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Map of the Stereotypes(Europe)



Section of the World Stereotypes Map showing the regions of Europe and North Africa.
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Updated versions of this map are going to be released every other month til the end of time(probably.)

The May 2014 edition of the Map of Stereotypes, first of its kind on such a scale, depicts the world from a more comedic point of view, showcasing the most prevalent western stereotypes about other countries and regions all over the world.

This world map, inspired by a wide variety of historical maps, aims for bringing the best of traditional cartography to a contemporary setting, while reminding us about all the different stereotypes that are still prevalent in our society.
This map is designed in vintage-styled “decorative” theme, and serves as a perfect decoration for any household, office or school.

The poster includes one full large detailed map of the world, 2 major maps showcasing northern and southern polar regions and 6 detailed minimaps: alcohol drinking per capita, cigarettes smoked per capita, average penis size, average breast cup size, average male height, and average human weight. Information panels outside the main map show population by country, countries by size, 75 largest urban areas, countries by cannabis users, oil reserves, global peace index and global happiness index.

The Map of Stereotypes is a grand compendium of all major stereotypes of countries across the world. Being derived from our "Major Decorative" map, it can serve both as an excellent source of geographical knowledge, and as a way to entertain yourself during these long winter nights.
OPINIONS EXPRESSED IN THIS MAP ARE NOT THOSE OF ITS CREATORS. THIS MAP WAS NOT MEANT TO OFFEND ANYBODY IN ANY WAY, IT IS A PARODY OF HOW PEOPLE OFTEN STEREOTYPIZE AND SIMPLICIZE VARIOUS NATIONS, COUNTRIES AND AREAS. Take everything you read there with a grain of salt, most of the things on the map are not in any way true. Though lot of them reflect negative opinions and stereotypes, don't feel offended by this, this is only an artistic concept. Thank you for acknowledgement.

"Political Map of the World Stereotypes" contains little more than 1800 individual stereotypes and popculture references, so there is a lot of things to explore.

Partially inspired by Atlas of Prejudice by Yanko Tsvetkov.

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Lady-Lyric's avatar
Awesome map.

However, Scotland is the land of the Gingers not Ireland. :D
jiminy42's avatar
well identified !!! even if the champagne is not positionned on the correct area - lol
grisador's avatar
KEBAP & Wrestling & Oil is LİFE ! :D
Mika-D-Martini's avatar
heey, I have to disagree with the sign over Czech Republic... that "PORN" sign make me feel kinda sick :/ and also the "Thieves" above it, that make me feel even worse... I am Czech, so if this really is a picture the other nations see when speaking about our country, I don´t want to be no longer a Czech :/ ... according to my opinion it should have carry "BEER" sign and "SMOKEY PUBS" as Czechs are a nation of beer drinkers and still we haven´t reached a ban on smoking in public places.. and to be honest... you could also put a "GRUMPY FACES".

P.S. ... personally I´d put a "CHEES AND WINE, CAFÉS" or "BURLESQUE/CABARET" on France instead of "PUBES?!" :D

Otterwillow's avatar
Fish and chips,teatime and sheep?- that's actually kinda a accurate description of where I am Giggle 
JMThought's avatar
Finland is the home of metal not Norway... otherwise good :P 
JaySimons's avatar
All Scandinavian countries are famous for their metal music, Norway is especially famous for its Black Metal scene.
kyuzoaoi's avatar
At least the word in Germany's map is not "Nazi".
Rajalyoko23's avatar
>Ye old murrica

This is why Europe is the pinnacle of politics before, kids
AllVideosOwn's avatar
Shikku27316's avatar
Why does Slovakia have "Censored" over it? It's just the first thing my eye saw...
JaySimons's avatar
I am actually from Slovakia. I put the label there for a variety of reasons.
Shikku27316's avatar
What kinds of reasons?
Undevicesimus's avatar
Haha love how Hungary has a "censored" label over it :D
And Macedonia's "WTF?"
And the capital of the Netherlands, haha ^^

Well done!
Robo-Diglet's avatar
That's Slovakia...
Undevicesimus's avatar
... Damn :ashamed: What a terrible mistake of European geography, considering all the time I spend studying maps. Can't believe I mistook Slovakia for Hungary!
Thanks for setting this right though!
JohnnyX-O's avatar
Putin's Precious ?  LOL
TheAresProject's avatar
I'm guessing the labels for the cities are supposed to be more national stereotypes, rather than ones associated with those particular cities. If not, nearly every Swedish one is massively off.
SoaringAven's avatar
:XD: I saw.

 . . . porn -_-
Y DEY NO GIB US BEER INSTEAD?!? ;A; We can into largest beer nation!
SoaringAven's avatar
:XD: I think he didn't want to use stereotypes that were too insulting
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