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Pixel Mugshots (Simple)
A simple pixel mugshot of 60x60 res.  Mainly humans/digimon with simple detail. Open to negotiate.
$8 USD if payed through Paypal.
Pixel Mugshots (Detailed)
Stated in title, please DM if undecided.
$10+ USD if payed through Paypal.
Cute Avatar/Icon (500x500)
A 500x500 res avatar of your OC!
$5 USD if payed through Paypal.
Pencil Sketch
From the waist up; $10/1000 for 1 character, $15/1500 for 2 characters.
Flat color is an extra $3.
Pixel Icon (100x100)
Simple animated pixel icon.
$10 USD if payed through Paypal.
Full Body of Desired Character
Full body, full color picture of your OC or what have you on a transparent/simple background.
$15 USD if payed through Paypal.
DigiHexagon (solo)
Single Hexagon of a Digimon of your choosing, OC or Canon.
Doesn't have to be a Digimon either!
$15 USD if payed through Paypal.
DigiHexagons (Max 3)
Three hexagons of three digimon! Save $10 instead of buying three for the price of $45!
$35 USD if payed through Paypal.
DigiSlice (solo)
Your DigiDestined/Chosen Child and their Partner!(you choose which level if desired!)
$20 USD if payed through Paypal.
DigiSlices (Max 3)
Three DigiSlices! You save $10 instead of buying three individuals at $60!

If you buy two of this 3-pack, you save $20! That's one whole slice for FREE! 8D

$50 USD if payed through Paypal.
Digimon Evolution Line
From Fresh(Baby I) to Mega(Ultimate)!
- Fresh and In-Training are $5 together.
- Rookie(Child) and Champion(Adult) are $10 each.
- Ultimate(Perfect) and Mega(Ultimate) are $20 each.

You will receive each level individually.  Submission for dA will be shown like the ones above.
Including the Human Partner will cost extra.
$60 USD if payed through Paypal.

Newest Deviations

.DRA-BD:. Yamiko+Agumon by JaymiSaeki .DRA-BD:. Yamiko+Agumon :iconjaymisaeki:JaymiSaeki 12 3 .MBFK:. Tired Jaymi by JaymiSaeki .MBFK:. Tired Jaymi :iconjaymisaeki:JaymiSaeki 6 2 .MBFK:. Young Ken by JaymiSaeki .MBFK:. Young Ken :iconjaymisaeki:JaymiSaeki 12 6 .PKMN:. Pokemon Day 2019 by JaymiSaeki .PKMN:. Pokemon Day 2019 :iconjaymisaeki:JaymiSaeki 21 3 .DRA-DLC:. Anxious Hardwork by JaymiSaeki .DRA-DLC:. Anxious Hardwork :iconjaymisaeki:JaymiSaeki 11 1 .Ask Kenmon!:. Uncookable by JaymiSaeki .Ask Kenmon!:. Uncookable :iconjaymisaeki:JaymiSaeki 6 3 .DZSS-JSA:. Frozen Reception Pg18 by JaymiSaeki .DZSS-JSA:. Frozen Reception Pg18 :iconjaymisaeki:JaymiSaeki 5 2 .khDRA:. Station of Awakening by JaymiSaeki .khDRA:. Station of Awakening :iconjaymisaeki:JaymiSaeki 15 5 .Ask Kenmon!:. Game of Catch- Tail Version by JaymiSaeki .Ask Kenmon!:. Game of Catch- Tail Version :iconjaymisaeki:JaymiSaeki 8 4 .GiFT:. Fist of The Blazing Lord by JaymiSaeki .GiFT:. Fist of The Blazing Lord :iconjaymisaeki:JaymiSaeki 14 3 .JSA-SFAT:. Chp1 END by JaymiSaeki .JSA-SFAT:. Chp1 END :iconjaymisaeki:JaymiSaeki 4 1 .JSA-SFAT:. Chp1 Pg15 by JaymiSaeki .JSA-SFAT:. Chp1 Pg15 :iconjaymisaeki:JaymiSaeki 7 1 .DZSS-JSA:. Frozen Reception Pg17 by JaymiSaeki .DZSS-JSA:. Frozen Reception Pg17 :iconjaymisaeki:JaymiSaeki 6 1 .DRA-VXA:. Outside Jesu's Home by JaymiSaeki .DRA-VXA:. Outside Jesu's Home :iconjaymisaeki:JaymiSaeki 9 5 .Ask Kenmon!:. Broken by JaymiSaeki .Ask Kenmon!:. Broken :iconjaymisaeki:JaymiSaeki 6 5 .JSA-SFAT:. Chp1 Pg14 by JaymiSaeki .JSA-SFAT:. Chp1 Pg14 :iconjaymisaeki:JaymiSaeki 3 1

Random Favourites

Gatchmon with different fashion by ginryuumaru Gatchmon with different fashion :iconginryuumaru:ginryuumaru 17 11
OC Interview: kevin and dozermon.
welp,i've been tagged by JaymiSaeki so better get started.

Rules are simple:

- Your OC should NOT lie! Have him or her be honest here. 
- Journal title should be "OC Interview".
Hi! What's your real name and nickname?
kevin: "hey there! i'm kevin,kevin rojas,though friends call me kev."
dozermon: "greeting,i am designated digimon numbe- NAH!! just messin' with ya,yo! how ya doin' the names dozermon,the bulldozer cyborg digimon,though i don't really have much of a nickname,but if you need to call me something short,i guess you can call me DZ? or just dozermon will do."
Cool! What's your current age?
kevin: "i am 16 years old!"
dozermon: and i'm.....ironically not even a year old,but considering my current digimon level,being rook
:iconspark-knight:spark-knight 1 0
Interview with Ashes Famieus and Sparrowmon
Tagged by JaymiSaeki!~~
Rules are simple:

- Your OC should NOT lie! Have him or her be honest here. 
- Journal title should be "OC Interview".
"Ashes, what are you--"
Ashes shrugged, "Ehh, I know I have to follow the rules, but I feel like the second rule isn't proper."
Sparrowmon sighed.

Hi! What's your real name and nickname?

Ashes beamed, "Hola, my name Ashes Famieus! Though, nickname is Ashley which only Jimmy call me that." She smiled fond with thought of her best friend.
Sparrowmon smiled and waved at the crowd, "And I am Sparrowmon, Ashes's partner, pleasure to meet you!"
Cool! What's your current age?
Ashes scratched her head, "I am fourteen right now, but in the future I will be turn sixteen." She stared at her partner. "I am not sure that's allow?"
Sparrowmon waved off her wing, "It's truthful, so no need to worry."
"Sparrowmon, what did I say about jinxed it!" She
:iconskiessparrow:SkiesSparrow 2 5
OC Interview
Stolen from :iconjaymisaeki:
Rules are simple:
- Your OC should NOT lie! Have him or her be honest here.
- Journal title should be "OC Interview".
Hi! What's your real name and nickname?
Lillie: “Uhm Lillie Katherine Barrrrrrton, and my nickname may or may not be Boobs.”
Drotomon: “I go by many names that I really don’t care to go into right now. “
Cool! What's your current age?
Lillie: “28 mother fuckersssss. Yas that means I am legal. WINKITY WINK”
Drotomon: “Oh grow up Lil. Hm how old am I again? Oh thats right 691 human years.”
What's your favorite food?
Lillie: “Oh that’s an easy one yo. PIZZA FO’ LYFE!”
Drotomon: “Elecboo brand digital steak sirloin!” (Haha :iconboltonartist:)
What about your Favorite drink?
Lillie: “I do like to get krunk! BOOZEEEEEEE”
Drotomon: “I do like a good bourbon once in a while.”
Confession time! Anybody you have your eye on?
Lillie: *Blushe
:iconlillie-pop:Lillie-Pop 5 7
IgnisFlarerizamon by KajiAtsui IgnisFlarerizamon :iconkajiatsui:KajiAtsui 12 0 Hot Dog Digimon!!!! XD by Omnimon1996 Hot Dog Digimon!!!! XD :iconomnimon1996:Omnimon1996 16 58 biyomon by extyrannomon biyomon :iconextyrannomon:extyrannomon 438 15 banchomamemon, datamon, and mametyramon by extyrannomon banchomamemon, datamon, and mametyramon :iconextyrannomon:extyrannomon 239 15 liamon by extyrannomon liamon :iconextyrannomon:extyrannomon 251 2 Respite by shilin Respite :iconshilin:shilin 3,907 53 A young tamer's fight by Riza23 A young tamer's fight :iconriza23:Riza23 155 19 knights of the castle by Riza23 knights of the castle :iconriza23:Riza23 286 10 A Lone Warrior by Curryuku A Lone Warrior :iconcurryuku:Curryuku 677 10 2B or not 2B by Curryuku 2B or not 2B :iconcurryuku:Curryuku 853 13 Armor Request: StarXrossed part2 by Natchan145 Armor Request: StarXrossed part2 :iconnatchan145:Natchan145 3 3 Armor Request: KaijuKorps by Natchan145 Armor Request: KaijuKorps :iconnatchan145:Natchan145 3 3




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I'm not usually asked about art trades, though it usually depends if I've got time.

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"My normal is another's weird, and thus I can never stop being normal."


I wanna be productive, I really do.
But I've never felt so burned out... I havn't wanted to draw in a while.

I'm tired...
So one thing that sucks about Eclipse is that it gets rid of all the folder organization. :/ Super sucky, hope for fix.
I will definitely stream tomorrow, cuz I do believe the house will be downloading Tales of Vesperia today. =w=; i sorry~
*snorts* This AskKenmon ( .Ask Kenmon!:. Swim Time by JaymiSaeki) was flagged as adult content on Tumblr.  It’s literally just the kids in swimsuits and ken being thrown into the pool. XDD!


:icon2pcnugget: :icondigimon-reform: :icondigimonrumbleacademy: :icondigimonoverwatch:


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