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August 31, 2013
Political Map of the World - Imperial Decorative by ~The9988
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Political Map of the World - Imperial Decorative


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Stay tuned for upcoming maps from my collection, including full size World Stereotypes Map and Map of the Internet!

Political map of the world in winter 2013.
Complete poster includes one major and detailed political map of the present world, showing most of the important cities, sea currents, important mountain peaks, islands, and much more. It also includes hand-painted(using photoshop, various minor relief base renders, brushes, and then stamping) relief map, giving unique feeling to the mood of the map. Not counting one major map, there are 18 more maps included in the poster - large and detailed maps of earth´s polar regions, northern&southern polar night sky, flags of all sovereign nations and 14 minimaps, showing all from world's climate and tectonic plates to language groups or largest cities.
Framing of the map was done from my own photos taken in art gallery.
On the corners, there are panels showing brief timeline of the human history, largest countries and dependencies by population, largest countries by area, and 75 world's largest cities.
This is the largest political map poster anyone I know about has ever made.
Map is watermarked, just to prevent potential abuse.

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Beautiful work, definitely favoriting this.
It truly is fascinating to see so many independent countries in such a grand style.