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Achilles Come Down
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Deltude Batch 6 - Raffle Flatsale [PENDING ROLLS]


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Taking Offers on my Kits

Edit 2: No longer looking at offers! Edit: Wow, I wasn't expecting to cause such a big impact and I truly appreciate everyone who felt empowered to come forward with their own thoughts and feelings on the matter, both here and on the journal in the group linked to this one. As well as on discord. When I made this journal I was expecting to get hostility, but I've had people straight up apologize to me for the role they've played in perpetuating these problems. It gives me some hope for the future of the species. I did not expect that I would have to make a journal like this but, well, here I am. As much as it hurts, I'm working my way out of the Kitvoren species (for reasons I will go over in depth below, leaving out any names) and entertaining offers on my kits. Art will only be considered as an add on and must be completed within a month. Names/backstories/personalities must be changed. It genuinely saddens me that it has come to this. I still love the species itself, but the


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{C} A Messy Situation

Art for me

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[CLOSED] Auction|New Grabuki Tongue Traits

Dream Designs

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Deltude Batch 6 - Raffle Flatsale [PENDING ROLLS]

Loved Designs

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YCH -  Cccats- [Open]

Art and things I want

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3 - Stick

Arcanus ARPG

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Pallet Ink


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Lineart Brushes

photoshop stuff

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MonsterHunterWorld Chibis


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Turtle Plush Sewing Pattern


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Crooks n CCCats Oh my [CLOSED]

loved cccats

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Leftoverrr chit

I almost forgot, power outage from the last batch hasn’t sold yet.. theyre still $125 but now with toyhouse icon and shifted hue lol https://toyhou.se/12678536.storm lmk if you’re interested in them

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