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Mowolf Accidental Flash

By JayNaylor
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Darling view.  Wonderful drawing.

Timing is everything, and perhaps the viewer just happened upon this scene by accident, or took the time to study how this lovely character might offer a cute view at the right time.

Wonderful skills.  Humorous scene.

(BTW ... commented further below regarding another DA member's inability to hold their contextual tongue.)

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She have a nice ass i want to kiss it!
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Indeed!?... ... ...
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"Whistles" what a nice view
Laurel-Lover's avatar
I dont have my camera. 
DJJ1172's avatar
*slaps you* BAKA
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a very happy accident =)
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Nice pose and the background impressed ;3
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long time no see my friend!!!
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The anatomy of this is so amazing. I love how Mr. Naylor is able to get the positioning down in such a dynamic way. It shows just how much work he's really put in to learning positioning and by his sketch book stuff he does a LOT of practice using basic figures. I just hope that with enough work I can be as good as him someday. The shading and colors are wonderful as well, yes this is an afterthought mostly because I was looking at the figure itself and trying to figure out the circles, cylinders and triangles that make up the basic shape. As well how to do the foreshortening that he's gotten down here.
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I love JayNaylor 
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Pleased to say I will never understand this particular subculture
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Just saw this for the first time today.

You are absolutely hilarious.
You claim you are pleased you'll never understand this subculture .... but you [potentially] lowered your own questionable standards to not only view a drawing in that subculture ... but also took the time to comment on it ... thereby leaving your identify for others to comprehend your inability to mask your secret appreciation for that same subculture's art.

If you wish to flame me regarding my comment be prepared to prove your inability to refrain from yet more embarrassment.

How someone can lambaste an artist about their art ... and illustrate a sense of undeniable philistinism ... perfectly illustrates my point.

The human condition exemplified in all its hypocritical glory.

People never surprise me anymore.
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Pleased to say that when I don't understand or like something, I don't feel the need to leave a insulting comment about it for the people who obviously do.

Let me show you to the door, and have a good evening.
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There are many reasons that you are my favorite artist.

This is one of them. :iconclapplz:
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Now where did those bloomers go? 
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OMG not into this normally so job very well done I must say.
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Mmh... Very nice :d
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That requires no comment at all.
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