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Monkey Poo for you pt6

Ah ! the last of the monkey poo series. Are you grossed out yet? Well I really wanted to go out with a bang with these nasty little fur balls. I feel sorry for who ever is gonna be on the receiving side of this blast of poo.
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Ironically, this has happened in zoo's across the planet. :shithappens: :lol:

Also, this would be a Chimp or ape, cuz Monkeys have Tails, if ya wanna be picky. =p
Would make a awesome addition to the Museum of Fine Art.
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Ahhh people really love their monkeys.
Thanks for the doodle love !!!
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o.o marvelous monkeys
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yaknow i went to the zoo a couple weeks back and i must say without word of a lie, you nailed it lol
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People do not seem to realize how disgusting monkeys are...I do not know why anybody would ever want one for a pet, but anyway...this would be fun to have on a shirt.
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I'm making the shirt thing happen as we speak. Yeah monkeys creep me out too. I drew one of these monkeys cause I was having a bad day and I felt like flinging poo.Then once people saw that one they wanted more so I drew up a whole series to please the masses. I'm glad ya like em. Thanks Jay
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