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My artwork drawn to the best of my abillity


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JaySQuinton's Profile Picture
Jayden S Quinton
Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
I have Asperger’s syndrome and ADHD.
I am a heterosexual male but I am pro-love!
I would like to one day bring back the non-avian dinosaurs from extinction or at least get someone else to do it, dinosaurs need love too!

You may draw any of my OCs as long as it is SFW and you credit me as owner of the characters.

Waiting for a raptor since 12 June 2012 CE

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My Eggs!
Hey, guys!

So, a few years ago, dad, who some people might know, took up photography as a hobby and got a lot of interest. It was one of the reasons I started my art profile. Anyway, he had this camera lens bag that he brought with him, and to me (and everyone I told about it) it looked like the bag that they carried the raptor eggs in Jurassic Park III, and I couldn't stop thinking it. So, I told Diana and Amber about it and they went "Mine!" and started protecting it.

A few months later, he got a bigger bag and gave me this bag as a treat, with massive white gobstopers in them that looked like eggs!

Anyway, enjoy! Photo taken 17 January 2015

I'll Just Have a Little Sleep Here...
Hey, guys!

So, here's Diana a few days latter, having a sleep in the back seat of our old Magna. We were getting pizza, and this happened. She was originally looking out the window, but she decided to have a little snooze. zzz

Photo taken 15 February 2014

Dear Sir or Madam
Hey, guys!

I found some old photos of the dinosaurs that I would like to upload to my followers!

Here is Diana in 2014. She snuck onto mum's laptop and started playing with it. Cheeky dinosaurs! This is where Amber gets it from, I swear!

Photo taken 27 January 2014.

Amber is Knot
Hey, guys!

Here is an idea I got after my mum texted me a picture of Amber inside one of the knot cushions I got recently for my couch! She’s a cheeky raptor. :D


Amber isk not
The Chosen One
Hey, guys!

Here is a photo that I recreated from one I took in 2013. It’s Amber, but she’s got a torch under her face. So looks so awesome!!

Hey, guys!

Hope you had a good summer/winter! Diana has gotten so desperate for meat, that she’s gone cannibal on a pillow! (Not really)

I had this idea last night and had to do it!


Rest in peace pillow, you will be missed. :(
Happy Appreciate a Dragon Day!! ^w^
Happy New Year!
Hey, guys!

2019 already! It's been a long year. Anyway, here's Charlie watching the fireworks, i dunno, somewhere in Adelaide.

Anyway, enjoy! RAWR!

Charlie Oliver © :iconjaysquinton:
The Other Michael
Hey, guys!

Happy Holidays!

So, here is Michael Dilshura Jr, Charlie's friend and one of the first dragons that Charlie met when he became a dragon. His actual draconic name is Mikkaula Dilshura 2 but he goes by Michael. He is a red dragon with a lighter countershade and a three black stripes on his chest.

Anyways, enjoy! Rawr!

Michael Dilshura Jr © :iconjaysquinton:
Dragons © I dunno, someone in historic times.
You may use him as long is it's SFW.
3 000 Pageviews
Hey guys!

I finally reached 3 000 pageviews! So, I told Rily to hang up a banner, and he is putting it up now!



Rilutaka, art © JaySQuinton
pageviews © you guys!
I finally reached 3000 pageviews! Yay! I'll draw something for it later.
Rexxing Around
Hey, guys!

So, Charlie's an anthro T. rex, and I have altered his wardrobe slightly. He now wears a azure skivvy and wears a chain necklace with a raptor's claw hanging from it. The necklace helped him control his shifting when he became a shapeshifter, but now he just uses it as an accessory. It still has residual powers, so he keeps it close to him at all times. But feel free to ask him a question.

Anyways, enjoy!

Rawr! (or Khrrr in this case!)

Charlie, art © JaySQuinton 
Walk in the Park
Hey, everyone!

Sorry for the delay, but I was caught up in TAFE (if you don't know what that is, it's basically technical college). But I'm now finished for the year!

Here is Rilutaka. He's just walking in the park. You may notice that I've used a slightly different style. I'm experimenting :D (Big Grin) 



Rilutaka Milnaes, artwork © JaySQuinton

Deinonychus © Earth La la la la

(EDIT: I just realised, my signature is cut off at the bottom of the image, sorry)
Happy anniversary on Deviantart! ^w^
Sorry if I’ve missed your birthday, I was very busy lately. :(
Saurians 3
Then, the Stenonychus decided that there was an imbalance in the food chain, and they made the Dynamosians (Heskinusari in Saurian). The first Dynamosian was born in 5795 5S (or 1936 CE in our time), and are hybrids of Stenonychus and Tyrannosaurids related to Tyrannosaurus. They have three fingers, unlike their Tyrannosaurid counterparts, and are dexterous. Their diet is mostly carnivorous, but due to their Stenonychus relatives, can handle small amounts of vegetation. They can also stand upright and are more intelligent than other Tyrannosaurids.


Saurians 2
Ornithopsians (or Opfinusari in Saurian) are the creation of the Stenonychus in the alternate timeline of the universe where the non-avian dinosaurs didn't die out. They were hybrids of Stenonychus and an ornithopod related to Iguanodon first created in 5783 5S (equivalent to 1924 CE). They are able to stand upright for longer, have fingers and thumbs, and are much more intelligent than their ornithopod counterparts. They have a more herbivorous diet than their Stenonychus relatives, but are able to process small amounts of meat.

Don't Forget About Us!
"Yeah, calm down, Charlie; I'm getting to it! Why are you so mean to me?"

So, I thought, since I drew Blue a while ago, it only made sense to draw the rest of the Raptor Squad. So, here's Charlie (not related to Charlie Oliver), Delta and Echo. Anyaway, enjoy!

Also, my first 45° angle shot of a raptor, not too bad!

Charlie, Delta and Echo; Jurassic World © 2015 Amblin Entertainment, Universal Studios

Warning: mild spoilers

Hey, everyone. I’m sorry I didn’t post anything last week, but it was my birthday and I never got around to posting anything; so I posted two things today. One of them commemorates Shark Week, and the other is because I just love raptors.

I saw Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom and I don’t understand all of the negative hype, mum and I both agreed that is was a great movie. Also, anyone who knows my Twitter would remember I posted a tweet a year ago saying “I really hope that the dinosaurs would come back and cohabit with humans; please make it happen!” Well, I don’t know if they saw the tweet, but if they did, thank you so much for listening! You guys are the best!

Also, my birthday was on Wednesday! Thanks to everyone who congratulated me on my birthday, even if you didn’t post it here. That’s okay, I’m not angry about it.

Anyway, thanks everyone, enjoy and have a good Shark Week!


I am finishing my tf comic over the next few days, then I will add a couple more family trees to give a better idea of who's related to whom.

I would also like to upload a story I wrote based on a dream I had half a year ago. I hope that you like it, I never really finished it.

Anyway, I hope that everyone is well, and I hope to see you later.


Hug to all my friends, both online and in RL
1. Tell you something I learned about you by looking at your dA page for 20 seconds.
2. Tell you a colour you remind me of.
3. Tell you what element I believe you belong to (e.g. water, fire, air, etc.).
4. Tell you what animal / Pokémon you remind me of. 
5. Ask you a question, and you must answer. 
6. Tell you something I like about you or your art.
7. Give you a nickname.
8. Tell you what am I watching / listening to right now.
9. Tell you what food / flavour /smell you remind me of.
10. Tell you to do this in your journal too, if you haven't already.

I am trying to get more attention on DA so I’m trying this out. Please excuse me if it takes a few days to respond, I’m a little busy at the moment.

This was passed on to me from Planetrix 

So, some of you might have noticed I’ve been a bit quiet around here for a few days. I am still checking DA, but I am busy with personal projects right now. But I will get some more posts up soon when I have time.

I look forward to modelling the Tyrannosaurus form! And I’ll try to draw a better picture of Charlie in anthro raptor form. Also, I look forward to introducing more of my OCs!

Oh, and I’ll do a family tree of my OCs. And I can’t wait to share my plush dinosaurs with you all!

Hello, all

I am finally going to add some of my other OCs. I hope you like them. If you want to RP with me as any of them, please beware... I haven’t really role played before, so I’m a bit inexperienced. But I’d love to try it; It sounds fun.

Anyway, I have had these characters close to my heart for years and It’s a great step for me to just share them with the world now, so please go easy on me with them. They’re like my imaginary second family to me.

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