaysia and the official Tourism Board, Tourism Selangor for their continued support.
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Geekology 101: Singapore Exhibit

Journal Entry: Fri Nov 11, 2011, 10:59 AM

Geekology 101: Singapore Exhibit by jaytablante

It's my first 1-man exhibit out of the country. Hope you guys can go!

What: Geekology 101: A cosplay photography exhibit by Jay Tablante
Where: Grid MMS *SCAPE, 2 Orchard Link, Singapore
When: December 3, 2011. Exhibit opens 10:00am.

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Thank for the Love / NYCC 2011

Journal Entry: Fri Jul 8, 2011, 9:31 PM

Emma Frost, DD July 8, 2011
Emma Frost by jaytablante

Before that DD feature by :iconpullingcandy:, this little corner of mine in DA hasn't been visited that much. Just wanna say a thanks for the appreciation in our work. This is really done out of passion and love for comics, anime, etc... as our weekday work is totally different in nature.

This is of course is a team effort; these images wouldn't have been possible without the help from the make-up artists, stylist, art directors, production designers, digital imagers, etc... They deserve the same kind of credit as me.

On another note, we're attending the NYCC this coming October. We're planning on shooting some cosplayers who got what it takes to join our insanity. If you're interested, throw me a note.

After the Les Femmes Fetales exhibit last February, our team took a hiatus from shooting cosplay. Simply because it was a creative brain-drainer. We did dabble in some fashion work, but I guess the itch for shooting cosplay needed to be scratched. So after 3 months of "rest", we forayed into a remake.

Psylocke Ver. 1 by jaytablante
This was the Psylocke we did almost 2-3 years ago. We we still experimenting with new techniques, and the post production process wasn't that polished into a stream lined process. Though back then, we all considered it to be break through. I would also have to admit that this shoot wasn't well-prepared. We had minimal crew, and I wasn't really that adept in looking at the details of the costume. I relied heavily on my designer's direction in terms of how the costume was to be cut and designed.

Psylocke in Genosha by jaytablante
Fast-forward... still produced by the same team, but this time carrying the lessons of past cosplay shoots. For now we could say this is ground-breaking for our team, but you'd never know years from now, we just might consider this another learning.

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Raffy Tesoro :iconlibogant: and I are giving a workshop on concept creation and creativity for their workshop series. Our slot is from 3:00-5:00PM @ U-View (Fully Booked Basement). See you guys there!

Getting DPP's latest issue (#38) entitles you to attend all the workshops to your heart's content for free.

More information and other workshops, you could check out DPP's forum / page:…
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This was taken from an FB note Izabel Cortez (:iconizabelcortez:) wrote:

Please be careful in dealing with strangers especially those who name drop & promise you a lot of things.

This morning, I happen to catch an episode of "Bitag", a show of Mr. Ben Tulfo on UnTV. I only caught a few scenes as I was preparing to go to work. What caught my attention was the mention of Mr. Jay Tablante's name. The girl said that a certain Donato Luis Lopez used Jay Tablante's name & credential to lure her to go with him. He promised her modelling stints. He asked her to model for him. She works in Hooters at Bay City as a waitress. Apparently, she got convinced but instead he took her in a motel & raped her. I think he also took pictures of her naked & blackmailed her that he will post those pictures everywhere. He is even blackmailing her to get her co-worker to go with him. I didn't have the time to finish the show but Ben Tulfo devised an entrapment for the suspect.

Now in relation, I am telling everyone to be careful. Never go with someone you don't know just because they're offering you a career or a modelling stint. We never know but since cosplaying is becoming mainstream, these unscrupulous people might target our community. Remember that they can use other people's name & credentials to get you to believe what they are saying.

So again, be wary of the people around you, of your surroundings and of yourself. Don't be fooled easily.

I hope this helps & to anyone who reads this, please pass the message. Share this to everyone - cosplayer or not, we should all be careful.

I would like to thank Izabel for giving me a heads-up on the matter. This wasn't the first time some lamer used my name to approach models, but this guy has gone a bit too far. Wish I was there on the entrapment, I would've joined in to beat the crap out the guy.

One of the reasons I go and have myself featured on various TV shows for cosplay-related stuff is for people and/or cosplayers to know how I look like. For one, I never approach cosplayers up front and offer anything. That's not my style, and modesty aside, I don't need to do such thing.

This isn't the first time these losers use other photographers as a front. As a warning to all would-be models and cosplayers: Most professionals never approach on a cold knock to the model. We would always find a means to communicate from a credible source. We never give promises upfront, at least I don't.
Photography Workshop 2011 by jaytablante

For those who might be interested, I'm giving a series of basic photography workshops in Fully Booked for the summer.  Giving two modules, one in April and the other one is in May. More details could be found in the Fully Booked website:…

Would have special guests from my produciton unit, The Space Academy to drill you guys on our creative techniques as well.

On another note, I'm happy that Edifice Studios is finally in its final construction phases, and we should be open for operation witin the next two weeks. Edifice Studios is a creative space studio that me, Raffy, Matt and buncha other guys thought of coming up with. It's a studio space along Pasong Tamo Ext. that would serve amateurs and professionals alike for their shooting space needs. The interiors have been done in such a way as well that you could shoot the entire studio if need be. Most of the cosplay and personal fashion work have all been done here lately. Just some stuff:

Model: Kristine Dinglasan
Just Along The Balcony by jaytablante I Just Happened to Drop By by jaytablante Around the Corner by jaytablante A Vintage Headshot by jaytablante

Model: Pauleen Luna
Inspired by Agent Provocateur by jaytablante

Model: Bianca King (Alexandra Trese)
Alexandra Trese by jaytablante
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This is so cool, I could hardly contain myself. featured two of the cosplay shoots we've done. Coincidentally it's by sisters, Nadine and Rhian (Ramos) Howell

Elektra Natchios Poster Series by jaytablante Rogue in Flight by jaytablante
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Les Femmes Fetales by jaytablante

A cosplay photography exhibit by Jay Tablante
Opening Night: Feb 22, 2011 @ The Crucible Gallery
4F Mega Building A, SM Megamall

Proceeds are for the benefit of the Vincentian Missionaries Social Development Foundation.

Laura Kinney, X-23 Ver. 2 by jaytablante

Edit: On an awesome geeky note, Marjorie M. Liu, the current writer of the X-23 series for Marvel mentioned our image of Laura on her blog:… :boogie:
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DPP Issue 35, Get Creative by jaytablante

<start shameless plug>It's finally here! After months of hard work, shoots, and conceptualization... DPP finally compiled the Get Creative a.k.a. Cosplay Issue. It's 18 pages of our work and how we pulled of shoots from concept to post production. It's hitting your favorite magazine stand this week, so I hope you guys grab a copy! Yey! </end shameless plug>
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Work has started to taper off this coming holiday season, which is an expected thing. So I've been setting my December mostly for personal projects, and a well-sought out vacation in Singapore (for the STGCC of course). Somehow frustration is getting the best of me for the remaining cosplay shoots I have in the list. Probably one of the reasons why I'm laying off cosplay photography for a bit.

One of the reasons why I'd rather take on a cosplay shoot one at a time because of the taxing effort it places on our shoulders just to get it done. I've juggled several cosplay shoots (Elektra, Black Queen and Black Canary) along a staggered timeline, but somehow the situation seems a bit more strict given the schedule lapses in December. Most of the Space Academy are going into shutdown for the Christmas season, so there's only a small window in getting them for the remaining shoots.

We tackle cosplay shoots in the same manner we do with most advertising campaigns.

X-23 (Teen Version)
  • About 90% of the costume has been sourced out. We just need to get the proper size of the holster belt to wrap around the talent.
  • As of writing, the extras (who would be the SWAT running after X-23) are confirmed.
  • Buying FX blood from Cinema Secrets within this week. Edit: We would just be making our own.. 1 gallon of the stuff costs 10k...Erk. That's out of budget for something consumable. Noel Flores, a production designer from GMA 7 gave us the recipe for good fake blood. Hehehehe.
  • Claws should be finished by Wednesday, just in time for the fitting that same afternoon.

X-23 (Adult Version)
  • Costume is basically a mish-mash of stuff we already have on hand. Still have to try them on the model to see if they go together.

Poison Ivy
  • Most of the creatives for this is finished. All we need to do is have the costume done. It's on a waiting list given White Phoenix is the priority.

White Phoenix
  • Emblem is complete, but the rest of the costume is nowhere to be found. My costume designer has been asking for two extensions already because of the difficulty in design.
  • The rest of the production is more or less set.
  • Need to get final confirmation for studio as well.

We're eve contemplating on doing a ZsaZsa Zaturnnah even. Nobody has cosplayed her locally. Most cosplayers are too stuck patronizing foreign characters that we tend to forget that we do have a good stable of intresting comics back home. I'm guilty of playing up Marvel or DC characters, so kinda figured of paying homage to a local title. No better choice than Zsazsa for the mere enjoyment factor. Hahahaa.
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I would have to admit at this point that it's been getting harder and harder to produce cosplay shoots. There's that hidden force that pressures you to perform better than your last. There are times where I end up shaking my brain for ideas on what to do for the next and yet nothing seems to materialize. You also have to contend with erratic work schedule from the rest of the Space Academy, as most of us are working professionals. We do prioritize paid jobs over this since this is purely for the love of the craft.

And when you latest work doesn't live up to expectations, both from a personal and public standpoint, regret eats you alive for days. There are always "what ifs" and "could've beens" that end up lingering in your head, had you prepared any better. Then of course you also can't dwell into pre-production hell for so long... your ideas tend to go stale when they are not realized on time.

But I guess it's that divine discontent that pushes us to improve our methods and our imagination further to the brink of what reality allows us. I know the idea would come, maybe perhaps I'm just getting impatient with the light bulb moment. Wish it would come anytime sooner.

I am actually contemplating on easing up on the cosplay shoots come 2011, and concentrate on some other genre that I never really placed much attention to, like travel and landscapes.

I hope to get Angel's schedule soon... given how busy she is with her TV show and other things. Even getting her measurements for X-23 is like winning in a small-town lottery.

Oh yeah, shameless plug... Digital Photographer Plus is the country's first (I think) TV show dedicated to photography. I'm getting featured in their pilot episode this Saturday (October 30). Hosted by Pilar Tuason, it's air on Studio 23, 10:30am every Saturdays.
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This is probably the some lessons I learned while taking pictures for a living...

  1. You're just as good as your imagination takes you.
  2. Photography should be the last thing you're studying.
  3. What's the point of technique if you don't know how to use it? We're too caught up with "photography" that we fail to study the subject we're supposed to be photographing in the first place. Knowing more about the genre as it is in actuality breathes more soul in an image. Our subjects dictate the theories we're supposed to learn and in turn learn how to photograph them properly.
  4. Old school is the best school.
  5. As much as technology has made it convenient for us to take photos, a good number of the younger photographers take it for granted. They rely too much on the LCD instead of the theories have been established since the days of film. No matter how advanced a camera could get, the basic theories of aperture, shutterspeed, ISO, dynamic ranging, etc... will always remain. Most if not all are too impatient to learn anymore.

    The limits of 15-36 shots in a roll of film trains our minds to make the best with what we've got, thus sharpening our imagination in the process. Nailing the shot precisely with a few clicks rather than going on a machine-gun rampage with mediocrity.

  6. Your camera is nothing but a recorder of what you see and imagine.
  7. The end all and be all of photography is not your camera. It's understanding the nature of light and making it work for your favor.
  8. Holding an SLR doesn't make you a photographer; you're just a monkey with an expensive clicker until you learn how to imagine.
  9. More often than not at the start, we're so full of ourselves socializing around being a "photographer" that we neglect the very existence of being one: imagining ang making images.
  10. Perfect practice makes perfect.
  11. You can either keep on proving to your delusions that you're right, or you could actually go out there and improve your work.
  12. Your work will be scrutinized by agency creatives and clients. "Explaining" your art doesn't change their opinion about the images you took. It's just a matter if getting you for the job or not. You can keep telling yourself that they're  not "artists" or they can't understand your work, but at the end of the day, they're still the ones who will eventually pay your bills. It's not just about "your" art, but what other people think of it also shapes the images you make.
  13. Sourgraping about somebody else's work is admitting that yours ain't as good.
  14. Refer to the previous number.
  15. Leaving it to "personal interpretation" to some extent is a sorry excuse for not doing your homework properly.
  16. Thou shall not steal somebody else's light.
  17. Don't take pictures; make images.
  18. Imagination makes you reach for the stars, but it's reality that keeps your feet on the ground.
  19. There is no such thing as right and wrong; there are only rewards and consequences from our actions.
  20. Read your camera's manual.
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Elite Manila Presents...

Photography Workshop by jaytablante

An intro in Japanese Fashion Photography with Jay Tablante :iconjaytablante: and Tricia Gosingtian :iconslumberdoll:! September 18, 10:00am-6:00pm G/F Cancio Bldg., Pasong Tamo, Makati City (opposite the La Fuerza compound).

Lecture, live shoot with models, and lunch provided.

Open to photographers and to fashion stylists alike. Photographers: Php 4,000 and Stylists: PhP 2,500.

You can sign up at the Elite Manila office, 4/F Locsin Bldg, Ayala Avenue. Or call Heather 0917 553-5483 / 836-9377.

Participants who avail of the fashion stylists' discount are only allowed to observe in the live shoot.
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Endless: Death by jaytablante

It doesn't happen everyday when you get the approval from the original writer of the graphic novel you did a cosplay shoot on. Thanks Mr. Gaiman! Sending you a print image soon.
I stumbled upon this blog about the local cosplay commmunity. Not sure of the blogger is sarcastic or being truthful about this entry since his blogs are mix of the two on an erratic basis. That fact notwithstanding though, this entry seems to strike a note on certain people, and has piqued my curiosity.… Cosplay)

There is a grain of bitter truth in this entry, minus any sarcasm involved.
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Thinking of visiting an exhibit in the Met Museum this month. It's part of the Japan-Philippines friendship month festivities.… (Japanese Contemporary Photography Exhibit)

There's also a film festival,… (Eiga Sai 2010). Should also be a good watch, if I find the time.

I've been an avid Otaku for years now, but I've been brewing a fascination with other things Japanese. Of course the food would always be there. Hahahaha. :D But seriously sure, I've enjoyed anime, manga, shooting cosplay, etc... but this is just the small tip of the iceberg in relation their history and culture. The historical and cultural aspects should be worth the additional learning.

I should visit Tokyo again.
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