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British Isles in 2100

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This is the map of the British Isles in fictional 2100 rising sea level scenario(to see map of entire Europe, follow this….

After global warming and rising of sea levelsharply escalated, sea level is now 100 meters higher than it was in year 2000.

This is the first regional map of the "World in 2100 series". In this scenario, Scotland and Northern Ireland split from United Kingdom(Northern Ireland joined Ireland). After sinking of London and Dublin, Birmingham and Belfast have become new capitals of Britain and Ireland.
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Aw crap I live in London.
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Why do I love this? Did you even question that?
I'll aswer "No doubt about its classy"
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Ima live on a cliff in 80 years
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Sweet Birmingham becomes a sea side town. Shame i live in Galway now
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my entire county is completely unnafected

hell yeah

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Blackburn becomes the new Blackpool. The beach is coming home!
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Why were heading for Doggerland part 2.

Past Doggerland and the now Doggerland…

Coupled with the melting icecaps across the artic and else where, the land is sinking and the oceans rising one day very soon to bring about this cataclysmic event.

2007 Dogger Re-engineered Satelite Photo 530 by Drawometric  
Past Doggerland in Earth cycles.
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HAHAH, Screw you Liverpool, We're still around!
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Don't be mean to Wales, it is its own country in the UK as well as Northern Ireland.
Edinburgh is the capital of Scotland, not Glasgow.  
sorry but the sea level can only be raised by 70m from where it is now.… this website is good
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I think I've fainted. Just because that website has a limit of 60 meters doesn't mean the sea level can only be raised to 60 meters.
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There is not enough ice on Earth for the sea level to rise by 100 meters.
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Yeah? There isn't enough ice on Earth to raise the level by 60 meters either.
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If all ice in Antarctica melted, it'd add 61 meters. Take Greenland, and add another 8 meters to the sea level.
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Really? I thought the worst predictions were 30 meters. Your source?
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Great map. The name British ISLES becomes even more accurate.
Looks like scotland and wales should prepare themselves for a lot of english refugees.
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Brighton only just about lives!
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This reminds me of Japan, in the sense that it is an archipelagic (is that even a word?!) country. Also, the fact that 'Land's End' is still at the lands end amuses me. Great work Meow :3 
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