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Walk Cycle Male Colts-Ver 1.1 [SFM Resource]



Edit: I smoothed out the ears a bit. all else this is pretty much a final version.


Animation is a 1 second loop for 10 seconds at 30 FPS, whole animation has a flat in and out.


This walk cycle is for the Male Colt Pony(the .5 size) from :iconglaber:Glaber's pony source files:Pony Resize project (Resource) by Glaber


Some characters may or may not have trouble with this animation. I'll try my best to make it compatible with all styles and such. If you do have trouble and want a fix, just comment here or note me on which character is having trouble and I'll fix it for you and release a specific version for it. If its a custom model, I'll need the model and modify it as such.
If you modified it yourself to work with other ponies, TELL ME! That way I can add it to the list down at the bottom. I'll credit you too for modifying. :meow:
If you also use it, just be sure to credit me!

Had some help with tail sway, head bob and various other things from :iconargodaemon:argodaemon! Go pay him a visit cause he has awesome videos!

Version 1.1 bones modified(meaning apply the animation to just these bones listed here):
:bulletgreen: Head
:bulletgreen: Front Legs
:bulletgreen: Rear Legs
:bulletgreen: RightWingClosed
:bulletgreen: RightWingClosed2
:bulletgreen: LeftWingClosed
:bulletgreen: LeftWingClosed2
:bulletgreen: Chest1
:bulletgreen: Chest2
:bulletgreen: Neck
:bulletgreen: RightEar
:bulletgreen: LeftEar
:bulletgreen: Tail1
:bulletgreen: Tail2
:bulletgreen: Tail3

Compatible with all Male Ponies(so far):
Use Version 1.1!

Download Version 1.1: Link

Apply it only to the bones you need to if your character doesn't have wings.

Old Versions:
Version 1.0: Link
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A version .68 couldn't be done?