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Map of the Internet 1.0.

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First version of the Map of the Internet. This is definitely not the final version, incredible amount of websites and software companies are not on the map and will be incorporated in later updates.

Map of the Internet - First of its kind on such a scale, this map aims for succesful compendation of The Internet to scale suitable for standartized online navigation. This project is still underway, new versions of this map will be available in ulterior months.
Due to the immense size of the Net, only a miniscule portion of it was chosen to represent it on the map.  Otherwise, this map would be unreadable and probably undrawable in entire lifespan of average human being.
This poster includes one full map of the internet, 4 minimaps showcasing NSA surveillance, most used social networks, most used internet browser, and worldwide internet penetration, list of Alexa Top 500 websites, quick timeline of the Internet History, top software companies and much more!
By Martin Vargic/Jay Jason Simons

I'm a student and amateur(not full-time professional) graphic designer from Slovakia, Bratislava(Central Europe).

I started making maps about 2 and half years ago, and it has quickly become my free-time hobby. I post my works mainly to deviantart, and until recent days, I was never significantly noticed. It was my hobby, and it still is my hobby, though I am planning to start selling prints of my maps on amazon quite soon(two-three weeks).
Until March 2013, I was working only on minor projects, often making commisioned fantasy map drawings as a side work.

In April, I started to work on my first major project - massive scale political map of the world, which is also on deviantart, and can be found there: the9988.deviantart.com/art/Pol…
In December, I started to work on other two projects, Map of the Internet and Map of the Stereotypes, first version of the Internet Map has already been finished, and Map of Stereotypes will be released sometimes in February.

I was originally inspired by map of the internet created by xkcd, showing most popular social networks as countries and regions, back in 2010. It was not my original idea, but I extended it to such a scale for the first time. I used photoshop for the majority of drawing.
The base style of the map was inspired by the National Geographic Maps, I also used Winkel Tripel Projection and similar border coloring fashion.
I created the map in quite a short time, three weeks to be exact. I often worked early in the morning, and I can say I really enjoyed it.
I got the data about website sizes mainly from Alexa and similar online services.
The map is divided into 2 distinctive parts; the eastern continent, "the old world" showcases software companies, gaming companies and some of the more real-life oriented websites
Western part, "the new world" is composed from two major continent, northern one showcasing social networks, search websites, video websites, blogs, forums and art websites.
All major adult-oriented websites, in addition to varioius warez and torrent sites, are located on the southwestern continent of the map.
In the very south of the map, there is located "Great Southern Land" of obsolete websites and online services.
Outside the main map, there are also 4 minimaps showing NSA monitoring by country, most used browser, most used social network, and internet penetration by country.
The scale between a website's traffic and its size is not exact, but websites are generally portrayed in ratio relative to it.
Map includes mostly english-language websites with some minor exceptions.
Prints of the 1.0 version of the map can be bought there: www.zazzle.com/map_of_the_inte…
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hallowenowen General Artist

i want this to cover my wall just to make my mom mad (and to stare at in a confused manner)

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zacharyknox222Hobbyist Artist
i love it!
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zacharyknox222Hobbyist Artist
i like it!
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Holy jeebus, this is big
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Bravo !
Thank You
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is this original, based off of the original, or based off of the updated version?
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LProductionsOfficialHobbyist General Artist
Wouldn't it be neat if someone made a animation of a group of people exploring this world and collecting "relics from every major capital? hm. :O i've got some p l a n n i n g t o d o.....:evillaugh:
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LProductionsOfficialHobbyist General Artist
If anyones interested, deviantart is the yellow bordered backwards L like country to the right of the north connection ocean.
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I had just laugh when I saw this..There are people that their skill is very unique and they only have that gift. I may say that you JaySimons  has a gift from God.Great work!
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TheMadBananaDoctorStudent General Artist
Wheress Porn-Land, I must nuke it
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you have made Google more bigger than then Apple : 0
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We border 4Chan?


That explains so much, and yet, so little.
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RagameechuHobbyist Artist
I do not like the look of that Southwest Region. :iconwthewwplz:

Great map, anyways! :clap:
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Porn would be the largest nation on the map lol
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Is there a possibility to see it in a resolution actually showing something because I can barely read more than "Google"?
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jenny-theanimatorHobbyist Digital Artist
This sums up everything I know about the internet. (Tee hee)
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PhantomBlade999Student Traditional Artist
you forgot the deep web!:scared: 
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It makes sense when you think about it, it wouldn't be on a map

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TyylienHobbyist Digital Artist
I wish I could read all the small text! You obviously put TONS of effort into this; it's amazing!!
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Ultimate-JasperHobbyist Traditional Artist
Are the ship routes advertisement?
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