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Just Passing Through

Make-up: Amanda Padilla
Styling: Hannah Kim
Costume Production: Badj Genato
Production Design: Raffy Tesoro
Creative Direction: Tonypet Sarmiento
CG Imaging: Carlo Pagulayan (for Lockheed)
Digital Imaging: Ghani Madueno / Angelo Lico
Model: Arianna Colamonici

Shot in Edifice Studios
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Awwwwwwww..... our "little girl who walks through walls" is all growed up.....
currantsforeyes's avatar
Amazing! How do you achieve that cinematic look?
Awwww, the "little girl who walks through walls" is all growed up! And boy, is she Hottttttttt!
ala33's avatar
1 of the hottest kitty pride i'v seen
Can-Cat's avatar
Great series, nice to see Kitty and her dragon-
arsalaan1218's avatar
Mlauviah's avatar
awsome! excelent!
gingado's avatar
Your wonderful work ist featured - maybe you like it!

cacarod2007's avatar
Beautiful! Shadowcat cannot look better!
VictorHugo's avatar
Superb, the X-men movies should´ve looked like this.
barrydavis274's avatar
what superbatprime said
superbatprime's avatar
Spot on, Kitty is my fave X Man and you've pulled her off perfectly... really glad you did the wall phase effect and really glad you remembered to include Lockheed!

It's a simple cosplay... at the outset, but to make it really feel like Shadowcat you need to do something like this and well, you did it perfectly.
Goldilocks92's avatar
I really want that suit...
ultimatede's avatar
Cool effect, although the dragon is a little weird. What's up with him?
akadijah's avatar
You mean Lockheed?
Estonius's avatar
Wicked cool versions of both characters!
FullMetalOctopus's avatar
Thats pretty bad ass.
PM-Graphix's avatar
this is incredible
dreamsinstatic's avatar
Your fantastic work has been featured in Friday Night Features.
That is all kinds of sexy and greatness!!
CrusaderKal's avatar
Wow, that is really awesome !!
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