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(18+) Futapocalypse TG RP

A virus was spreading, a virus that turns men and women into sex driven hermaphrodites, driven by erotic pleasure and nothing else. semen seems to be the main method of spread, and hence exposure to infected semen appears to trigger the transformation.
Reports of infections were increasing rapidly. Many cities have fallen to this rapidly spreading virus.
and your city was next.

Special Futa Classes:
-Normal: A majority of futas that are created by infection. they have all the good stuff. figure, breasts, ass, vagina, cock and sometimes balls.
-Cannoneers: These futas have an exceptionally large member, most can easily reach 2 feet in size . they produce and release massive amounts of semen.
-Cows: Futas with gigantic mammaries. their breast milk gain properties similar to infected semen and often force feed it to their victims.
-Amazons: May not always look that way, but they have enhanced muscle mass and have superhuman strength, mainly to pin down their victims.
-Seductresses: Most dangerous of all, their semen contain a strong scent, and contain special pheremones to influence their victims when they come into close proximity, to do as they will.
-More infected classes may be discovered (open for suggestions)

There are records of a some futas showing human intelligence, although many are broken by pleasure and turned became feral sex animals. (think Ghouls of Fallout)

Minimum 5 word sentences per reply.
Understandable grammar and spelling required.
(out of character)

Class: Uninfected [DO NOT CHANGE]
Body Type:
Eye Color:
Skin color:
Hair color:
Hair length:
Cup size:
Penis size:
Testicles size:
18+ Notes only
Skype negotiable
I have the right to cut the rp short without warning, either that you fail to follow the rules or i just get bored
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Submitted on
September 19, 2015
Mature Content


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