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Considering tee shirt designs (on Redbubble) which character would you most like to see designs of? You don't have to buy one, just getting a feel for most popular! 

30 deviants said Vincent
12 deviants said Devil Spy
7 deviants said Wyatt
7 deviants said Jeremy
4 deviants said Ben
3 deviants said Willem
3 deviants said Pair (please specify in the comments)
2 deviants said Amber
2 deviants said Other (please specify in the comments)
1 deviant said Jan


Check out this amazing inkwork by my friend :icondalgoda7: This was one of my Devil Spy sketches and he made it look so good! Thank you so much!!
Donuts - inks over Jaymzeecat by dalgoda7
I just rewatched Deadpool 2 and noticed they changed the song in one of the scenes near the end of the movie. In the theater, it was an acoustic version of Ah-Ha's "Take On Me" but this time around it was an alternate version of Celine Dion's "Ashes" (which is also the opening theme song of the movie). I couldn't find anything about the change online (though did confirm that I was correct that it was "Take On Me" in that scene originally). Anyone know why they replaced the song?

Double Check Your Patreon Pledges!

Hey everyone. I just wanted to drop a line re: the recent issue over at Patreon. The gist (as I understand it) was that Patreon moved their headquarters or billing offices or something to the UK and this sent up red flags with the banks when it came time to charge patron’s cards for the month. This resulted in a lot of patron’s cards being declined. While Patreon has yet to issue an official statement about this (afaik) it has for the most part been cleared up by patrons checking in with their banks and letting them know the charges weren’t fraudulent. But myself as well as other Patreon creators have patrons who choose to support us but don’t generally check emails or really keep up with our Patreons in general. So many patrons are still marked as declined, probably have no idea and could be missing out on the content that they think they’ve paid for for the month. Many creators lost a significant amount of pledges this month because of Patreon’s oversight. I fortunately wasn’t hit too hard, but once everything was cleared up, I did lose about $15 in pledges from long time supporters. A good friend of mine lost over $100+. Patreons with more patrons were probably hit a lot harder.

So if you pledge to creators on Patreon, please double check that your card wasn’t declined for August. I know these artists would sure appreciate your continued support. And if you’re someone who’s been thinking of throwing some support toward your favorite artists, now would be a really good time. Thanks so much!

I’m going to crosspost this across my various accounts and hope that my declined patrons and other’s declined patrons may actually see it because they may be missing messages from Patreon. Hope you’re all having a rad day. <3



Sorry it's been so quiet over here lately. I've been drawing a lot of fat fluffy stuff lately so I've been spending a lot of time on my secondary account. I'm sure I'll get it outta my system eventually and get back to my usual nonsense. Sweating a little... Thanks for hangin' in there! How's your day going?
EDIT: All commissions slots were claimed, thanks everyone!

Here's a few examples for the type of commissions:
Shane Sebby and Comics by Jaymzeecat

Jamie Metalhead Cousin Color by Jaymzeecat

Rourkie Commission July 2018 by Jaymzeecat
Commissions will be done either late this week or late next week. Payment up front via Paypal. Thanks! ^_^ I’ll update this post once the slots have been claimed.

 Earlier today in a moment of frustration, I vented to my friend Jake about a mutual friend of ours in a private conversation. We said some really hurtful things about this person in our conversation. Later in the day Jake accidentally made this conversation public and our friend saw it.

I don't want to name this person publicly in case he'd not want me to (though I did receive permission from him to make this apology public). I don't have any sort of excuse for my shitty behavior... I'm incredibly sorry for saying what I did and honestly, I would completely understand if this person never wanted to speak to me (or Jake) again.

I often say to friends in my personal life that I want to be better. That I don't want my insecurities to rule the things I do and say, and yet I clearly still have so much work to do there. There's no amount of explaining about how something awful you've said about someone is really how you feel about yourself (and not about them at all) that would ever make this situation feel better for them. There's no time machine you can use to go back and make sure their feelings are spared from your own lifetime of conditioning to have a “hurt them before they can hurt you” mentality.

This person didn't deserve this. I could say a lifetime of sorry's and never make up for the hole I put in their heart. But I don't know what more I could do than say I'm sorry over and over again. I'm sorry. You should never have had to see that side of me. I honestly just want to crawl into a hole and die.

If they never want anything to do with me ever again, I would completely and utterly understand that. I don't deserve their support or their friendship and I hope they never feel as though they owe me either of those things.

I can't fix this, but I hope that at least somehow.... some way this apology might offer some sort of solace. I hope it does. God, I hope it does... I'm sorry.

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Jaymz Bernard
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‎Hey! My name's Jaymz and I live in Portland, OR. I'm currently drawing 4 comic series': Willem, Devil Spy, Chunky Skunk and Wings Over Hyrule. I also have 2 completed comic series': Split Screen and Arrowhead. If you're interested in reading any of my comics, just go to my gallery and select one of the folders on the left.

I'm very active on Deviantart and love getting messages and comments, so don't be shy, talk to me! You can also chat with me on Google Hangouts: . I don't RP and I don't take requests (sorry!) but you can ask me anything, I'm pretty much an open book.

I'm in my late thirties, I'm chubby, I'm vegan. I love cats and birds, vintage kitchen stuff and toys. I love fat people and redheads (as you can probably tell by my art, haha). I also love characters with blue hair. :)

I have a separate account specifically for fat characters, just look for the account named Fattlestacks and add me to your watch if you want to see more fat boy drawings made by me. I don't update that account as much as I'd like since I am often busy working on my main comics, but I try! Anyway, thanks so much for checking out my work. I hope to get to know you all in time. :)

"Enjoy your life. Be funny, do some art. Don't expect too much. Try to enjoy what you're doing. Try to feel relevant, even if you don't think you are." - Marc Maron.

"Discourage an artist, you get absolutely nothing in return, ever." - Kevin Smith

Purchase my graphic novels here:

Tee shirts & more in my Redbubble store:…


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