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Collapse of the Modern Civilization

Based on the painting "Destruction of the Empire", by Thomas Cole.

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"Let there be Darkness
Let there be Blood tonight
Let there be Riots
Come start the fires tonight
Can't you see our people have got no choice but to fight them back?
Can't you see the change of consciousness
Demands a total attack

Total attack
Total attack

Finally they're swarming in
A long forgotten youth
The cause of inequality
A paradise for few
Superior, Inferior
A vast insanity
When justice is tyranny
Anarchy is breaking out
Destruction marks their way
Burning temples turning into
Dark crypts of decay
The mighty are the fallen now
The weak are on the hunt
Battle of many fronts

There will be Darkness
There will be Blood tonight
Now let the Riots begin
Convulsed by protest
At civilization collapse!"

-Lyrics from "Civilization Collapse" by Kreator
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can we discuss the fact that this is going to happen
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It's pretty scary that we could be heading down this path... if we aren't already. And then what?

The almighty dollar rules all as a tyrant rules over his country with an iron fist... And it's going to consume us all in the end.

But honestly, what could be the alternative? A lifestyle that doesn't recognise you for all the hard work you've put in, as payments of say, doctors and labourers could be relatively equal? Nobody would want to perform any of the harder jobs if they knew that labouring would be easier and pay the same wage.

This is a very interesting, and well-done, painting that certainly makes you think. It's gonna go into my Favourites, it's that good. Well done, and keep it up! =)
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And so what would it be after?
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