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By Jaymasee
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:snowflake:This is a stock account.:snowflake:

This mean that you can use all the images in my gallery.For more informations about stock images,you can read this help.deviantart.com/217/

:bulletwhite:Please,ALWAYS credit me if you have used any of my stock. Please include a link to my DeviantArt profile,like this : devjaymasee : (without the spaces)

:bulletyellow:Always notify me with a link to your deviation,and please be patient 'cause sometimes I'm a little slow with my answer.But I will ALWAYS answer.
Normally I don't admit the use of my stocks outside DA;but you can NOTE ME and we can discuss it together(I don't bite:) )

:bulletorange:DONATIONS are always welcome,of course,but if you're goin' to use my stock for commercial use,you have to donate something not under the 20 points.

:bulletred:Try to be creative and don't just crop or change the levels,I found this quite silly.I work hard to provide you good pics,so please use them to improve your self:w00t:

:bulletpink: Please ALWAYS BE RESPECTFUL.I'm not a professional model neither a professional photographer.I just try to do something artistic,show to the world my costumes and outfits,and have some fun.I am the model in every picture,I'm not lookin' for a boyfriend,or a boy toy,or a sex mate,or a foot feticist.So please if you're lookin' for this,try somewhere else.

:bulletblue: YES,I sew by myself all the costumes :) I'm the one in front of and behind the camera,and most of the times my boyfriend helps me a lot,even if he's a bit ashamed when we shot in public:) (even if he's too kind to admit it) :love:

:bulletgreen: So enjoy my gallery and please HAVE FUN!Try to do your best as I do,and create something magical and dreamy!I'm here to be who you wish to be!

:bulletblack: and last,I'm ITALIAN.That means that English is not my first language,so please be patient with me :)

Twitter:     twitter.com/#!/LilywhiteBlack
Facebook:    www.facebook.com/LilywhiteBlac…
Art/cosplay account:    lilywhiteblack.deviantart.com/

A special thanks to all my donors:
Please,take a look at their galleries,they're great!
A HUUUUUUGE THANKS also to Renilicious who donate a tree months membership!!!!

© 2011 - 2021 Jaymasee
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Hi , can I use one of your stock for a book cover ? (for now is only a book cover  contest but who knows :) I might win )
LekiDoodles's avatar
Do you have paypal hun? I kinda want to make some art with the stock poses and images you've created. But I don't really buy points, so I was hoping to send you through my paypal. lol.
Jaymasee's avatar
Hi!Sorry for such a late reply. Of course I have paypal, for any information please send a MP to my Facebook page (Jaymasee).
Thank you! :)
BiLyBao's avatar
What about CD covers ? I would love to used your stock in CD cover of Epic Music and it's can be SELL !
TatianaRuiz's avatar
Well, I don't see it in the rulles, so... Can we use your stock to make other pictures and post as a print? Course the credits will be posted on description and the images will be artistic and modified... all that stuff.

(Sorry the bad english, I really hope that U can understand me. I'm a Brazilian/Spanish girl, so english isn't my language.)
Jaymasee's avatar
Hi!I'm italian,so english isn't my first language too XD
Yes,of course you can;excuse me for such a late reply!
TatianaRuiz's avatar
Thanks for the reply ^^

That's amazing *.*
TatianaRuiz's avatar
*print here, Deviant
KarinClaessonArt's avatar
what about book covers..the rules there please..I need one asap.Thank you!!!
Jaymasee's avatar
Hi!Sorry for such a late reply!
For commercial use(as book covers),please donate an amount of DA points by your possibilities,and normally a copy of the book is welcome :)
ImaraOfNeona's avatar
Can I donate once the book cover sells??
Jaymasee's avatar
(sorry for the late reply!)
KarinClaessonArt's avatar
wow..Thank you very much. I will let you know if I use and also donate:heart:
selenrielle's avatar
I simply love your photographs, especially those with Beren and Luthien :) you and your boyfriend make a perfect couple
Jaymasee's avatar
Thank you so much :hug:
Delorean7's avatar
Can I use this ([link]) for a poster collection I am doing?
I will link it back to you of course.
If not, I understand.
Jaymasee's avatar
It is for commercial purposes?
Delorean7's avatar
Just for fun :)
Is that okay?
Jaymasee's avatar
It's perfectly ok,then :) Good work!
Delorean7's avatar
Thank you!!!
If you're curious, your stock image will be used in something like this: [link]
Thanks again :)
Delorean7's avatar
Posso usare questo ([link]) per una collezione di manifesti che sto facendo?
Io lo link a voi, naturalmente.
In caso contrario, ho capito.
Rousetta's avatar
Can I use some of your works in digital paitings (like airbrushing)? Of course I will credit you and link back to your gallery :)
Jaymasee's avatar
Of course you can!
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