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Italy in 2100


Check out map of the Internet! -…

This is the map of the Italy and surroundings in fictional 2100 rising sea level scenario.

After global warming and rising of sea level sharply escalated, sea level is now 100 meters higher than it was in year 2000.

For that, major parts of Italy(including Rome) are now sunken under sea level. After creation of Saharan Sea and rapid flooding of north Tunisia, many of its inhabitants emigrated or moved to the new fertile south.

To see 2100 map of Germany:…
To see 2100 map of Britain:…
To see 2100 map of entire Europe:…
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At least Milan has a beach.........right?
Якщо затоплення буде поступовим, то середземноморські країни зможуть відгородитись, побудувавши дамбу на Гібралтарі.
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Not happening anytime soon I guess.
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Genova si salva, solo questo importa
Cocacolacore's avatar
I guess the Holy See is now the Holy Sea.

I'll show myself out now.
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Oh man, this breaks my heart. Especially since I come from Ferrara.
According to this picture....Pavia (77 meters above sea level) should be completely under 2100
nice concept. Never going to happen.
The worst case scenarios predict a 2 meters rise by 2100.....
And this is an apocalyptic scenario:
If all the ice covering Antarctica, Greenland, and in mountain glaciers around the world were to meltsea level would rise about 70 meters (230 feet). The ocean would cover all the coastal cities. And land area would shrink significantly. Butmany cities, such as Denver, would survive.

unless a celestial body (moon size) completely made of water hits the earth......and that would cause a total annihilation of earth and all living creatures anyway.....we will never have enough water to cover Italy the way it has been depicted.

Nice work, but pure fantasy.

Avellino (my city) still far from sea...
Im sure venice would still float
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Nice work Jay... is funny, the biggest local newspaper use this pic for stupid news.
Copyright reclame man!
(Sorry for my english)
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I JaySimon ... This your beautiful map was publish in post of many italian editor ... check serach or…,…,,… ;-)
KitFisto1997's avatar
ililalx777's avatar
Noooo! mi italia QwQ !
Mangusto94's avatar
Oy' why Milano is the capital? You've placed Sarno and Nola but not Portici? I live here (in Portici), we have the first railway in Europe, the Borbonic palace, harbor of Granatello... Potevo restarci offeso Wink/Razz
However... nice job bro, like it Clap 
WhiteAlabaster's avatar
Ha! My city (Salerno) seems to be still there...I live in the upper part, maybe I can have the beach just under my house ;)
Salerno is good
manzoniMIC's avatar
Finally the sea to Capital Milan! "Se Mileno avesse lu mere... (Sarebbe una piccola Beri) "
Mangusto94's avatar
Maledetto, solo invidioso perchè al sud abbiamo il mare!  ;) (Wink) 
Potere al sud, viva il regno di Napoli! XD
wrathfultara's avatar
Italy will have its fjords! XD oh god O___o and then my birth town will not exist anymore...
ChaotikaChaos's avatar
This is frightfully amazing!
It gives me a strange feeling to imagine some of the places I've been to or that I would like to visit coverd forever by water. It is hard to picture the city I live in as a costal town and it is almost painful to realize that possibly one day people will not be able to see for themselves the beauty of many of the sunken towns and cities, especially Rome..not because it is a parlicular favourite of mine but simply because it's probably yhe city I've visited the most..
I also wanted to ask if you labled Milan as the capital city because of the flooding of Rome :)
ImCookieMonstah's avatar
WOOOOHOOOOOOO I will have a seaside here in Prato wooooohooooooooo
WritingReaper's avatar
NOOOO!!!! Rome's under water!!!! extremeWaaaah! 
larabunny's avatar
Amazing ad look at my beautiful Croatia :D (Big Grin) Clap 
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Bella idea, ma non hai tenuto conto di altri elementi come vulcani e sismicità.
Tra i fav ugualmente :)
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