My Swollen Finger, I FOUND A JOB and Some Bitching

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Just came back from a basketball match with my mates ,
Took a shower , had my Carls Junior Burger and decided to do some Designs .
When I started Clicking on the mouse , the pain is excruciating and when I looked at my finger , its turned a nice shade of purple . Seems like I've sprained it when trying to get to a loose ball. Oh well , I'll just have to click with my middle finger instead of the index for the time being .
I'm massaging it with some Chinese Medication oil at the moment . The stench is horrid . . . Hopefully I'll have recovered by Tuesday in time for work .

Oh ya I've found a Job in a Local Jewelery firm as a Graphics Designer . Seems like the lady who interviewed me last Wednesday like the work that I've showed her . An office full of ladies :) a heaven for me , no offense to my gf but which guy wouldn't want a office full of pretty ladies to look at.

Now for some bitching .

Last Thursday I was suppose to have an Interview with another lady in AIA for the position for Graphics Designer , But when I reached there I noticed something weird as AIA is a well known insurance company , why would they want to hire a Graphic designer in the main building . But I decided to go for it any way.

I found the office I was suppose to meet the lady , greeted her and went in . Switched on my laptop , showed her my portfolio and we started chatting .

She then complimented me on my art works and here comes the stunner.
She told me she's not looking for a Graphics Designer but for a Financial Planner/Insurance Agent. I was like WTF ! So I asked , I thought I'm supposed to be applying for the position of graphics designer ??
She then told me , I "called" for you because in your Resume you look very presentable (*points at my resume photo) and over the phone you sound really friendly and professional. So I want to recruit you under my wing as a "Financial Planner".
I'm like WTF , you want to employ me because of my looks ???
I stayed for her "talk" none the less , she shared that she can earn 100K a month or around a million a year *Ohhh Really, But no thanks *, after an hour I managed to talk my way out of it and left the building , saying I'm still more into finding a job as a GD then a FP . So I'll get back to you if I'm interested .

That totally pissed me off ... Got Conned into interview for a Job that I've no interest at all ... Professionalize my foot !

*My finger still hurst*
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"now,for some bitching"

well,you re a ladiesman,definitely.I bet Your girlfriend is very proud of her catch.XD

I would totally take the job--XD
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LoL thanks again Facundo Chiesa (Damn I Love your Name , so Footballer!)

My gf is very proud of having me and very proud of making me fat so no other girls will get close to me.

You would take the job ?? which job ?? the Financial Planner job ??
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Of course i would take the FP job!
i have my experience in the very important field of T.J.Y.D.K.H.T.D
(Taking Jobs You dont Know How To Do)

EMPLOYEER:¿you have experience on this field?

ME: Oh,yeah,absolutely.I mean,a little bit.I mean,a lot.Yeah.

...aand you learn in the process XD
(but i dont know if you can do that as a financial planner XD)

AND YEAH,my name is very footballer,cuz im the best damn goalkeeper of all times.But i dont play since i was 6 years old
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LoL , Nice 1 Dude .
I used to believe in T.J.Y.D.K.H.T.D and slowly learning to adapt and learn to love it. But now that I've gotten a job in Graphics Design , I believe that some one out there has listened to my prayer and helped me fulfilled my wish :)

Soccer wise , I used to play as a Second striker or winger in my Institution and National Under 18 squad , Until I broke my left leg in a friendly . after 8 years I've yet to recover and it still hurts everytime i over exhaust myself in sports . I've since retired from Professional Soccer , more into casual street soccer now oh ya and basketball , Asians love basketball:)
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well,of course you do,im not one of those peoples who thinks asians only love martial arts.If i were that way,i should think latin people´s favourite sport is infiltrate the US borders, (and i am latin XD)

and i actuallysuck on all kind of sports.That´s why i dont play since i was a child XD