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wish you were here -widescreen

Widescreen (1600x1200) version of the final shot in a photoshop tennis match with Flea ([link]
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hehe nice piece :)
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Sorry. The font is my own handwriting, scanned. I was going to make an actual font from it but that is a rather difficult job, and I've been rather busy doing video things, so not much fontmaking time.

Maybe one day.
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can i get that font you used for "Having a great time"?
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heh. i love the tape. =D i mean, the pic's nifty, but the tape, i dunno. small touches make everything even better..:)
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heh. awesome. +fav. i love it.
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your certainly getting the attention you deserve for this one today! nice work. Love the casted shadows and especially the transparency of the tape.

Love it.
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I'm with silentregrets on this one... It's cute...but.. there are others that deserve to be featured.
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very it!
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Hahaha this is great .... lovely work !
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I don't get what's so great about it.
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not bad, but pink doesn't exactly remind me of the moon. maybe use a more fleshy earth tone or possibly a yellowish color. the pink blobs are very noticeable and they look very much much out of place. the simplistic idea behind cartooning over a picture has been done before, but you executed that very nicely. the text is very postcardish, but the image itself is too wide to give that impression, therefore some of the meaning behind the words is lost. I'll admit, this is nice, but i don't see anything shockingly amazing in it.
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Lol...that rocks :D (Big Grin)

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nice idea..Is that a font or freehand? i like the open space and presentation.. only suggestion would be if anything is get rid of the pink bits. Very nice work.
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Really nice.. keep up the great work :D (Big Grin)
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kewl!! luv the uniqueness:D (Big Grin)
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rofl That's my new wallpaper +fav
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Very cool piece on this and it looks as though youve done a great job on it!
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this is great +fav
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love the scotch tape =D (Big Grin)
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i love this! it's like nothing i've seen before, in a good way. ;Þ

absolutely fantabulous.
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